Top & Best Inhaler Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Inhaler: All about the best 2022 models

If you have a lot of problems with respiratory diseases, you have come to the right place, because today we are going to talk about the inhaler.

Also known as nebulizers, these devices have the function of delivering drugs to the lung through the airways. They are super indicated in cases of asthma and other diseases that affect lung function.

If you fit the profile and are interested in buying your own inhaler, follow below all the tips and information about this type of product. Let’s talk about prices, benefits and how to choose the best inhaler for your need.

First, the most important

  • Inhalers combat the symptoms of flu and respiratory illnesses by aspirating a mixture of medication and saline.
  • Currently, there are two methods of inhalation: pneumatic and ultrasonic.
  • One of the advantages of the inhaler is that it is super easy to find on the market. Pharmacies, department stores and appliance stores offer this product.

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Best inhalers: Our recommendations

Want to buy an inhaler, but don’t know where to start? We want to help you on this mission. That is why we have gathered in this ranking the best models on the market. So you can choose what fits in your pocket with the certainty of finding a quality product. Check out:

  • Soniclear Pulmosonic Star Inhaler
  • Inalamax IM 2000 inhaler
  • Inhaler Compressor Inhaling Compact


Buying Guide

Who has a child at home has had to use an inhaler at some point. Children with severe flu often need to use this equipment, and then parents start running after a borrowed inhaler. The best thing is to have your own device at home.

If you want to know a little more about them before buying yours, you’ve arrived at the right place. Come with us!

What is an inhaler and what are its main advantages?

Those who suffer from respiratory diseases, especially when the humidity is low, know very well that symptoms such as shortness of breath, dry cough, full chest and stuffy nose end up becoming commonplace.

Although oral or injectable medication is of great help, a nebulizer is one of the ways that offers the most results to those who are always hostage to pulmonary crises.

It is used to inhale medicines through the vapor resulting from a mixture between the medication prescribed by the doctor, with saline.

The goal is for the inhaled vapor to reach the bronchi of the lung quickly, and thus relieve the symptoms of diseases that affect this organ, such as asthma, allergies or bronchitis.

The interesting thing about this device is that it is super practical and you can use it at home even in a situation of flu or allergic crisis. Currently, you find nebulizers that work using compressed air (also known as pneumatics), and those that work using ultrasound.

The advantage of ultrasound is that the effect occurs more quickly, since it has a system that breaks the medicine down into even smaller particles, which facilitates its absorption in the body.

Compressed air inhalers, on the other hand, are simpler and less advanced, but still offer excellent results.


If you have young children, you know that they have very low resistance, and that an inhaler is usually very useful, especially in winter, as it gives you the convenience of using it when you need it.

These devices are easy to handle and you can transport them with you very easily, since they do not take up much space and are very light.

Despite all the advantages of the inhaler, it is very important to remember that we should not do self-medication under any circumstances, see? Never forget to consult a doctor and follow the instructions given by him.


  • Great ally in the healing process of respiratory diseases
  • Practical, small and light
  • Good cost-benefit
  • Ultrasonics are super quiet


  • Some are very loud
  • Under no circumstances should they be used before consulting a doctor

Inhaler or inhaler?

As we have already talked about here, it is your doctor who should indicate the best type of treatment for your respiratory disease. It is very important that you talk to an expert before making any decisions.

Anyway, it is interesting to explain to you what are the main differences between two very useful tools in combating the symptoms of bronchitis, asthma and even allergic attacks: inhalers and aerosol pumps.


As you may have already understood, it works by inhaling the medicine’s vapor, which is mixed in an amount of saline.

A mask is used to inhale the “smoke”, and this must be done for approximately 10 minutes, for a better result. Typically, inhalers come with two mask sizes, one for children and the other for adults.


Despite being a compact and very practical device, it must be remembered that the common inhaler is not so small that it is normal to find people who carry them everywhere, as for work.

Currently, there are already models of portable inhalers, in very small sizes, however, some say that they are not so strong as to be a preference. It is a personal matter.

This device is also indicated for use in situations of flu or cold, in which the patient has symptoms such as full chest and stuffy nose, you know?

It has the advantage of not being restricted to asthmatics only and helps to alleviate more comprehensive diseases as well, which is great.

small bomb

With the inhaler, it is already a little different. It was specially designed to combat the symptoms of only respiratory diseases, such as asthma, bronchitis and allergy.

This device is very small and fits easily in your hand. It is perfect for carrying everywhere in a bag or backpack. Another positive point is that one suction is enough to absorb the correct dosage. It is not necessary for you to be attached to the device for minutes.

Despite these facilities, it is important that you understand that the use of the pump can be a little complex, especially for children.

In this tool, the medicine is trapped inside a bottle, under pressure. When we press this bottle, it releases exactly the right dose to be aspirated, a process that lasts only about 30 seconds.

It is important that you know how to coordinate the aspiration with the jet so that there is a result, otherwise the medicine will not be absorbed.

For those who have greater difficulty, the spacer was invented, which is nothing more than a tube to be coupled between the pump and the mouth, and assist in coordination.

Below, we set up a table with the characteristics of each one, so that you better understand about their differences:

What are the different nebulization methods?

There are two different methods of nebulization, and it is very important that you understand how both work in order to decide which inhaler will best suit your family’s demand.

The most common type is compressed air , also known as pneumatic. For a long time, this was the only option available on the market, which is why it is less modern.

Despite offering a good result, the pneumatic inhaler has two disadvantages: it is quite noisy and it is only possible to use it with your head up.

As for ultrasound , since it is more updated, it takes the lead in relation to these two points.

It has a system that breaks the particles of the medicine into microparticles, which guarantees a super silent device, in addition to making the medicine be absorbed faster by your body, generating faster results.

Regarding the position, the ultrasonic inhaler has no restrictions and you can use it even when lying down.

When these characteristics are placed on the table, it seems very clear that the ultrasonic system is the best, right? We must admit that in general it is, however, there is a super important issue that must be taken into account.

Ultrasonics have a restriction on one type of medication. Inhaled glucocorticoid drugs, widely used to fight asthma attacks, may lose their effectiveness in this device.

So listen very carefully to your doctor’s instructions regarding the medicine you should use, and take all your doubts during the consultation, ok?


How much?

If you are interested in all the advantages of a good inhaler, but are concerned about the cost of it, you can rest assured, because the good news is that these devices are sold at very affordable prices.

In general, the cost of one of them varies between R $ 150 and R $ 300. Since the ultrasonic models, which do not make any noise, are usually the most expensive. If you are going to opt for a portable nebulizer, the value is even lower, having an approximate cost of R $ 110.

Where to buy?

Nebulizers are very well-known and well accepted products among so it is quite easy to find some of these for sale on the market.

In department stores, you should find a wide variety of the product. If you are in the habit of shopping at appliance stores, we can recommend, which also sell inhalers.

And another very common option is pharmacies. Most of them offer nebulizers, especially those from large networks. The advantage of buying at the pharmacy is that there you can also purchase the saline and medication prescribed by your doctor.

Finally, if you are a fan of online shopping, sites like Amazon solve your problem and still allow you the comfort of buying from your sofa.




Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing inhaler models

An inhaler is the type of tool we use when we are not feeling well, so it is very important that it is in perfect working order, right?

With that in mind, we have compiled a list with what you should observe when choosing a perfect nebulizer, and one that will not disappoint you when using it:

  • Noise
  • Mask
  • Size
  • Antibacterial protection

Next, we will detail each of the points listed, so that you can make a good choice of your own nebulizer.


The noise that an inhaler makes can bother some people, so it is a very personal matter.

As we have already explained, ultrasonic models are the quietest, and if this is an issue for you, it may be worth choosing this type of nebulizer. Remembering that they can be a little more expensive than tires.

The tires make a little noise, but neither is it exaggerated or unbearable. Do not worry.


The mask is an essential part of an inhaler. It is through it that you will aspire to the mist, so it is very important that it fits comfortably in your face.

Before buying your inhaler, note the size of the mask and if it is made of slightly softer material, as these tend to be the most comfortable.

If you have children at home, it is good to give priority to nebulizers that offer two sizes of mask, one for adults and one for children.


In general, inhalers are small, light and practical products to use. The conventional ones were designed for use at home, but nothing prevents you from taking them to other environments that have easy access to the outlet.

However, if you use this tool a lot, and would like to carry it around without worrying too much about weight and the issue of access to electricity, a portable model can be quite interesting.

These are quite small in size, and are designed for use on the street, in the car, at home, at work or wherever you want. Most of them run on battery, battery or charging via USB cable.

The downside is that some models may not be as powerful as regular inhalers, but just research carefully, and you will find good portable inhalers out there.

Antibacterial protection

Hygiene is an essential issue when it comes to health, isn’t it? So we must not forget to mention the advantages of antibacterial protection.

It is interesting that you choose a nebulizer with this technology, since it guarantees extra protection against bacteria. It works like a film that surrounds all the accessories of the inhaler, and ends up giving you greater security at the time of use.

Of course, this is not a substitute for washing and even the use of alcohol for cleaning, but this is a very important technology in combating fungi and bacteria.


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