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Top & Best Blood glucose meter Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Blood glucose meter: How to choose the best of 2022?

know everything about the blood glucose meter. With this information it will be easier to find the best deals without falling for the salespeople.

There are several types of blood glucose meters that have several advantages to make life easier for diabetics. With just a touch of the device you can already know information about glucose rates.

Discover the main types of blood glucose meter and choose an option within your budget or your need. Certainly in the market there is the right choice for your life. See everything you need to know before buying this product in this complete Buying Guide.

First, the most important

  • To work, these models need chemical strips that have a short shelf life. Buy the strip boxes according to your need for use so you don’t lose money.
  • More advanced models also have a memory that can average the blood glucose in the last days. Cheap versions only serve to show the result after each test.
  • These devices work with batteries that must be changed after a certain time. Some options have applications to present the most detailed results after being connected to the computer.

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Best blood glucose meters: Our recommendations

The most successful models among customers have unique technical characteristics. With that in mind, we have listed here the best blood glucose meters. Check the list below:

  • One Touch Johnson & Johnson Blood Glucose Meter
  • G-Tech Blood Glucose Meter
  • Glucose Meter Med Levensohn


Buying Guide

Those who have diabetes cannot neglect even a minute. The importance of controlling blood glucose levels makes those who have the disease choose to have a blood glucose meter at home.

In this section you can learn about the main advantages of this device, as well as its variations. Keep up with us!

What is the blood glucose meter and what are its advantages?

Glucose meter is a product that has a technology to measure the rate of glucose in the blood (or, the glycemia). With these models, people do not need to leave the house to know their blood glucose conditions. The scientific name of this device is a glucometer.

The model makes life easier for patients with diabetes who may have more control over blood glucose. The meters are for use on the outside of the body. These versions are even used for testing newborns.

In addition to being used at home, this product is also part of the working tools of health professionals. Tests can take place on different parts of the body, such as the palm, forearm and fingers.

These devices need to collect a minimum amount of blood to function. But people hardly feel it when they stick their fingers in to check the machine.

Some blood glucose meters even serve to know cholesterol and triglyceride rates.

It is very important to read the inserts or the product manual before using. If you want you can even ask your doctor how to use a blood glucose meter. Do not use the appliance without basic guidance on how to use it.

How does a blood glucose meter work?

You must first use a part of your body to touch a part of the device. Then you have to wait a few seconds for the system to work and report the results.

The product system works with the use of some chemical agents in the blood collected. This chemistry is present in the test strips. That is, without the straps this device cannot work.


In addition to blood and chemical agents, the model also produces some small currents of electricity while working. The amount of glucose in the blood determines the changes in this electrical current.


“Diabetes is not the end of the world, but a new world to be discovered.”

In summary, the blood glucose meter has 3 main phases:

  • Measurement of the electric current on the blood collected and the chemistry of the strips;
  • Calculation of glucose levels;
  • Displaying the results.

The most expensive models have a memory that stores previous results. With this technology you can know what is the average glucose rate in the last 30 days or more. The cheap versions just show the results without storing anything.

Check out these tips on the Psfcyro Mello channel to use your blood glucose meter correctly:



What does a blood glucose meter look like?

There are different models of meters on the market. These products have one difference or the other. But, the best productions always have a digital display.

This display informs the numbers accompanied by an acronym, mg / dL (milligrams per deciliter). This unit of measurement acts as a standard measurement of the most expensive or cheap products.

Below the display on the meter there are also some points that serve as visual signals of the results. If the glucose rate is high most points will be lit. On the other hand, the low indices are only a few dots.



One thing that is present in all meters is the reagent test strip inlet. The strips can be placed manually or just by pressing a button. The entry is either above or below the display, normally.

It is important to say that the numbers on the device serve only to show whether or not there is a blood glucose control. That is, this product is not useful as something decisive to define whether a person has diabetes or not. Only doctors can make predictions.

Now is the time to know the main advantages and disadvantages of the blood glucose meter. See the table below:


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Reports rates of glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides and other things
  • Easier and faster to test


  • Need some blood to work
  • New batteries must be purchased after a certain period of use
  • It is necessary to use reagent test strips

What are the blood glucose meter strips and lancets?

You should not choose the blood glucose meter just for price. Also think about how many tests should be needed. For example, when a person takes the measurement once a month, he does not need to buy the product with many strips.

If you want a meter to use in a medical clinic, several times a day, buy the advanced devices. In these cases it is worthwhile to buy the versions that already come with enough test strips.

A reagent strip that serves to make a branded device work does not work on other models. It is important to buy the devices from companies that sell the strip boxes at cheap prices.

Don’t forget: An exam only has perfect results when the strips are valid.

Never forget that these strips have an expiration date. So, if you buy a device with 100 strips and you don’t use it fast, you may have spent money for nothing. A monitor with 10 or 20 strips costs much less than devices that already come with 50 or more strips.


This same rule applies to the lancet, that is, the product needle, which must be changed after each use if it is removable. These needles are great for painless piercing, but they are also valid.


Caution: Even if you are the only person using the blood glucose meter, never reuse the replacement needle.


Other versions of lancets are the fixed ones. They are more suitable for personal use. These productions work according to the pressure and the contact of the finger on the blood glucose meter.

Before reusing the fixed needle, there is a need to clean it with soap and water. To sanitize the fixed needles faster you can use even those sachets with alcohol.

Below is a table that compares blood glucose meters with or without fixed lancets (needles):

How much?

The price of a blood glucose meter can range from R $ 20 to R $ 400 on average. Imported and more reliable brands are expensive. There are national productions that are worth it for the low costs.

The devices that have a memory in the system to record the results are more expensive. These models can report the average of the measurements of the last days.

Products that only show results are inexpensively priced and cannot average the latest measurements. Other things that influence are the test strips. Some devices are more expensive because they already come with 50 or 100 strips.

Where to buy?

In addition to the supermarkets you can visit the drugstores to buy. Take the opportunity to check the operation of the device and answer questions with vendors. Buy in places like:

When buying online the savings are 20%, with the advantage of receiving the product at your home. Those who buy on the internet can return the device within 7 days and request a refund in case of dissatisfaction. Sites to buy blood glucose meter: Amazon.



Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing blood glucose meter models

So far you have learned a lot about the blood glucose meter. But we still have some important things to present to you. Do you want to decrease the chances of falling for the salespeople? So consider 4 factors when searching for the device to buy:

  • Drums
  • Warranty
  • Tests
  • Strips

Below you can see the explanations of each of these points in more detail.


Most devices already have the battery included. These batteries arrive separately and you need to open the device to insert them.

Batteries are simple to find on the market to buy when the device is already discharged. They are also products that cost as cheap as an ordinary battery. The battery requirement of the models can range from 1 to 6 units.

The more technological resources there are in the device, the greater the battery requirements for everything to work perfectly. More frequent use also means greater financial expense for batteries.


This is a technological product and even if you buy from the best brands there are chances that the device will not work. Some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty against factory problems.

The guarantee policy of the best manufacturing laboratories is advantageous to the point of changing even products that are out of date. This is a way for brands to gain more consumer confidence.

So, if you notice that the device has only 3 months warranty, it is better to look for another offer. It is not difficult to find online stores that offer a lifetime warranty on the blood glucose meter.


Almost always those who need to know the blood glucose also need to perform other tests. Then, you can opt for multipurpose devices. Some meters can measure blood glucose, cholesterol, pressure and other things.

This is a differentiator in the device, but remember that it can make the product more expensive, so assess your budget and whether these extra functions are really important to you.


The device already comes with 10 test strips considering the products of the most well-known brands. What differs is the box with extra strips available on the market. Some versions offer boxes with 100 units. Others do not provide more than 50 strips.

Remember that you should buy the strip boxes according to their use. There is no point in taking a box of 100 strips if the person only performs 1 test per week. The strips are valid for 1 year on average.

Each device has a different type of strip. Therefore, it is useless to buy a box of 100 strips of a brand to use in different meters.


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