Top & Best Powerball Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Powerball: How to choose the best training accessory in 2022

Exercising certain muscle groups is important for several reasons. Those who perform activities that demand a lot from the upper limbs and need to increase the strength, endurance and tone of the muscles of the hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and chest can invest in a Powerball.

The Powerball is a sphere equipped with a gyroscope that exerts strength and resistance and
is just as effective for isometric strengthening as it is for the rehabilitation of upper limb muscles. Continue reading this article to learn more about Powerball.

First, the most important

  • Powerball helps to strengthen the muscles of the hands, wrists, arms, chest and shoulders. It also stimulates blood circulation, decreases sagging, increases motor coordination, increases the dexterity of fingers and hands and relieves stress.
  • Just use the Powerball for three to five minutes a day to see a big difference in the long run. Light and compact equipment like this can be taken to school, work, the gym or on the road.
  • You can find Powerball models in prices ranging from R $ 60 to R $ 220. The product can be purchased at sports equipment stores or online.

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The best Powerball models: Our buying recommendations

Are you interested in the benefits of Powerball and are you thinking of buying one of these to exercise your upper limbs? Then you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve selected the best Powerball models below:

  • A Powerball with digital panel
  • A basic model
  • A robust Powerball


Buying Guide

Powerball is one of the greatest technological advances in the field of physiotherapy, as it allows training, strengthening, stiffening and rehabilitation of different upper limb muscle groups without causing impacts.

Find out how the Powerball works, what are the benefits associated with the equipment, how to perform the exercises for different muscle groups, who should bet on the Powerball and much more in this Buying Guide.

What is a Powerball?

The Powerball consists of a solid sphere, with a rotor and a precise gyroscope. The rotor is set in motion using a string inside the sphere – the harder you pull, the faster the Powerball will spin – electronic thruster or manual thrust.

The gyroscope is responsible for generating movements of strength and resistance. It can propel the rotor at a rotational speed of up to 15,000 RPM and weight equivalent to more than 20Kg.


It is possible to exercise with Powerball.

It is through the rotation movement of the Powerball, that the person can exercise, tone and gain even more strength in the muscles of the hands, wrist, forearm and arm – in addition to working the muscles of the shoulder and chest, indirectly.

The Powerball has a shape and size similar to that of a tennis ball, that is, it has the advantage of practicality to use, store and transport. The equipment does not have an engine, batteries or battery.

What are the benefits of Powerball?

As mentioned earlier, Powerball serves to increase the strength, endurance and toning of the following muscle groups: fingers and hands, wrists, forearms, arms, shoulders and chest.

Muscle strengthening with Powerball is isometric. Isometric training involves a much higher percentage of muscle fibers than isotonic training – weight lifting.

In this way, regular strength training with Powerball allows gains in strength and endurance more quickly. But we recommend that you use Powerball as a complement to the exercises performed at the gym.


You will also notice forearms with greater stability control, stronger fingers and hands, greater grip and dexterity, and the tendons in your wrists become stronger for longer, more difficult movements.

In addition, Powerball helps to stimulate blood circulation, intensify the production of synovial fluid – responsible for lubricating the joints – decrease sagging, increase motor coordination, dexterity of the fingers and stress relief.

Find out all the advantages – and some disadvantages – of a Powerball in the table below:


  • Strengthens, tones and increases the resistance of several muscle groups
  • Effective in preventing and treating injuries
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Increases motor coordination
  • Decreases sagging
  • Just use for three to seven minutes a day
  • Can be used before training
  • It is capable of reaching up to 15,000RPM
  • Some models have digital display and LED lights
  • It is compact and lightweight, can be taken anywhere
  • Does not use batteries or batteries


  • It is a relatively expensive object
  • When falling to the ground, the damage can be permanent

Who should use Powerball?

Anyone can use the Powerball, but this accessory is especially suitable for preventing or treating the following diseases:

    • Injury Strain Repetitive READ
    • Tendonitis
    • Arthritis
    • Joint injuries
    • Muscle twists
    • Bone fractures
    • Dorms


Among other diseases common in people who work in the office and spend most of the day sitting in front of a computer, or who plays musical instruments or drives professionally, among others.

It is also indicated for the elderly who suffer from lack of physical activity, children and young people who spend the day studying.

Powerball should also be used by athletes or sportsmen who practice some modalities that require effort from the muscle groups of the upper limbs such as climbing, tennis, martial arts, cycling, swimming, kitesurfing, volleyball, golf, among others.

When using the Powerball for three to seven minutes a day, you will notice an improvement in the performance of daily activities. This is true if you use Powerball as a warm-up before training or as the only physical activity practiced.

The most interesting thing is that the isometric resistance brought by the Powerball does not generate an impact and does not increase the effort of the injured muscles, joints, tendons or bones. Instead, it rehabilitates and recovers these injuries more quickly and with lasting effect.


Did you know that Powerball was developed in 1979 by NASA? The accessory was used by astronauts to exercise their fingers, hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and chest in full outer space, without gravity.


How to exercise with a Powerball?

To use a Powerball, a certain level of physical development or special training is not necessary. The accessory can be used by people of all ages, including children and the elderly.

    • Triceps Training : The exercise consists of performing rotational movements with the arm extended, the back of the forearm inward and slightly forward with the gradual increase in speed.
    • Biceps training : It consists of lifting the arm slightly flexed with the Powerball in hand and making smooth movements.
    • Shoulder muscle training : The exercise should be performed with the arm extended to the side and with acceleration in rotation. Exercise can assess shoulder and neck pain.
    • Training of fingers, hands and wrists : Simply perform rotations with the wrist with the Powerball in hand. To increase the effectiveness of your training, we recommend alternating directions and rotation speed.
    • To increase the grip of the fingers : Hold the Powerball with your fingertips, perform circular movements to both sides. Know that when the applied rotational forces are reduced, the rotor decreases speed and load. The direction of rotation and the arm should be alternated.


Some tips: You control the exercise, so control your movements and speed according to your skill and practice. It is necessary to maintain concentration, firmness in the hands and motor coordination.

Pass the Powerball from one hand to the other when you are tired, but be very careful, as the rotor will be rotating at high speed and can cause a small burn if it comes in contact with the skin.

Slow down the speed progressively.

To stop exercising, we recommend that you slow down progressively. If you suddenly stop, the ball may slip out of your hands and fall to the floor.

The company responsible for the manufacture of the Powerball Original, offers a training suggestion for those who are starting to use the accessory. Know below:

  • Week 1 : Perform three sets of 30 seconds with each hand alternately. At each set, rest for one minute. Perform the exercises every two days.
  • Week 2 : Do three sets of 30 seconds with each hand, with one minute of rest between sets. Perform the exercises daily.
  • Week 3 : Perform three sets of 60 seconds with each hand and take just one break. These exercises should be done every two days.
  • Week 4 : Repeat the exercises for week three. However, you must perform them every day.

Which parts make up a Powerball?

A Powerball is made up of the following parts: Rotor, a part that rotates around its own axis, the housing, which acts as the rotor’s lining and consists of two halves held by fittings or screws and the restriction ring that holds the axis of the rotor in the correct position.


Purchase criteria: Find the best Powerball of the moment

Whoever wants to prevent injuries to muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments caused by repetition of movements in the performance of daily tasks, should invest in a Powerball. To find the best device, evaluate the following features:

  • Operating mode
  • Material and weight
  • Digital display
  • LED

We will detail each of the items throughout this section. Share your experience with Powerball through the comments.

Operating mode

The Powerball can be triggered manually – just rotate the inner sphere with your fingers without putting too much force – by a string or a button – just align the gyroscope on the base, press the propellant button for about 10 seconds and enjoy the movement of the rotor.

Regardless of the triggering style, we recommend that you attach the safety strap that accompanies the product to your wrist, so there is no risk of the Powerball slipping off your hands, falling on the floor and breaking.

Material and weight

At the time of purchase, evaluate the material and weight of the Powerball. You can find models made of polycarbonate and with an ABS rotor that weigh from 250 to 350g and models made of stainless steel with a solid zinc rotor that weigh from 350 to 500g.

The larger and heavier models have a wider rotor that generates greater strength in the exercises and are recommended for athletes who need high performance in training.

We compare these models in the table below:

Digital display

Some Powerball models have a digital LCD display with a multifunction counter that collects and stores the following information:

  • The first mode records the number of rotations of the rotor from start to stop.
  • In the second mode , the number of revolutions per minute in real time is counted.
  • In the third mode , the total number of revolutions per minute during the series is displayed.
  • In the fourth mode, the highest speed achieved is indicated. If the speed currently reached is higher than the previously registered, the counter saves the new score. If it is less, it keeps the previous score.
  • In the fifth and last mode, the force exerted to perform that exercise is displayed.

With this feature, you can set up a training program, can measure follow evolution, perform endurance and speed tests at certain intervals and even dispute with your friends who can achieve the best performance with Powerball.


Although it is only a decorative detail, you will find Powerball models with small internal LED lamps that light and change color according to the speed of rotation, providing an amazing light effect.


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