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Top & Best Professional treadmill Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Professional treadmill: What is the best option in 2022?

If you are passionate about running, this article is for you. We will talk absolutely everything about the professional treadmill, your next step for a high level exercise, training and performance.

Powerful, complete and highly functional, the professional treadmill is the tool you need to reach your goals in the race, however difficult. Our goal, on the other hand, is to make you find the perfect model: for your space, your goals, and, of course, for your health

First, the most important

  • The price of professional treadmills is high and varies widely, between R $ 5,000 and R $ 25,000.
  • To increase the cost-benefit of this high-value purchase, look for models with a slope that improve your performance and posture.
  • The motors of a professional treadmill are much more powerful, and can exceed 5.0HP.

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Shopping Guide

It is always interesting to watch people running on the professional treadmills at the gyms. That row of people moving, almost synchronously, and with varied expressions on their faces, from maximum concentration to complete abstraction.

In this Shopping Guide, we want to provide you with the facial expression you crave, whether it be effort or pleasure. And this is only possible with the professional treadmill suitable for your pace, your body and your goals. We will help you find such a model by providing the most important information, the most successful varieties and valuable tips.

What is the best professional treadmill for the gym?

To answer this question, it is necessary to ask two more:

    • What does a gym mat need?
    • What kind of gym? (Professional or Studio)


Regarding the first question, we must assume that a gym receives a large number of customers, with different biotypes and goals.

Thus, objectively speaking, a professional gym mat needs versatility in its schedules, from the level of inclination to the type of exercise, and a great resistance, that is, quality materials of a powerful motor, to withstand the almost continuous use.

The second question concerns “only” the number of users, and thus, the level of requirement of the items mentioned. A studio gym, for example, those set up in halls of buildings and condominiums, needs a little less durability, although it is worth maintaining the versatility of a treadmill for professional gyms.

How is the professional running treadmill?

It is important, first of all, to emphasize that the training done on a professional treadmill aims, for obvious reasons, at endurance runs, not at explosions. Thus, a professional treadmill for running focuses on preparing the user for the different situations that this type of competition presents.

The models designed for this purpose, therefore, have many exercise schedules, with alternation of rhythm, speed and level of difficulty. They also have a slope of at least 15%, as climbs are an important part of marathons and other street races.


Why buy a professional inclined treadmill?

If it’s cost-effective that you want for your professional treadmill, then look for models with a slope. Advent accumulates a series of benefits, which we will see below, and streamlines your entire experience with the product.

The slope makes your physical effort greater, since, even to the lowest possible degree, it is, well, an uphill. This makes your exercise in the product better, especially if you are looking to lose weight and / or burn calories.



Experts recommend that, regardless of walking or running, you set your model’s tilt to 1% for best results.


Another direct benefit is the correction of your posture. It is very common for us to tilt the torso forward during a treadmill run, which is harmful to the spine. With a medium inclination, this posture is naturally balanced, which, in addition to avoiding pain, enhances your performance.

There is also a playful issue, since the slope breaks, in a way, the monotony of running on the treadmill. After all, you’re running, but not moving. With degrees of inclination, you introduce a new dynamic, and, as we have seen, healthy.

Among the counterpoints, one of them is, well, the same as a benefit: greater physical demands, which can lead to greater pain and even injuries, in extreme cases. Another negative point is the price, which increases with the variation of the slope.


  • Better results
  • Better posture
  • Breaking into monotony


  • Greater physical demand
  • Biggest price

How to use a professional treadmill correctly?

Although there is a consensus on the greater safety of exercise on a treadmill, mainly due to its cushioning and the almost complete elimination of the risk of falls and accidents, there are necessary precautions during a run, which make your exercise healthier and more productive. .

    • Hands free – The track bars are only there for punctual support. Avoid running while holding them, as this can damage your arms and destabilize your entire balance. Always run with your hands free.
    • Heels – Many people tend to run on the treadmill by stepping on their toes first. Avoid this by doing the opposite, that is, first supporting your heels and then the rest of your foot.
    • Straight posture – As we said earlier, the correct thing to do is to run with your spine erect, not leaning forward.
    • Breathing – Don’t forget about breathing! The ideal is that your breathing is lighter than your run, to increase your breath and avoid those “side pains”, common when there is greater fatigue.



What changes from a regular treadmill to a professional one?

In your research, you may be faced with the question of choosing a professional treadmill and an ordinary, residential treadmill. The benefits of the professional treadmill we have already passed. So let’s focus on the differences.


The engine is more powerful in professional models.

The first is the engine, more powerful in professional models, which can reach 5HP, while the common ones orbit between 2HP and 3HP. For that reason, the maximum speed in professional models is higher, with some models reaching 25km / h, while residential ones reach a maximum of 15km / h.

The focus of the products is different too. While the common models look for practicality, with folding treadmills and simple controls, and a competitive price, the professional models focus on their technology to increase the user’s performance, and, of course, to increase the useful life of the product, since it is widely used in gyms.

Purchasing Criteria: Comparing professional treadmill models

Our last article list focuses on the time of purchase. Read the items carefully and remember them before completing it; after all, they are criteria based on the most important elements in the composition of a professional treadmill, and that can differentiate a common model from the one that is ideal for you.

  • Exercise focus
  • velocity
  • Programming
  • Motor

Exercise focus

Before buying your model, before you even research, the ideal thing is that you determine the focus of your exercises on the treadmill, that is, to train for a race, to keep up with your health, to lose weight, in short, which ones the goals you seek with running on your future treadmill.

Professional treadmills vary in some technical details that favor certain results.

We explain: there are models that focus on engine power, for greater speed and therefore more intense running; others focus on the cushioning system, for exercise with reduced impact, especially on the knees; there are also those with many details in the schedule, to simulate different running situations and, finally, provide a more complete training aimed at a competition.



A very practical way to compare professional treadmills is to note their speed, in this case their maximum speed. Note that the question is not to choose the model with the highest speed, but with the one you need, or can handle, or even want to achieve.

You will hardly find a treadmill that goes beyond 25 km / h, but there is a good variation below that, up to approximately 13 km / h. It is also worth noting the minimum speed. Remember that the average normal walk is 5 km / h.


Programming the treadmill computer is one of the most important points for choosing the ideal model. It dictates not only the versatility of the device, which is best observed from the number of different exercise schedules, but also the feasibility for any specific exercise.

On the same scale are the features of the display, among different types of performance measurement, such as time spent, calories burned and distance traveled, and settings of the device itself, such as level of difficulty, level of incline, duration of exercise and so on. .


Finally, notice the track motors. They need to be powerful, to withstand the stride at full speed, and preferably quiet, for a more comfortable run. Therefore, give priority to models with DC motors.

Then, notice the power, measured in “HPs”. Choose those that have between 2.0HP and 4.0HP, which must be proportional to your weight:

  • Up to 80Kg – 2.0HP
  • Up to 95Kg – 3.0HP
  • 96kg or more – 4.0HP


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