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Surgical pajamas: How to choose the best in 2022?

a Anyone who watches medical series has certainly seen the characters wearing normally green or blue clothing in hospitals. The name of this garment is surgical pajamas, a type of uniform for health professionals that we will talk about today.

Surgical pajamas consist of two pieces and are widely used by nurses and doctors in hospitals and clinics. In the course of this text we will explore everything about this product, in addition to helping you choose the best one for you. So, if you want to know more, stay with us.

First, the most important

  • Surgical pajamas consist of a blouse and pants.
  • It is widely used during surgeries and medical procedures.
  • Usually this product is made in blue or green, but you can also find it in other shades.

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The best surgical pajamas: Our recommendations

Surgical pajamas should always fit well and be comfortable. And finding an option that brings it all together is not easy, but we went in search of the best models and gathered them all below, check it out.

  • The best option for those who want a variety of colors
  • The ideal white surgical pajamas
  • The option for those who only need the pants


Buying Guide

Like the lab coat, surgical pajamas can be considered a uniform for health professionals. It is widely used in hospital environments and provides safety and comfort for those who work with this garment.

However, little is said about surgical pajamas and those who need to acquire one of these are sometimes confused about which one to choose. To assist you in this task we have created this Buying Guide. In it we will talk about everything that is most important about this piece and at the end of the reading you will know exactly which one to buy.

What is a surgical pajama?

Surgical pajamas are a set consisting of a blouse and pants that are widely used in medical and hospital environments. As its name says, it is the most suitable garment for performing surgeries, but it is also used outside of it by doctors, veterinarians and nurses.

What are the differences between surgical pajamas and lab coats?

Both the lab coat and surgical pajamas are pieces widely used by health professionals, but each has its own indications and characteristics.

Surgical pajamas are especially suitable for surgeries, but they are also widely used by nurses outside surgical centers. Unlike the lab coat, it consists of two pieces and is rarely found in white, the most common shades of this outfit are blue and green.

The lab coat, on the other hand, is a little more versatile and used by a greater number of professionals, ranging from doctors, to biomedical doctors, nutritionists, cooks and the like. Unlike pajamas, the lab coat is not suitable for use in surgery and is found in a wider range of models.


Is there variation in the models of surgical pajamas?

All surgical pajamas follow a pattern in terms of modeling and what changes between versions of this product is the presence or not of pockets.

There are models in which there are three pockets on the blouse, one on the chest and two on the bottom, while some have only lower pockets. With regard to pants it is also possible to see differences. Some have two front pockets, while others have none.

Most all follow the same pattern of blouses with short sleeves and pants with elastic waist.

What precautions should be taken with surgical pajamas?

As it is a clothing used for medical procedures, surgical pajamas must always be clean and as sterile as possible.


To wash the pieces, a chlorine-free bleach can be used.

To wash the pieces, a chlorine-free bleach can be used. This product will disinfect pajamas without the risk of fading it, which would probably happen if bleach was used.

After washing and drying, surgical pajamas must be subjected to heat with an iron. This is important because it is one more way to eliminate the bacteria that may be on the garment.


How much does it cost and where to buy surgical pajamas?

Surgical pajamas are found to buy at stores specializing in clothing for healthcare professionals. They exist in practically all cities and if you don’t have one you can purchase this product on the internet.

There are several websites that manufacture and sell surgical pajamas and if you are thinking of purchasing one, our suggestions are: Amazon.

Speaking of values, know that the price of surgical pajamas changes a lot according to the manufacturer. Thus, it is possible to find options that start at R $ 60 and go up to R $ 180, on average.


Purchase Criteria: Factors for comparing surgical pajama models

Surgical pajamas are clothing worn for hours and hours by health professionals. Precisely for this reason it is essential that it brings together some characteristics that make it comfortable and suitable for those who will use it. And to get this piece right there are some factors that must be followed, they are:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Fabric
  • Cooking time

Now we will detail each one so that you can make the best purchase.


The first step in choosing a surgical pajama is to analyze which size is best for you. Usually this product is found in sizes ranging from PP to GG or EGG and usually the pieces match common clothes. So if you wear a PP top, your pajamas will probably be the same size.

However, it is important to pay attention to some details regarding this garment. The ideal is that the pieces are not too tight on the body and the blouse should normally go to the middle or the end of the fly, which is the front seam of the pants.

Color and print

Surgical pajamas are usually found in light green, light blue and navy colors and without prints. However, some manufacturers are already making models in other shades and prints.

Which one to choose depends a lot on your personal taste and the rules of the place where the pajamas will be used. Each hospital has its own rules to standardize its employees and if you work in one of these, it is essential to follow this.

However, if there is no such rule then the choice is free and you can purchase surgical pajamas in the model you like best.


Do you know why most surgical pajamas are blue or green? These two colors were not chosen for nothing and there is an explanation for that. In the color wheel, blue and green are on the opposite side of red, which is the color of blood and viscera.

Therefore, when the surgeon spends hours operating if he focuses on a white surface, he may fail to see for a few seconds. This does not happen with blue and green tones, so in the early 20th century pajamas started to be produced in these colors and no longer in white.



Another issue to be analyzed regarding surgical pajamas is the fabric in which it is made. This is directly linked to the comfort of the pieces and there are basically two options for this: tricoline and oxford.

Tricoline is a type of 100% cotton fabric. Thanks to this it is fresh, light and soft, which makes it a great option for surgical pajamas. Oxford is a type of synthetic polyester fabric. It has as positive points not to knead easily and be cheaper, but it is hotter than tricoline.


Cooking time

When choosing a place to buy your surgical pajamas, check the cooking time stipulated by the store. There are some who ask for a week, others 15 days and so on. Even if the purchase is online, this time must be taken into account plus the period stipulated by the Post Office.

So, if you are in a hurry or have a deadline to have your surgical pajamas on hand be sure to check this out.


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