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Top & Best Bioimpedance scale Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Bioimpedance scale: Which is the best in 2022

When the goal is to achieve good shape, it is necessary to establish a diet and training compatible with your goals. Before, it is important to understand your body composition, such as lean mass index, fat percentage, metabolic age, among other indicators analyzed by the bioimpedance scale.

The smart scale can provide information on the display or transmit it via Bluetooth to an application that tracks your progress, provides nutrition tips, exercise plans and proposes goals. Do you want to know more about the bioimpedance scale? Continue reading.

First, the most important

  • The bioimpedance scale has the following indicators of body parameters: Weight, fat percentage, body mass index, bone density, visceral fat, basal metabolism and metabolic age.
  • The exam can be performed at the nutritionist’s office, aesthetics clinic, at the gym or at home, just buy a bioimpedance scale.
  • Share the results of bioimpedance with your physical educator, so that the professional can establish an exercise and diet plan compatible with your needs.

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The best bioimpedance scales: Our recommendations

The bioimpedance scale is an important tool for those who want to evaluate the composition to establish an effective diet and training to conquer the desired body. To find the ideal model follow this ranking.

  • The most complete bioimpedance scale
  • The most modern bioimpedance scale
  • The choice of professionals
  • The most basic bioimpedance scale


Buying Guide

The bioimpedance scale is the best instrument for assessing body composition, indispensable for setting up a well-founded diet and training plan.

In this Buying Guide we will detail what a bioimpedance scale is, teach you how to use the equipment correctly, list the benefits of buying your scale and more.

What is a bioimpedance scale and how does it work?

The bioimpedance scale is an equipment used to assess body composition. The smart scale releases an electric current that is considered light – you don’t feel anything – that runs throughout your body.

This electrical current is conducted by water present in muscle tissue, blood vessels and bones. When it finds fat, this electric current passes more slowly, as fat is a bad conductor.

When traversing the entire body, the bioimpedance scale can assess fat mass, lean mass, muscle mass, hydration rate, bone density, visceral fat, basal metabolism rate, metabolic age and weight.


This tool is widely used by athletes, sportsmen and people who want to achieve good shape. With the measurements it is possible to establish a diet and personalized training according to your needs and goals.

The exam can be performed by an endocrinologist, nutritionist or physical educator at the doctor’s office, beauty clinic or gym. When buying a bioimpedance scale, you can take the exam at home.

How to use the bioimpedance scale correctly?

Before getting on the bioimpedance scale, you need to record some information about yourself, such as sex, age, height and level of physical activity performed.

The height serves to indicate the path that the electric current will take. Weight and age influence the total volume of water in the body – the older the person, the less water in the body.

Sex is important because of the physical differences between men and women. And the level of physical activity establishes whether you have accumulated more muscles than natural.

Based on this information and the data collected by the bioimpedance scale, the result is more grounded and reliable.

Other aspects can influence the results indicated by the bioimpedance scale, we can mention:

    • You should not perform intense physical exercise for at least 24 hours before the exam.
    • A fast should be performed for approximately four hours before the evaluation.
    • Alcoholic and caffeinated beverages should not be taken before the exam.
    • It is important to have an empty bladder . But you should drink two to four glasses of water two hours before the test.
    • It is ideal to perform the exam upon waking, especially those who deal with fluid retention.
    • Menstrual women should not be tested.
    • Metal fittings must be removed.
    • Perform the exam with little clothing or light items.
    • Do not stand on the scale with damp feet and hands or after applying cream.


What are the indicators of a bioimpedance scale?

The bioimpedance scale goes far beyond weight and assesses the main indicators of body composition:

    • Fat mass can be indicated in percentage or kilos. When the weight or percentage is too high, it means that there is a lot of fat accumulated in your body.
    • Visceral fat is the percentage of fat stored in the abdominal region and around vital organs. Excess visceral fat can cause diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and heart failure.
    • Lean mass is shown in pounds. Indicates the amount of muscle and water in the body. Lean mass is important to establish a training plan and monitor the results achieved.
    • Muscle mass can also be indicated in kilograms or in percentage and serves to determine the muscle volume present in the lean mass – without counting the volume of water, but including the muscles of some organs such as the stomach, intestine and heart.
    • Hydration indicates if the body is well hydrated, essential to preserve the health of the muscles, avoid injuries and cramps. In women, this percentage should be 45 to 60%, in men it rises to 50 to 65%. When the result is below the reference value, increase the amount of water ingested.
    • Bone density or bone weight is used to check whether the bones are healthy. Regular physical exercise helps to strengthen bones and treat loss of density.
    • Basal metabolism rate indicates the amount of calories the body needs to function. Knowing this value is essential for those who are on a weight loss or gain diet, to know the amount of calories that should be consumed more or less.
    • Metabolic age represents the age at which the metabolism rate is present. The metabolic age must be equal to or less than the actual age for the result to be positive.


Some bioimpedance scales also evaluate these data and indicate whether the levels are low, normal, high or very high, making it easier to understand the results.

What are the benefits of buying a bioimpedance scale?

It is worth buying a bioimpedance scale if you are on a diet and training to achieve a certain goal, as the tool establishes the correct parameters to assess your needs.

While we recommend that you seek the assistance of a healthcare professional, buying a bioimpedance scale and learning how to use it correctly allows you to make assessments at home.

Learn more about the equipment’s advantages in the table below:



  • Evaluates up to 20 body characteristics
  • Helps establish diet and workout
  • Helps measure progress
  • Can be used without professional assistance


  • The price is relatively high
  • When used incorrectly it provides inconsistent data
  • It cannot be used by pregnant women and those with pacemakers

What is the best measurement system for a bioimpedance scale?

You can find two models of bioimpedance scales: With electrodes in the foot area or with electrodes in the foot and hand area.

The first model has four electrodes that come into contact with the feet at the time of assessment and release an electrical current that travels through the lower limbs.

As the electric current only travels through the lower part of the body, the results are only estimated, since the upper limbs are not evaluated.


The other model offers high precision, as it has the same electrodes for the feet and hands, so the electric current travels through the upper and lower limbs.

As the current passes through the entire body, this scale promotes more accurate results. Thus, the best way to assess body composition is to use a bioimpedance scale with a hand strap.

Can anyone use a bioimpedance scale?

Although the bioimpedance examination does not present any risk to the health of the evaluated person, the use of the bioimpedance scale is not recommended for pregnant women, people with pacemakers or those who have metal pins or plates in some region of the body.

People with these conditions may experience some type of reaction or complication when undergoing bioimpedance testing.



Purchasing criteria: How to analyze and compare a bioimpedance scale

Have you decided to buy a bioimpedance scale but don’t know which model to choose? Don’t worry, we’ve listed which features should be evaluated at the time of purchase:

  • Indicators and features
  • User profiles
  • Scale capacity
  • Bluetooth connection and application

We will explain these purchase criteria throughout the section. If you liked the content, be sure to share it with your friends.

Indicators and features

At the time of purchase, evaluate which indicators are analyzed by the bioimpedance scale you wish to purchase. The most common models analyze four or seven indicators, but others reach twenty.

Also check if the bioimpedance scale you intend to buy has the function of evaluating the results, especially if you do not have the help of a professional.

User profiles

We mentioned earlier that before conducting the assessment with a bioimpedance scale, it is necessary to register with some personal information such as age, height, sex and level of physical activity performed.

To simplify the evaluation and monitoring of results, check if the balance offers the function of storing user profiles. Also see how many users can be registered – there can be four, eight, twelve or sixteen profiles.

Scale capacity

At the time of purchase, evaluate the maximum weight supported by the bioimpedance scale. Most models support people up to 150Kg, but some support men and women up to 180Kg.

If you are buying a scale for personal use, consider your weight and the weight of your family members. If you are buying a scale for your office, beauty clinic or gym, give preference to a model that supports up to 180Kg.

Bluetooth connection and application

The most modern models of bioimpedance scales have Bluetooth connection to connect the scales to the smartphone and send the data to a specific application.

With the application it is possible to keep a record of its development and compare the results with the other evaluations. You can also check how close you are to completing your goals, check out some training and nutrition tips.


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