Top & Best Excel Course Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Excel Course: Discover the best of 2022

If you are interested in learning how to use Excel or deepen your knowledge about this software, In today’s article we will show you everything about the Excel course.

Program that facilitates the routine of several professionals, Excel has numerous features. But as software is not always easy to use, enrolling in a course can have many benefits. Next, you will understand how to choose the best Excel course.

First, the most important

  • In the Excel course you learn how to create spreadsheets and perform calculations, at a basic and / or advanced level.
  • Mastering the features of Excel makes the difference for any professional, and even in the home routine.
  • But when choosing the best Excel course it is important to analyze the credibility of the school, the content and format of the classes.

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Enrollment Guide: All about Excel course

With the great offer of courses it takes a little patience and dedication to research and find the best. After all, in a quick search on the internet you will find thousands of options for Excel courses.

To help you enroll in the ideal course, we have created this Buying Guide. Next, you will discover how to analyze the best Excel course according to your objective.

Why should you take an Excel course?

If you’ve made it this far, you need to use Excel somehow. One of Microsoft’s computer programs, Excel optimizes your work and saves you time and achieves more effective results.

And it is still a versatile program since, through tables and graphs, Excel helps you to carry out work, study and even home tasks.

But how to learn to use Excel or deepen the knowledge you already have? If you have enough time you can venture to learn on your own. Otherwise, the ideal is to take an Excel course.

Excel spreadsheet editor is a useful tool to build tables and perform calculations, at work and at home.

In the Excel course you will understand how to use the huge variety of resources, functions and formulas to control and organize data and information, through spreadsheets and calculations.

In the end, tasks that you would have done manually, will now be automated with the help of Excel.

Therefore, when taking an Excel course you not only improve your work routine, but also guarantee an upgrade in your resume, since many companies demand this knowledge.

But in addition to learning the basic functions, in an Excel course you can also learn to use a series of advanced features that most people are unaware of.

So, nowadays, there are several types of Excel courses, from basic to advanced. And, as we will see shortly, there are countless professional areas that benefit from using Excel.

Who is the Excel course recommended for?

Regardless of your profession, at some point you will need to access or create spreadsheets, filter data, use pivot tables, and so on. For that, Excel is the most recommended software.

Therefore, as we have seen, the Excel course is indicated both for professionals who will use the program at work and for optimizing and organizing the routine with expenses from home or even studying.

Still, some professional areas end up benefiting more when their professionals take the Excel course. Are they:

    • Administrative ;
    • Sales ;
    • Accounting ;
    • Logistics
    • Marketing
    • Micro and Small Entrepreneurs ;
    • Human Resources ;
    • Information Technology ;


On a daily basis, if you need to make a more efficient control of expenses at home or even plan for the future, it is worth learning to use Excel. Below you can see why.

What is possible to do after the Excel course?

When you take an Excel course you will be able to carry out from simple tasks to the most complex ones, for example, registering customers and suppliers, making calculations of the most varied types, managing inventory and creating spreadsheets for:

    • Audit ;
    • Price Calculation ;
    • Sheet Payment ;
    • Flow case ;
    • Overtime Control ;
    • Point Control ;
    • Projections , analysis and planning.


In the domestic environment, either to take care of home expenses or to organize your investments, the Excel course will allow you to:

  • Organize the household budget ;
  • Record day-to-day expenses ;
  • Control accounts payable ;
  • Track investments and income;
  • Estimate costs to make dreams come true.

Face-to-face or Online: Which Excel course should I take?

Knowing what you will be able to do after completing an Excel course, you need to start choosing the best course. To start, you will have to choose between the online and in-person Excel courses.

The distance learning mode allows you to learn everything about Excel at the time and place you want, whether through a notebook, PC, tablet or smartphone.

In general, the student can access the content whenever he wishes, forever. Therefore, an online Excel course is usually cheaper than the face-to-face course.

The best online Excel courses are also very efficient, as they offer direct contact with the teacher and other students to answer questions and exchange experiences.

The disadvantage of an online course is that it demands greater student organization and quality is not always guaranteed.

On the other hand, the classroom Excel course, in addition to being more expensive, limits the time and location of classes. However, this type of course requires less planning on your part.

To summarize, check out the table that shows the main advantages and disadvantages of each Excel course modality:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Excel course?

As we have seen, when taking an Excel course you can improve your work and your routine, in addition to saving time, since the software automates various tasks and performs complex operations.

Another advantage is that with an Excel course certificate, you still excel in selection processes and learn to manipulate a large amount of data easily and quickly at work.

In addition, the Excel course will serve to organize and control billing, production, sales, inventory, suppliers, customer contact, payroll, goals and projections, etc.



Did you know that Excel has been produced by Microsoft since 1985?

This program can be used on any computer that uses the Microsoft Windows operating system, in addition to Apple Macintosh computers and smartphones such as Windows Phone, Android or iOS.

You can use learning from an Excel course to make controls, reports, graphs, tables, lists and schedules.

On the other hand, the Excel course, if not well chosen, can be very superficial. Therefore, always prefer the Excel course that focuses on practice, with simulations and exercises, over courses that offer only theories and formulas.

How much does the Excel course cost?

When choosing the best Excel course you will need to choose between paid and free courses. Both have pros and cons.

But in fact, the paid Excel course is more likely to be more complete. The free ones are usually made with compilations of rules and formulas found in tutorials.

In any case, the main difference between them is that the free Excel course does not usually offer a channel of communication with the teacher or instructor to answer questions.

n addition, this type of free course does not usually offer a certificate. Therefore, whenever possible, opt for a paid Excel course. But note that the price of an Excel course can vary widely, from R $ 29 to R $ 500.

Also, remember that getting paid does not guarantee the quality of the course. So take a good look at the credibility of the school and the teacher.

Where to take an Excel course?

You will find Excel courses in the most varied schools and institutes. In the online universe the variety is even greater.

In order not to enroll in a low quality Excel course, we recommend that you research the location that offers the course and, especially, the teacher or instructor who will teach the content.

Assess the teacher’s background and experience and search for information with other students who have already taken the course.


Enrollment Criteria: How to Compare Excel Courses

As we have seen, to choose the best Excel course it is necessary to decide between online and face-to-face, in addition to analyzing the teacher’s curriculum and price. But that is not all.

To invest in the ideal course, we recommend that you also take into account the following criteria:

  • Basic, advanced or complete
  • Questions and material
  • Certified
  • Bonus

Below we will explain each of these topics.

Basic, advanced or complete

There are several types of Excel courses with regard to the content taught. Therefore, we can divide Excel courses into levels: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and complete.

In order not to be frustrated, the ideal is to choose an Excel course according to your level of knowledge, but also considering what you will actually need to accomplish with the software.

At advanced levels, the Excel course can even help you perform information analysis and detect trends to make better decisions in your work. On the other hand, if you are going to use Excel only in the home environment, a basic level will be enough.

Also, make sure that the Excel course you choose is geared to your desktop. You will find professors specialized in some areas such as Accounting and Marketing.

Questions and material

Another important factor when choosing the best Excel course is to analyze the material used and the channel of communication with the teacher.

See if the course offers handouts, recorded or live videos and ebooks.

See if the course offers handouts, recorded or live videos and ebooks.

In addition, check how to answer questions, either through chat, Whatsapp or email. It is worth mentioning that some Excel courses allow you to have access to the teacher and answer questions even after completing the course.

Other courses give a period of 10, 20 or 30 days so that you can ask questions about using Excel.


Check if the Excel course offers a certificate of completion after the end of classes. This is important so that you can prove that you have knowledge of the software, especially in job interviews.


Be sure to also review other benefits that may exist when enrolling in an Excel course. In general, in courses that are paid, it is possible to have extras like PowerPoint classes, for example.



The Excel course can benefit anyone, as this software helps to optimize and automate work, budgeting, sales, projects and household tasks.

But to choose the best Excel course you need to consider the online and face-to-face versions, in addition to assessing the teacher’s qualification, the most appropriate level and the form of communication with the teacher.


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