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Top & Best Keune Products Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Keune Products: Know the best for your hair in 2022

Today we are going to talk about Keune products, a brand that has been on the market for almost 100 years, producing cosmetics aimed at hair care.

Keune products include several types of treatment that have as a common factor the constant nutrition of the threads. From shampoos for daily use to professional lines, the brand has been guaranteeing good results. In the guide below we will introduce you to some of the Keune products, in addition to pointing out all their benefits.

First, the most important

  • Keune is a brand specializing in hair care. Its products stand out for the quality and high technology involved in the process of creating the formulas.
  • The brand has products for all types of hair and audiences.
  • Keune products are divided into lines, one of which is composed only of 100% natural cosmetics.

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The best Keune products: Our recommendations

Keune is not short of good quality products, however, we have selected those that you can not fail to use when taking care of the wires:

  • The best Keune product for dry hair
  • The best Keune product option for those looking for a good shampoo
  • The best Keune product for those who want practicality


Buying Guide

Keune products are famous for their good results in treating damaged and dry hair, among many other things. In the following guide, we will talk a little better about this process, in addition to pointing out all the benefits of joining the brand.

What are Keune products?

The Dutch brand Keune develops and manufactures products aimed at hair care, from shampoos to hydration masks and dyes.

The products are divided into four lines:

    • Line 1922 : Specialized in male hair;
    • Care Line : Focused on treatments and hydration in general;
    • So Pure Line : Composed of 100% natural and organic cosmetics;
    • Coloring line : Famous for the huge diversity of shades.



What are the differences of Keune products?

The main differential of Keune products is the technology involved in the composition of the formulas, guaranteeing quality and good results.

All products are reinforced with fortifying substances, such as creatine, recognized for its reconstructive properties and ability to reinforce the internal structure of the threads.


The products have no aggressive substances in their composition.

In addition, Keune is concerned not only with the health of the wires, but with the health of the body as a whole. The products have no aggressive substances in their composition, and even the So Pure line is composed of 100% natural cosmetics, free of dyes, sulfates and parabens.

Still in terms of health, the brand’s tinctures do not have the addition of PPD (paraphenylenediamine), an allergenic compound capable of causing skin irritation, very common in the tinctures of most brands.

In general, they are efficient products in the proposal to moisturize, strengthen and shine hair, without harming the structure of the strands or the health of those who use them.

They are products carefully designed using the highest technology, capable of promoting real changes in the locks.

In addition, Keune stands out for being a super complete brand, offering lines for all types of audiences, with products ranging from basic care to professional care.

Unfortunately, the result of so much dedication and care in preparing the formula is reflected in the price of the products, which are not cheap, but which also puts the brand one step ahead of its competitors.


  • Composed of fortifying and nourishing substances
  • They do not have substances that are aggressive to hair or health in their composition
  • Formula designed using the highest technology
  • Highly moisturizing and effective in what they propose
  • Super complete brand, with lines that open to all audiences


  • Products are not cheap

What is the best Keune product for my hair type?

Keune has specific products for some types of hair, such as:

Dry hair

Dry or damaged hair needs products whose composition is capable of restructuring, nourishing, giving life and shine to the strands, and Keune is not short of options.

In that case, we recommend the Care Vital Nutrition, Keratin Smooth, So Pure Recover and So Pure Moisturizing categories. These have products more than capable of hydrating and rebuilding the hair.

Greasy hair

For oily hair we do not recommend products whose composition is marked by oils, however, this does not mean that moisturizing cosmetics are not the best choice.

Derma Care Regulate shampoo was specially designed for these cases. It promotes cleanliness, keeping the hair healthy and free from excess oil.

Its formula contains extracts of Alpine Herbs, Biosulfur and Betaines that work together in order to rebalance the functioning of the sebaceous glands.


Curly hair

Those who have curly hair know that keeping them impeccable is not easy, and for this reason, Keune launched the Care Curl Control category, developed with a formula capable of offering definition to the curls, in addition to moisturizing, reducing frizz and increasing shine.

Dyed hair

For dyed hair, Keune offers an extensive coloring line, known for being PPD free, not staining clothes and towels, not irritating the skin and still keeping the tone alive for longer than most brands.

The So Pure line still has its 100% organic dyes, free of any substance that is not natural.

Where are Keune products manufactured?

Keune’s factory is located in the city of Soest, in the Netherlands. The products were initially manufactured in Amsterdam, but a new headquarters was built.

The brand also has offices in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Croatia and the United States.



Did you know that Keune was founded almost 100 years ago? The brand took its first steps in 1922 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, when Jan Keune opened a small permanent lotion factory.

Since then, the company has been growing and encompassing its work focus. Nowadays, it is managed by Jan’s son, George Keune, and operates worldwide.

How much does it cost and where to buy Keune products?

Keune products are not very cheap, and you will notice that the prices vary between R $ 70 and R $ 200.

As for the best places to buy, we recommend you the big cosmetics stores, like Sephora, some beauty salons that resell products, and famous e-commerces , like Amazon.





Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing Keune product types

Keune products are known for their high quality, however, before making your choices, it may be interesting to take a few points into account:

  • Hair type
  • Formula
  • Way of use
  • Specifications

Now see in detail each of the topics mentioned.

Hair type

Before choosing which Keune products to buy, it is important to know your type of hair and what type of care it needs.

As we said in previous topics, there are specific products for damaged, oily, and even curly hair. In the case of men, the 1922 line was entirely designed for male hair, being the best option.


The formula of Keune products is usually rich in nutrients and strengthening substances, such as argan oil, creatine and others.

Such substances are able to nourish and regenerate the hair, being the great advantages of the brand. Choose the formula that is most interesting for your yarn needs.

Way of use

Keune products have their own methods of use, so it is essential that you read the back of the packaging to understand how to apply.

Some, for example, need to act for 15 minutes, while others have no rinse.

To guarantee the perfect result, it is very important that you read how to use any of the brand’s products, ok?


Finally, it is interesting that you know the specifications of the products you are using, especially in the case of paints, so that you know how to act if something goes wrong during the application process.


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