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Top & Best Children’s karate kimono Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Children’s karate kimono: What’s the best for your child in 2022?

If you have chosen karate as an activity so that your child can have a great physical and mental development, you need to ensure that he has the proper clothing! That’s why children’s karate kimono is the theme of our article today!

Karate is a martial art with centuries of existence and established worldwide. Its practice is fantastic for the physical and mental health of both adults and children. And the kimono, or karategi, is essential! Stay with us to learn how to purchase the ideal outfit for your children.

First, the most important

  • The benefits of karate for children are countless. They appear both in physical and mental development, as well as in the ease of self-defense that arises from an early age.
  • It is important that children’s karate kimonos are even more comfortable and resilient than adults, as children tend to be less careful and more easily bothered.
  • There are good options for children’s karate kimonos, with 100% cotton and cotton and polyester blends being the most popular.

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Buying Guide

Do you have doubts about the benefits that karate can bring to your children? Or have you already decided on this sport, but still don’t know how to choose the best gi?

One way or another, we come to the buying guide, the sector that brings the most complete answers to all questions about children’s karate kimonos!



What are the benefits of karate for children?

Karate is a martial art recommended for all ages. Even very small children, four or five years old, can already practice it: And earn a lot from it!

There are benefits to karate in both physical and mental development. For the former, issues such as motor coordination, balance, respiratory capacity and vascular capacity gain special reinforcements. And stimulating all these skills even in childhood is very important!

On the mental side, we can highlight discipline, which is one of karate’s mantras, and self-control. In addition, the modality helps to prevent disorders such as anxiety and depression from developing and improves the ability to concentrate.

Along with all this, there is still the benefit of the child growing up knowing how to defend himself, since karate is an excellent form of self-defense.

See the table below for the main benefits of practicing karate for children:



  • Promotes great physical development
  • Helps prevent mental disorders
  • Increases discipline
  • Ensures greater self-esteem and ability to concentrate
  • Excellent form of self defense


  • Requires purchase of correct attire

What are the special features of children’s kimonos?

We know that children are less careful than adults. They can engage in various games that can damage a gi such as rolling on the floor or pulling and pushing colleagues. Therefore, children’s models need to have some special characteristics.




The first thing that makes the difference is that children’s kimonos are usually more reinforced. There are both stronger fabrics, such as cotton twill, and seams made with special attention. It is necessary to ensure that the child will not destroy the clothing immediately after purchase.

Another issue is maintaining size. As children grow up fast and lose clothes with incredible speed, kimonos can be used for a very short time if they have great shrinkage. Fabrics that suffer less from this problem are more used.

Comfort is also important, as children can feel extremely uncomfortable if the kimono is not entirely suitable for their small bodies. In children’s models you will find more features such as elastics and cords, which are a little rare in adult clothes.


Did you know that karate was brought by Japanese immigrants in 1908? The practice spent a long time happening informally until in 1956 the first gym was opened in downtown São Paulo.

Why choose a quality children’s kimono?

As mentioned above, children tend to participate in various games that can damage kimonos. If the clothing is not of high quality, it can be damaged quickly, leading to financial losses.


A comfortable kimono increases the child’s chances of enjoying karate.

The practice of karate will be much more fun if done with a comfortable kimono, which does not limit movement or cause discomfort. Thus, it is possible that the child feels more willing to continue his path in the sport and does not give up easily.

It is also important to choose models that have greater resistance to shrinkage, so that they are not easily lost to the natural growth of children.

A good kimono, resistant and durable, can even be reused by younger siblings and or other children who also wish to practice karate. Thus, it is possible to join your children’s child development with solidarity and friendship!

What are the sizes of children’s kimonos?

Buying the right size of gi is essential, especially when it comes to children. Therefore, we need to understand well how the measures work.

Children’s and youth kimonos are identified by the letter M and by the numbering that goes from 0 to 4. Therefore, it is possible to buy five different measures, which are M0, M1, M2, M3 and M4.

When choosing a kimono for your children, always look for models suitable for height and weight slightly above what appears in the table. Thus, it will take more time for it to be lost by the natural growth of children.

We have prepared a table so that you understand exactly how the child and youth kimono measurement system works:




How to care for a children’s karate kimono?

Contrary to popular custom, kimonos must be washed. Sweat and dirt can damage the fabric, in addition to the obvious hygiene issues involved.


Always wash your gi with cold water and no chemicals.

However, wash your gi inside out, with cold water and no chemicals. This is the best option to avoid a big problem with this outfit, which is shrinkage, especially when we talk about children’s models.

It is also ideal to prevent a gi from being placed in the sun, another situation that can contribute to shrinkage. Electric dryers are also not a good option. It is best to choose a slower and safer shade drying.

With proper care, a children’s kimono can have a long durability!

How much does it cost and where to buy a children’s karate kimono?

Price variations in children’s karate kimonos happen mainly according to size and brand. The cheapest, which may already have some quality, cost about R $ 50, while the most expensive, quite reinforced, can reach R $ 150.

Stores specializing in sporting goods and martial arts gyms are good options for buying a children’s kimono. You can also choose to purchase online: Amazon has great possibilities, as well as Amazon international.


Purchase criteria: Factors for choosing a children’s karate kimono

In addition to what we have already discussed, there are some technical criteria that can help you a lot in choosing the ideal kimono for your children. We selected four important items:

  • Comfort
  • Material
  • Design and cutting
  • Durability

Below, find out more about each one!


If we adults do not like to be uncomfortable and feel very uncomfortable when such a thing occurs, with children the problem is even greater. For this reason, a children’s karate kimono needs to offer comfort well above average.

Among the features that a kimono can have for comfort to be of a high level, it is possible to highlight the wider cut close to regions such as armpits and knees, facilitating movement, elastics and cords at the waist, preventing tightness, and good quality of seams, making the body not hurt.

The more of these characteristics a children’s kimono has, the better the child will feel when practicing karate!




There are two main options for materials for karate kimonos: 100% cotton or cotton blend with synthetic fabrics.

100% cotton kimonos are ideal for those who are allergic to synthetic fabric.

The 100% cotton models, which can be denim or twill, are ideal for those who are allergic to synthetic fabrics or looking for above-average comfort. Prices can also be higher and there is a greater difficulty when washing.

It is more common to find kimonos that mix cotton with synthetic fabrics, such as polyester. The big advantages are lower prices and less shrinkage, but there is neither so much comfort nor so much durability. Either way, both options can be good choices.

Design and cutting

Eventually, a child or especially a teenager may want to feel more beautiful or represented in their kimono. It is possible to choose models either with more striking designs and logos, or with special colors, such as pink or blue.

There are also different types of karategi cut: Olympic, European and traditional. What varies here is the length of sleeves and legs. In order, the European is the largest, followed by the Olympic and the traditional, which as the name says is the most common to be found.

If you have models with more than one cut at your disposal, the ideal is to choose the one that makes the child feel more comfortable.




We have already commented on how quickly children’s hyperactivity can wear a karate kimono. That is why you should always opt for models of good origin, renowned brands or materials of proven quality.

As much as a children’s kimono is lost quickly due to growth, it is important that a model can accompany the child for as long as possible and that, if still in condition, it can even serve as a donation to family members or children who cannot afford the clothing !


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