Top & Best Volleyball Penalty Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Volleyball Penalty: Which are the best of 2022?

Volleyball is the second most practiced sport, second only to football. This modality can be played on beaches or on courts and pleases men and women. But for that to happen a fundamental product is the ball and today we are going to talk about the Penalty volleyball, welcome!

Penalty is a sporting goods brand, but known in many countries. Its volleyball balls are very successful thanks to the quality and excellent performance. In this article we will show you all that this product has to offer, to know more continue with us until the end.

First, the most important

  • The Penalty volleyball can be used to practice this sport on courts and beaches. It also exists in versions for men, women and children.
  • This product is made with several technologies that guarantee high performance and durability.
  • The Penalty volleyball can be purchased for an amount starting at R $ 80, on average.

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Best Penalty Volleyball Ball Options: Our Recommendations

Penalty has a complete line of volleyball balls that adapt to all the modalities of this sport. Among the options available, some stand out among the players and shown to you below.

  • The best rated volleyball
  • The best ball for court matches
  • The most comfortable Penalty volleyball

Buying Guide

Penalty is a reference when it comes to sports products. Among its best selling items is the volleyball, which is made by the brand in a wide range of models. Each of them is able to adapt to all needs and has high quality.

Because of this, the Penalty volleyball is one of the most chosen by players. In this buying guide you will know all the details of this product, from its advantages, values ​​and more.

What is different about the Volleyball Penalty?

The Penalty volleyball is a product that has a series of differentials that make the matches even better.

This product is found in options for all types of volleyball. In this way, he is able to adapt to court, beach and even footvolley games.

Another difference is due to the systems used by the brand to make this item more comfortable for players. With this, the balls become lighter and with high spherifiability.

There are also models that are produced for specific players and there are options for men, women and children. Thus, Penalty manages to capture the best of athletes avoiding injuries.

The Penalty volleyball still has its design advantage. All models are made in striking and different colors that make the game more colorful and beautiful.

The downside is that some options have a high value.


  • It exists in versions for all types of volleyball
  • There are options for men, women and children
  • It is lightweight and has high spherifiability
  • Features a beautiful and colorful design


  • Some models are expensive

What technologies are present in the Penalty volleyball?

To achieve a superior quality, the Penalty volleyball receives some exclusive and very positive technologies.

One of the systems most found in the brand’s balls is the double glue layer, which serves to further strengthen the junction of the buds.

There are options that are made with Ultra Fusion technology, which uses thermofusion to eliminate seams. Because of this, the ball has less water absorption and higher durability.

Still focused on reducing water absorption, there is Termotec technology. This makes the ball seamless and offers a 100% spherical shape, with 0% water absorption.

The Evacel internal damping system is also worth mentioning. He is responsible for ensuring greater comfort and reducing the impact of the player with the ball in headers and domains.

To ensure that the Penalty volleyball has more resistance, the brand created the multiaxial system. This is composed of axes of synthetic threads that surround the camera and make it stronger.

Some models of this product are even made with the Airbility chamber. This is made with butyl rubber and has a balancing system that creates a high resistance to air retention.

What are the main lines of volleyball Penalty?

Penalty has a very complete line of balls that can be used to practice all types of volleyball. Altogether there are more than ten models that can be purchased by players. Below we show you the main ones.

    • Volleyball Penalty VP FUN X: This option is made of PVC and suitable for all types of volleyball.
    • Volleyball Penalty PRO 6.0 X: This line of balls is known for its greater comfort in touches and receptions. It is made of polyurethane.
    • Penalty Footvolley Ball: Penalty footvolley balls have no stitching and have internal cushioning.
    • Penalty Ball Fusion X beach volleyball: This is the version of the Penalty ball for beach volleyball and has high softness.
    • Volleyball Penalty VP 3000: For matches on the court this is one of the best models. These balls have a cushioning system, 18 buds and no stitching.
    • Penalty VP 5000M Volleyball: This line is specially made for child players who practice indoor volleyball.
    • Penalty VP 5000 Volleyball: This model is also for playing on the court and is made of polyurethane.
    • Volleyball Penalty 8.0 Pro: This is the official ball for several state volleyball championships and is made of microfiber.
    • Penalty Pro IX Beach Volleyball Ball: With 12 buds, this Penalty volleyball ball model is suitable for beach games.
    • Beach Volleyball Penalty Fusion IX: This is another option for games on the beach and is developed in PVC with 18 sections.
    • Footvolley Penalty Pro VIII: This model is suitable for the practice of footvolley and has 18 sections. It is made of PVC.
    • Penalty Volleyball Ball 3600 Fusion VIII: Produced in PVC, this volleyball has 18 sections and is suitable for court matches.
    • Penalty Volleyball Ball MG 3500 VIII: This model has a series of technologies that make the matches on the court even more intense.

Penalty was the first supplier of sporting goods.

The company was founded in 1970 in the city of São Paulo and is still a reference in its segment.

How much does it cost and where to buy a Penalty volleyball?

The value of a Penalty volleyball depends a lot on the modality for which it is indicated and on the material and technology used for its composition. Thus, there are options that start at R $ 80, while the most expensive ones reach around R $ 400.

Penalty is a well known brand, so it is not difficult to find your volleyball balls to buy. You can make this purchase at online and physical stores that sell sporting goods. Good examples are the brand’s own website, Amazon.

Purchasing Criteria: Comparing Penalty Volleyball Ball Options

It is useless for a player to have knowledge of all the plays and rules of the sport, if the ball is not suitable for the type of game. Therefore, when choosing a volleyball Penalty it is essential to pay attention to some details, they are:

  • Volleyball category
  • Female, male or child
  • Weight
  • Material

Below we explain all of these items.

Volleyball category

As you have seen, the Penalty volleyball is made in several models that are suitable for all sports. There are options for playing court, beach and even footvolley.

Therefore, when purchasing one of these, you must define where the product will be used. Beach volleyball balls are usually made with materials that have minimal water absorption. On the other hand, the court models are the most colorful for easy viewing and must be between 65 and 67 centimeters.

Therefore, only buy a model that is suitable for your type of departure.

Female, male or child

Penalty is concerned with making models of volleyball that are as perfect as possible for each athlete. Therefore, there are some options indicated especially for men, women and children.

These balls have the ideal circumference and weight for each type of athlete and reduce the chance of accidents and even injuries. This is a feature that can make a difference in matches and especially for children it is worth purchasing a more specific model.


Each Penalty volleyball has a specific weight and this weight makes the difference during matches.

The ideal weight of such a ball is between 260 to 280 grams for professional games according to the rules of the Volleyball Federation. However, for amateur matches this can vary.

There are balls weighing from 200 grams and these are ideal for children up to 11 years old. From 11 to 13 years old the most suitable balls are those that weigh between 230 and 250 grams. From that age onwards, there are no restrictions.


The main materials used in making Penalty volleyball balls are polyurethane and PVC.

PVC is the ideal raw material for balls that can come into contact with water, such as beach volleyball. Polyurethane is a good choice for indoor volleyball.

Regarding the buds, there are sewn and others seamless patterns. Seamless versions end up being better because there is less risk of spoiling with use.


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