Top & Best History Books Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

History Books: How to find the best of 2022?

In today’s text, we will talk about history books, the works that are the main exponents of nonfiction literature today.

This size within the publishing market is explained by the level of interest it represents to readers. After all, history books can offer literature and knowledge and stimulate curiosity and immersion in a certain subject.

In the Guide below, we will show you all the most important information about your models, including a list with the best copies and another one with valuable tips for you to choose the book that best suits your reading.

First, the most important

  • History is a practically endless source of themes, and with different cuts between them, which generates an enormous amount of books.
  • There is also a difference in the approach of the book, between Descriptive, Didactic and Academic works.
  • Its price variation follows the general logic of books, varying according to size, edition and rarity. There are, then, copies of R $ 20, as well as R $ 500.

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Ranking: The 3 best history books

Below you will see our list of the best books on the history of the publishing market. The authors, the narratives, the criticisms, in short, everything was considered to put it together in the best possible way.


Buying Guide

History books have a practically captive space among the best sellers, in any library, in any country. Its combination of interesting themes, classic works and new and skilled authors looking for new perspectives on history is bombastic, after all.

Even so, it surprises, in a way, a history book that reaches the level of best seller. That’s because there are a multitude of works, many exploring similar themes. It turns out that their approaches, their languages, even their authors, make a total difference. In the Buying Guide below, we’ll show you how it happens.

Why read history books?

“A people who do not know their history is condemned to repeat it.” The famous phrase by the English philosopher Edmund Burke would be enough to discuss the importance of history books. Still, there is no lack of arguments.

After all, history books are among the products that best combine knowledge with entertainment, something really interesting and enriching. They are works that combine the common universe of the reader with new information, these organized in a logical way, and easy to understand.

In that sense, they are analogous to any pop phenomenon. His characters are as interesting as those of serials, the immersion that is possible is as complete as in documentaries and his discussions are as multiple as those of social networks.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of history books?

Although it is enriching, and, frankly, it is necessary to read history books, the acquisition of such works carries with it some advantages and disadvantages, which orbit the intellectual and practical questions of its pages.

Starting with the advantages, the first one is that, for sure, there is a topic that will interest you. Humanity has thousands of years and stories to tell, and many of them enter universes common to yours, which will naturally attract your attention.


Reading history books is a guarantee of acquiring knowledge.

Then, reading history books is a guarantee of acquiring knowledge. As much as you know the history of the theme of a work, it is impossible for you to know all the facts and details, found only after years of research by the historian and / or author.

This type of book is also often inspiring. After all, there are many stories of people who made history, as well as cultures and customs that carry the stainless values ​​of life in society.

On the other hand, they are books that bring a certain intellectual problem, because they are, after all, the fruit of the author’s view on the theme / time, which may have value judgments about his characters and even different versions of other books and authors about certain facts and events.

History books also tend to have a heavier reading, either in number of pages or in language, especially those of greater academic concern.

Heavy ones also tend to be impressions. Many facts, many characters, many things to explain result in many pages, and, consequently, a large, bulky, heavy copy at times. History books “pocket” version are rare.


  • There’s always a theme for you
  • Guaranteed knowledge
  • Inspirational works


  • Stuck in the view of the author / historian
  • Heavy reading
  • Large specimens

Descriptive, didactic or academic story books?

Historiography is a complex study, expressed in different ways in history books, using different techniques and approaches. However, to make our Guide more objective and clear to you, we will work with three “types”, of history books, descriptive, didactic and academic.

Descriptive books are the most common, and the most general classification. They are works composed of multiple reports, as if the author were present in the period and in the place he describes.

They are texts with greater literary concern, at least in the sense of having lighter and more accessible languages ​​for those who do not study the subject.

Books teaching also have this concern, but focused on clarity at all are transmitting valuable knowledge to your readers students.

Didactics tend to focus more on events and their due dates than necessarily on their characters. Many contain exercises to reinforce learning, such as tests and questions to stimulate debate.


The academics , finally, seek to have the clarity of teaching with multiple cuts and attention to detail of descriptive books. What differentiates them most are the language, with specific rules and aimed at readers more integrated to the area.

History books or storybooks?

In your searches for the best work, it is possible that you find yourself in a trivial doubt, between history books and book-reports. After all, both try to describe the events of a certain group in a given time and space.

Taking into account that the descriptive books have a language similar to that of the reporting books, the major differences are due to research and voices.


History books use historiography research methods, and have a voice centered on the chronology of the facts, on other works and on the historian’s own “discoveries”.

The news-books, in turn, are the result of journalistic investigations, which focus a lot on the characters and their speeches, spaces, and the impacts of events.

How much?

The prices of history books follow the common logic of books in general, whose values ​​vary based on the size, quality of the print and rarity of the copy. There are works for R $ 20, and works for around R $ 500, R $ 600.

Where to buy?

History books are found in bookstores. Major chains have several copies and large print runs of each.

On the internet, however, you can find an even greater variety, be it prices, themes or even editions of the same book, and for a lower price. Sites like Amazon, and online versions of bookstores, especially are the best indications.




Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare and choose your history books

We have put together an exclusive list to help you choose your history book. Purchasing criteria are proposed based on the characteristics of the books and their reading.

  • Intuito
  • Historian
  • Author
  • Size

Now, let’s talk about each of these items so that you can make the best possible choice.


The purpose of your reading is an essential element of your choice, especially to funnel the type of history book to buy.

If you want a book to read before bed, or to browse during a trip, descriptions are the best option, for example.

For study, the choice between didactic and academic depends on the level of knowledge you want.


Give preference to books written by historians. The tendency is that their research is more technical, has more references, is more complete, in short.

Not that other professionals can’t write history books, far from it, by the way. It turns out that the historian’s book is more likely to be more historically accurate.


Regardless of the author’s occupation, whether historian or not, the research on him is worth it. Where do you work, if you’ve written other books, if so how many, etc.

Give preference to authors with good references, whether professional or based on positive reviews, and who have already written other works.


As we said above, history books are works with dense content, with many pages. They are big books, in other words.

Thus, a book with the same density, but with a smaller size, comes out ahead, because it can be carried more easily in backpacks and bags, speeding up, in a way, its reading.


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