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Top & Best Dan Brown Books Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Dan Brown Books: Which are the best to read in 2022?

Hi, how are you? Enough more, feel free, Today we are going to talk about Dan Brown’s books, the works of one of the most successful authors in the history of the publishing market.

If you like romances full of mysteries, codes, international intrigue, all with a breathtaking narrative, and on top of the surprising, good ending, these books are for you.

In the Guide below, you will have at your disposal everything you need to know about the works, their stories, their characters, and, of course, about the author. Everything so that you can choose the ideal book that best suits your tastes and your type of reading. Read with attention! You will discover a secret …

First, the most important

  • Dan Brown has released seven books in his career, the first in 1998 and the seventh in 2017.
  • Among these works, five belong to the same series, which accompanies the protagonist Robert Langdon, and the other two are of unique narratives.
  • editions have an average of 470 pages each.

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Dan Brown’s best books: Our favorites

We set out to list the three best works by Dan Brown, considering his reception in the market, his theme, until its edition. The result you see below, in our exclusive list.

  • Dan Brown’s most popular book
  • Dan Brown’s first success
  • The most recent success


Buying Guide

Dan Brown’s books did not become films, nor did they move millionaire figures between movie theaters and bookstores, for nothing. The author seems to have found a precise combination of writing techniques, narrative elements and thematic universes.

His works attract legions of fans and the curious, in several ways. You can keep up, positioning your characters in different places, and dealing with different mysteries and threats. In this Buying Guide, we are going to investigate this “magic” so that you can decide which is the ideal work for your reading.

What is the genre of Dan Brown’s books?

The broadest, most classic definition of the genre of Dan Brown’s books is that they are Police Novels. After all, practically everyone has their plots started from crimes, be they murders, attempted murders, kidnappings, etc., and they develop from the search for their respective resolutions.

However, a narrative element very present in the books are the persecutions and races against time, which add the Suspense genre to the works, especially the subgenres Thriller de Misterio and Thriller Criminal .

The Mystery Thriller accompanies the protagonist following clues, while being chased, or in a race against time, as in the case of “Da Vinci Code”; The Criminal Thriller reverses the logic, with the protagonist chasing a criminal from the clues of the crimes he is committing during the plot, as in “Angels and Demons”.



Why are Dan Brown’s books best sellers?

Dan Brown is not exactly prestigious for being a skilled writer, like Ernest Hemingway, or Scott Fitzgerald, to be only among American authors.
Nor did Dan create a fantastic universe, rich in characters, details and long plots, such as JK Rowling, in “Harry Potter”, Tolkien in “Lord of the Rings”, or George RR Martin, in “The Chronicles of Ice and Fire” (the popular “ Game of Thrones ”).

Why, then, are your books best sellers ? Narratively speaking, perhaps it is exactly this opposition that he has to other great authors, that make him so successful.

Dan Brown does not bet on elaborate words and deep passages, or imaginary worlds, with epic journeys. On the contrary: his novels have a well-tied plot, which develops quickly, and holds the reader from the first pages.


But the appeal of Dan Brown’s books lies not only in narrative simplicity. The author, in contrast, makes the mysteries to be solved in his novels quite complex, with enigmatic clues and answers that generate more questions.

These clues, mysteries and enigmas, especially in the “Da Vinci Code” series, are built from very popular elements of world culture, such as art history and religion. Dan creates conspiracies with the Mona Lisa, with the Catholic Church, with Freemasonry, among other highly recognized institutions.

This transition between real and fictional is the author’s art, something that is practically unparalleled. In addition, this expedient creates inevitable controversies, which only make the books even more targeted.

Finally, Dan Brown is a profound connoisseur of the publishing market, and manages to bring together in his novels several successful strategies, such as mysterious villains, international intrigue, suspense, and the aforementioned transition between real and fictional.

Robert Langdon Series or Unique Works?

So far, Dan Brown has released seven books. With relatively the same genre, they can be divided into two groups, the works of the so-called “Robert Langdon Series” and the other novels, here called “Unique Works”.

In the Robert Langdon Series, which gave Dan Brown a stratospheric projection, we follow the adventures of Robert Langdon, a professor of symbology at Harvard University in the USA, who uses all his knowledge and quick thinking to solve the most diverse puzzles, in the most different situations.

In “Angels and Demons”, he is called to the Vatican to decipher a symbol marked on a corpse; in “Da Vinci Code”, it is the turn to solve a puzzle left by a murdered professor at the Louvre in Paris.



In “The Lost Symbol”, the scenario is Washington, in the USA, where it must meet the diverse demands of a lunatic; “Hell” takes place in Florence, where Langdon has to overcome amnesia to solve a series of puzzles, while running away from a murderer. “Origin”, in short, takes the teacher to Spain, where he chases a secret password.

The Unique Works are only two, but they follow, in a way, the success points of the Robert Langdon Series. “Fortaleza Digital” is about a cyber conspiracy, while “Ponto de Impacto” is about a spatial conspiracy.

Who is Dan Brown?

Dan Brown is the stage name of Daniel Gerhard Brown, born in Exeter, New Hampshire, United States, in 1964, son of Constance Brown and Richard Brown. He is the eldest of three brothers.
Dan is part of a select list of authors, whose books are among the best-selling books in history. For example, JK Rowling, author of the Harry Pottter saga, and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who wrote “The Little Prince”, are part of it.

Brown has already appeared on the list of the prestigious magazine “Times” of the 100 most influential people in the world. After all, his books have been translated into more than fifty languages.

He started his career as a writer started in 1998, with the launch of “Fortaleza Digital”. His most recent work is “Origin”, released in 2017. He has an incredible feat of having his first four books on the New York Times bestseller list, simultaneously.

How much do they cost and where to buy Dan Brown’s books?

Dan Brown’s books may be in high demand, but they also have a large circulation, which ends up balancing their price. In bookstores, you can find copies from R $ 20 to R $ 100.

This amount will depend on the work and its edition, both by the release date and by the presence of extra content, such as illustrated or commented versions.

As Dan Brown and his books are still on the rise, and the number of his publications is not exactly high, you will have no problem finding any of his novels in most bookstores, be they “neighborhood”, or multinationals.

Difficulty, by the way, is what you will get away with if you choose to buy online. There is a greater variety of editions and prices on sites like Amazon, in addition to the comfort of being able to purchase the sofa in your home.


Purchase Criteria: How to Compare Dan Brown’s Books

To help you find Dan Brown’s book, the one that most suits your reading, we have put together a list with choice criteria. We are sure that they will be very useful at the time of your purchase!

  • Theme
  • Review
  • Edition
  • Adaptations you’ve watched

Now let’s talk about each of these items, so that your choice, and your purchase, are the best possible.


As we mentioned above, Dan Brown’s books have a kind of “formula”, between characters and plots, which change, in the end, based on the space where the narrative develops, and whose culture the book ends up in. appropriating, especially in its mysteries.

This space-culture relationship is, then, the theme of the book. Thus, as the works have the seal of quality of the “Brown formula”, you just need to choose the theme that suits you the most: mysteries of the Catholic Church, of Freemasonry ….


The reception of specialized critics is always a good criterion, a guide to the quality of the work. Contextualization is also important, compared to other books, by other authors or by the author himself.

But it is very important that you seek reasonable criticism, okay? It is the multiplicity of voices that will provide a clearer “image” of what the book is.


Editing the book is a good point to watch. There are illustrated editions, with comments, adapted editions, such as the most recent “Da Vinci Code”, made for, as the cover says, “Young Adults”.

Pay attention, therefore, to editions, and what else they can offer.

Adaptations you’ve watched

Part of the fame of Dan Brown’s books is due to cinematographic adaptations – the other part is due to his stunning endings, endings repeated in the films.

If possible, then, look for books without adaptations, or those that you haven’t seen the end of. Nobody deserves spoilers, right?



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