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Top & Best Gastronomy book Review 2022– How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Gastronomy book: How to choose the best in 2022?

In today’s article we will help you choose a fundamental item for those who like to cook: gastronomy books.

Fundamental for those who want to learn, improve or develop their culinary techniques and skills, good gastronomy books focus not only on the preparation technique, but also on its history, importance and, mainly, on the details of the practical part and all the processes involved in the preparation of dishes and recipes.

Follow us on this reading and check out the best options of the product, in addition to the features you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of gastronomy book.

First, the most important

  • The market offers several gastronomy book options. To choose the ideal, start by defining the reading objective, and choose according to the topics covered and the desired style.
  • Category, edition, type of cover, number of pages, publisher, author and type of content are some of the characteristics to be considered at the time of purchase.
  • Prices vary widely. It is possible to find basic gastronomy books in the digital version from R $ 1.99, while more sophisticated physical editions can cost more than R $ 300.

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Ranking: The 3 best gastronomy books

Whether for gastronomy students, professional chefs, amateurs or for ordinary people in love or simply curious about gastronomic art, there are titles that are classic and must be read.

Check out our selection with some of the gastronomy books you need to have in your collection:


Buying Guide

Even for purely practical tasks such as cooking, knowing the theory and science behind each procedure increases the degree of understanding, aptitude and satisfaction in developing the task. For this refinement of knowledge and skills, gastronomy books are ideal, bringing the perfect union between technique and knowledge.

Follow the Purchase Guide to learn everything about the product and know how to choose the perfect version to accompany you on your adventures and culinary experiences.

What are gastronomy books?

Gastronomy books are publications signed by chefs, gastronomes, or institutions of excellence in gastronomy.


They have recipes, technical information, history and other data.

They are characterized by compiling not only recipes, but technical, historical information, contextualizations, explanations, calculations and other specifics of the culinary art.

Available in versions for beginners or professional chefs, they can address the most varied topics related to gastronomy, such as nutrition, food combination, ornamentation and harmonization of dishes, development of menus and much more.

What are the advantages of investing in gastronomy books?

Not only do food lovers live by eating. Those who have this passion usually like to learn, learn to research and experiment, and have in the gastronomy books the perfect source for these experiences.

Although there are very general basic versions, there are also books that go deeper, exploring in depth a type of cuisine or a cuisine specialty.

One of the biggest advantages of gastronomy books is that, although the equipment, ingredients and procedures can change and evolve over time, most of the content remains always up to date, making a collection of gastronomy books a timeless asset, which you can easily be passed from father to son.



  • It addresses several stages of the gastronomic chain
  • Content is timeless
  • There are versions for all skill levels
  • There are specific versions for types of cuisine and culinary aspects


  • Renowned editions are expensive

How to choose the ideal gastronomy book?

The ideal gastronomy book is a concept that varies from person to person. To choose the best option, one must take into account the reader’s profile and his / her purposes with the reading, paying attention to the main characteristics of the product and considering how they suit your needs.

If the intention is to get to know or delve into the art of gastronomy as a whole, this type of book is ideal. Choose editions that address topics that interest you. World cuisine, confectionery, Brazilian cuisine are some examples.

For a less in-depth look, cookbooks are a good option. Compare:


How to keep gastronomy books?

Although reading is one of the best forms of learning in gastronomy, putting this knowledge into practice is also fundamental.

Unlike a literature book, the gastronomy book will be read, reread and consulted to exhaustion.

And it is at that moment – when he goes to the kitchen as a source of consultation – that he takes serious risks. While your hands are working, your specimen is exposed to moisture, grease and splashes typical of a kitchen in use.

Know care helps to better preserve your book, even with frequent use:

    • Prefer editions printed on glossy paper or magazine paper, which are less likely to catch fat;
    • Store books in cabinets or drawers, or leave them in another room where they are not exposed to moisture and grease;
    • Use a table or wall holder to support the book;
    • Mark the page in use with a bookmark. It is easier to locate later, in case the book closes by accident;
    • Keep the book at a safe distance from the splash area;
    • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before turning the pages;
    • If you want to add notes or notes about the recipe, use sticky paper, Post-it style.


Many people believe that nothing replaces the satisfaction of the physical copy in hand at the time of reading. Even so, another good conservation option, if you have a tablet , kindle  or e-reader , is to invest in e-books, which will not be subject to wear and tear.

How much does gastronomy books cost?

The values ​​of gastronomy books will vary according to the edition, the type of cover, number of pages, publisher, author and type of content, among other variables. It is possible to purchase basic gastronomy e-books for very reasonable prices, starting at R $ 1.99.

However, physical versions of advanced gastronomy books, signed by renowned chefs, great gastronomy institutes, or in special editions can cost between more than R $ 300 up to thousands of reais, in the case of collections.

Where to buy gastronomy books?

You can buy your physical gastronomy books at bookstores. However, it is in e-commerce stores like Amazon, that you find the largest variety of copies and editions of gastronomy books.

E-books, in turn, are only available on online sales platforms. You can purchase them through the website or directly from your e-reader, if the model offers the option of internet access.



Purchase Criteria: Factors for comparing gastronomy books

Now that you have learned a little more about gastronomy books, we will list some of the important features so that you can compare and recognize the best option to improve your culinary skills. Are they:

  • Category
  • Cover and binding
  • Author
  • Sources and images

For the avoidance of doubt, check the details of the topics:


Gastronomy books can be categorized in a few ways. Are they:

  • Level: In this classification, the books indicate the level of culinary knowledge of the target audience, which can be basic, beginner, intermediate, advanced, professional, etc;
  • Strand: Indicates the type of cuisine that will be covered in the book, which may be world cuisine, French, German, Brazilian, Asian, among others;
  • Specialties: Some books focus on specific modules of gastronomy, such as confectionery, bread, pasta, meat, fish, etc;

Choose according to your main interests and your levels of knowledge in the subject.

Cover and binding

If you choose the physical version of the cookbook, the type and quality of the cover and binding are characteristics that deserve a lot of attention. As we have already commented, unlike a literature book, the gastronomy book will be read, reread, consulted and revisited to exhaustion.

Therefore, prefer hardcover or reinforced models, which are more durable and resistant. Also pay attention to the binding of the copy. It should allow the book to be opened 180º without forcing the spine, seams or seams.

So you can support keeping it open while cooking without having to force it to stay on the correct page.



Although most gastronomy books are authored by prestigious chefs and gastronomes, there are also books signed by professional groups, or by institutions of excellence in gastronomy, such as the highly acclaimed books by Le Cordon Bleu, for example .

Before choosing, research the authors and their trajectories, their specialties and famous techniques to make sure that the content follows the culinary strands of interest.

In addition to the authorship, also pay attention to the edition, translation and adaptation of the chosen work. Many books, especially those of international cuisine or authored by foreign chefs, require technical reviews and adaptations of recipes so that the content fits our reality of ingredients and technologies.

In Brazil, Senac publisher is the best in the market in the field of gastronomic publications, always betting on big names for technical revisions and adaptations of works.

Sources and images

The type of font and its legibility, as well as the presence of photos, graphic images and illustrations in the edition of the gastronomy book make all the difference.

Although unlike cookbooks, cookbooks were made for reading from head to toe instead of simply consulting recipes and processes, these queries will also be frequent.

That is why it is extremely important that the book is well readable, and that it abuses the graphic artifices. These characteristics facilitate consultation during the preparation of recipes, and help the reader to better understand the techniques and recipes presented.


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