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Top & Best DC Comics Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

DC Comics: How to choose the best to read in 2022?

Today the article brings useful information to guide you in purchasing DC Comics. After reading the content you will be a true superhero with the power to acquire the best titles.

Before Stan Lee appeared on the comics scene, DC Comics were already a hit with audiences of different ages. Batman, Superman, Flash and Green Lantern are just a few characters that feature the historical covers of comics Comics.

Even the Elastic Man who has superior intelligence would have difficulty buying DC Comics among so many titles available. After all, how many times have you had the indecision to take one or the other comic? Discover the detailed Shopping Guide.

First, the most important

  • The first editions of DC Comics are worth millions of dollars.
  • Current versions cost more when they are hardcovered or come in different series in the box.
  • Character type, quality of the story and details in the drawings are 3 aspects that influence the price.

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The best DC comics: Our favorites

DC Comics is one of the largest comic book companies in the world. Certainly the company produces some stories of interest. Current issues that have a positive reputation are:

  • Our favorite Batman comic
  • The best story of Superman
  • Our favorite Justice League HQ
  • Shazam: Option at the best price

Buying Guide

What a great afternoon to read excellent DC comics. There are people who also like to read only a certain amount a day, a way to relax the mind. Learn details that help you hit the target when shopping.

Why are DC comics so popular?

DC Comic revolutionized the comic book market. This was the first company to produce comic strips, with regular publications. Before, this type of entertainment was only in the small spaces of printed newspapers.

As the first comic book company, the characters created by DC are expected to have an extreme global reputation.

No wonder we can also see some of the popular heroes on movie screens. Even the DC Universe is present in games of several video games, from Super Nintendo to Playstation.

“Either you die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself becoming a villain.”

Who was the first hero of DC Comics?

Is Superman the first comic book hero? No! Heroic character number 1 is the Phantom Detective, popular as a Hidden Doctor, from 1935.

Ghost Detective can turn into a man or woman and solve supernatural cases. Today there are already several DC heroes, including Shazam:

What are the characters in DC Comics?

When considering the protagonists of DC Comics you should know at least one name. For example, Aquaman, from 1941.

Other popular: Blue Beetle, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Batman, Robin, Supergirl, Catwoman and Superman. There are also teams like the Justice Society of America, Justice League of America, New Titans, among others.

What are the advantages of reading DC Comics?

Newer editions have a hard cover. You can also find DC Comics with simple and inexpensive finishes. DC heroes have a certain representation in the comics, which creates a scenic touch in the stories.

As DC likes to launch trends, the company produces several editions with homo-affective relationships. This can be positive or negative according to the preferences of those who follow the reading.

Several titles left HQ DC at the top of the list of the biggest winners of the Eisner Award, the most prestigious award for comics in the world. Follow other pros and cons in the table:



  • Hardcover or common
  • Different prisoners
  • Representativeness
  • More gender diversity
  • More vivid colors
  • Biggest Eisner Prize Winner


  • Better editions are expensive
  • There are publications without chronologies
  • Loss of DC identity

DC or Marvel Comics: Which is better?

Perhaps this is the main dispute between collectors and lovers of American comics: DC x Marvel. For this reason it is important to take the matter seriously so as not to upset anyone. Uncover the following differences:

DC Comics

In terms of antiquity there is no way, the main heroes of DC were created before, maybe that is why they are so popular. The old Comics editions that are still in good condition are worth a higher price than collectors.

There is also not much respect for chronologies: For example, in one edition Superman is old and in the next production he presents himself as a young man, generating a loss of identity.

Marvel Comics

Marvel has the art to convey more reality in their work, perhaps the main secret of the company’s success.

The characters remain unchanged for a long time, strengthening the identity. The company produces stories that generate interest in young people.

Take note of the dissimilarities of the comics:

How much do DC Comics cost?

This is one of the products with a wide range of prices. In an edition you can pay from R $ 1 to up to R $ 25 million or additional amounts. Old models, with simple covers and printed several times are cheap.

Productions launched in the early years of DC cost millions of dollars. The value is R $ 25 to R $ 1,000 if you consider the current hardcover comics with up to 500 pages. This price rises according to the reputation of the designers and the screenwriter.

Where to buy DC Comics?

Stores that sell used comic books, whether used bookstores or structured bookstores, establish themselves as places to buy low-value editions. For newer versions visit and other bookstores.

Those who live far from the metropolises and find it difficult to find points of sale, we suggest buying online, since on the internet there are more options to choose from and you pay less on offers.

Amazon has hundreds of interesting, totally original titles.

You probably knew that there are several heroes in the Justice League. But, perhaps it is not known to you that the founders of the heroic team are:

Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare DC Comics

If you search you can even find comic book editions of DC characters in battles with Marvel heroes, thus unraveling the mystery of whether one hero can beat the other. Check out the main comparative criteria:

  • Collectors
  • Groups vs. Individual
  • Size
  • Battles

Uncover the meaning of each listed point:


Can the HQ you buy today be worth millions in the future? In addition to leisure, comics DC also represent an investment with chances of future appreciation.

If you have a lot of money you can invest in the old bonds that value quickly. See some collectible DC comics of superior value:

Individual vs. Group

When opting for HDs in “individual mode” you find the story of a hero along with characters and enemies related to the specific universe. For example, in the Batman comic there is Robin, Catwoman, Penguin and Gotham City.

Choosing the option “group” you find the characters from different systems gathered in a unique universe, such as the comics of The Legion of Superheroes or Justice League.

In the series of groups even cities sometimes mix. See Wonder Woman on the way to Metropolis (Metropolis, in English) looking for Superman:


There are comics with 700 pages or more.

Books that have larger adventures can be from 100 to 700 pages or more with comics. These editions are intended for teenagers or adults.

If you prefer a quick read, buy comic book covers that are small in size and page numbers.


The battle of DC and Marvel comics turned out to be a chance the two companies took the opportunity to release comics together.

You can enjoy the best of both worlds in the various publications with conflicts involving the characters of the two companies. Example: The series “DC vs Marvel: The Conflict of the Century”.


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