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Top & Best Evangelical books Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Evangelical books: Which are the best of 2022?

Today we are going to talk about a very important topic that is reading, more specifically about evangelical books, a subject that arouses the interest of many.

Evangelical books especially attract Christians, but they also generate interest in those who want to understand a little more about religion. If you are interested in this type of book, know that we will show you some cool options below, then we will explain more about this reading style.

First, the most important

  • The main selection criterion should be the theme of the book.
  • Evangelical books and religious books are different.
  • The type of book cover interferes with the product’s durability.

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The best evangelical books: Our suggestions

The bible addresses several themes, such as prayer, fasting, the life of Christ, behavior and Christian life. It turns out that many people are unable to understand certain subjects so easily, requiring the help of someone who has been on this journey longer.

For this reason, evangelical books are good options, in which the authors explain about various biblical themes and try to illustrate how the scriptures apply in today’s life.

  • Readers’ favorite
  • For fasting prayer practitioners
  • For those interested in history
  • Inspired by the lessons of Nehemiah


Buying Guide

When deciding to buy a product it is important to understand a little more about its characteristics, this ensures that you make a good purchase. In the case of books, more precisely evangelical books, it is legal to understand, for example, which themes are covered in their pages, from where the authors draw inspiration to write them and much more.

Therefore, we have separated a very complete Buying Guide, so you will understand everything about this literary genre and make a better purchase.


What are evangelical books?

Evangelical books are texts written with the intention of promoting a greater understanding of God and the themes and teachings present in the Bible. Usually those who write these books are pastors, theologians, gospel singers, missionaries or Christian leaders in general.

They are people who have had some deeper experience with God, who have a long period of Christian life, who study the Bible in depth and already have some experience in teaching.

What are the advantages of evangelical books?

The bible addresses all kinds of issues pertaining to life here on earth. In proverbs, for example, you find teachings on how to act in relation to money, friends, enemies, the importance of wisdom, prudence and others.



Proverbs 4: 7

“Wisdom is the main thing; therefore, acquire wisdom, employ everything you have in acquiring understanding.”

Fasting and prayer are topics that are often discussed in the New Testament, as it is possible to learn about faith in the chapters on Abraham. In psalms you will find many psalms of worship and also a cry for help from God.

Anyway, in the bible you can find teaching about all the adversities and circumstances that you may face during your life. However, reading and understanding the bible alone turns out to be difficult for some people. That’s where evangelical books can help!

If that is your case, know that gospel books can help you understand the scriptures, whatever the reason you are reading. For you to better understand the advantages of buying an evangelical book, we have created a table below. We also address some disadvantages.


  • Teachings based on the Bible, for all stages and situations of life
  • Simplified reading and understanding of the Bible
  • Explanation of complex topics
  • Access to the views of different leaders, pastors, theologians and authors


  • You will learn about the bible based on the understanding of others

What is the difference between evangelical books and religious books?

There are several religions and, as with Christianity, they have leaders who write about topics related to the practice of each.


Every evangelical book is also a religious book, but not every religious book is evangelical.

Therefore, in a bookstore you will find Christian, Spiritist and Buddhist books, among others.

These books are called religious books. When you refer to books that talk about religious topics in general, the correct term is religious books.

However, when you refer specifically to a book that addresses Christianity issues, it is an evangelical book. That is, every evangelical book is also a religious book, but not every religious book is an evangelical book.

Is it better to read the bible or gospel books?

Every Christian has the Bible as his faith guide, it is important to read it, understand it and study it constantly. That is, the Bible is the most important book for an evangelical when it comes to Christianity.

If your interest is only related to studies, the bible should also be your primary source of research. After all, to understand the scriptures in depth, there is nothing like drinking straight from the source.

However, books are essential for you to understand in a simplified way and on a specific topic. For example, in the bible you find several books that talk about prayer, but this theme does not appear in a linear way.

In the prayer books, you will find everything on the topic. Not to mention that the books are written by people who have studied the Bible for many years, so you will always have a lot to learn from them.


How much do evangelical books cost?

The value of evangelical books averages R $ 40. Of course, this depends on the number of pages, the type of cover and the quality of the sheets.

If the book is thinner and brochure, you will be able to find copies even for R $ 15. The most expensive versions, which have more pages and a hard cover, end up costing around R $ 60.

Where to buy evangelical books?

You can buy gospel books in a variety of stores, from bookstores to department stores and supermarkets.

One way to make your purchase even easier is by choosing online stores, such as Amazon, which besides being a reference when it comes to selling books, also usually launches incredible promotions.





Purchasing Criteria: What to Consider Before Buying Gospel Books

The criteria for choosing a product refer to personal tastes that must be analyzed. Therefore, in addition to understanding everything about the product you will buy, you must also understand what you are looking for and what your need is.

To help you, we have selected some criteria that are very important for choosing a product. Analyze each one, see what you prefer in each aspect mentioned and make your choice!

  • Theme
  • Number of pages
  • Cover type
  • Author

Now that you already know what to consider when buying gospel books, we will explain each one better. Check out!

Now, if you read little or almost never, it is better to start with books from 100 to 200 pages, so you start to build the habit of reading and in time you will be able to read bigger books.

Cover type

Paperback booklets are the most common and, in general, the cheapest. Precisely for this reason, they are also the specimens that last the least, after all they are quite fragile.

Hardcover books, on the other hand, have more quality and, if well taken care of, can last for years, many will last a lifetime. Therefore, evaluate which option is most advantageous to you before purchase.

Recalling that, with some exceptions, the books are released in several copies. Then you can choose the one that pays off most for you. They are also available in digital format, being possible to read on the tablet, e-reader or even notebook.


Usually, when people like an author’s book, they tend to like other copies written by him as well. Therefore, try to analyze which authors you have already read and liked and search for other titles of this one. The chances of you making a satisfactory choice are great.

It is also interesting to see which authors are on the rise, launching new books or selling many books in recent years. Public acceptance of the author is also an important indicator.




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