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Best Selfie stick Review 2022-How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to We hope you have a good experience on our website! Today we are going to talk about an article that became a fever among those who love taking pictures: the selfie stick.

This accessory is very new on the market and is basically a stick for you to attach your phone and take selfies with a little more distance. The cool thing is that you don’t have to stop anyone on the street to photograph for you, if you want to show a landscape or a monument in the background.

Below, we will present you a Guide with all the necessary information about the selfie stick, in addition to the best models on the market. Follow it!

First, the most important

  • There are some selfie sticks that can also be used as a tripod. These are the most modern and a little more expensive, but they are the best on the market.
  • Because it has become so popular, nowadays it is easy to find articles like this of poor quality, so it is very important that you pay close attention to the material of your selfie stick before choosing yours.
  • There are two ways to connect the selfie stick to a cell phone: by bluetooth and by a cable. Both work well, but bluetooth turns out to be a little more practical.

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Buying Guide

Gone are the days when you needed someone to take your best pictures at home, at the club or at tourist spots around the world. Selfies – due to smartphone technology, of course – have revolutionized the world of photography. And in that context, the selfie stick came to make that perfect portrait even easier.

If you are one of those who don’t like to miss the best click, read our Buying Guide and learn how to choose the perfect selfie stick. After all, as that character in the soap opera said, “every dive is a flash”!

What is the selfie stick?

If you love to photograph, you know that it is not always easy to find someone who has the patience to take pictures of you until they look good, right?But calm down that there is a solution for that! And it was to solve this problem that the selfie stick, also called a selfie stick or monopod, was created.

It allows you to take photos in the selfie style, but with enough distance, in order to fit a large group in the photo, or even to appear in the background a beautiful landscape.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the selfie stick?

The selfie stick is very light and fully foldable, allowing you to transport it very easily, since it fits inside bags and backpacks without any major problems.Most of them connect to the cell phone through the bluetooth system, but there are also those that connect via a cable that is connected to the audio port of the smartphone.

Some selfie sticks are very modern, and accept that you connect even GoPros and other more modern cameras. Others also function as a tripod and have a 360 degree rotation.

Although this device is very easy to use and helps a lot in time for the perfect shot, it is important to be aware of the quality of the materials that are sold around. Some are very fragile and last less than a day.

Another issue that you should pay attention to is that most are not waterproof, so they can spoil when taking pictures in the pool or on the beach.

  • Practical and easy to use
  • Great help when taking selfie
  • Some accept Go Pros and other cameras
  • Currently, there are too many fragile models
  • Not all models are waterproof

Common selfie stick or with tripod?

As we already said, there are two types of selfie stick, and choosing between them is actually a matter of preference and how much you are willing to spend. The selfie stick with tripod is the most complete, but it is important to say that these tripods are for support on tables or other slightly higher places. It is not tall enough to be supported directly on the floor.

The common selfie stick, on the other hand, was produced only for use in selfies, and does not allow you to leave your phone supported in a place to shoot with an even greater distance.

The price difference exists, and the models that come with a tripod are the most expensive, but they are still worth the cost you pay.

 Common selfie stickSelfie stick with tripod
Type of photoOnly selfiesSelfies and photos with cell phone on tripod
WeightThey tend to be lighter because they have fewer partsCan be heavier
StabilityThey are not stable, they need to be insuredThey have a certain stability, although not as much as a traditional tripod
ValueCheaperMore expensive

Selfie stick needs control?

Surely the selfie stick that has control ends up being much more practical. However, there are models that do not have and you need to turn on the cell phone timer. This is a very personal question. The control of the selfie stick can be in several ways: loose, with wire or attached to the product’s own rod.

Individual control has mobility as an advantage. You can click from the longest distances without having to turn on the timer. However, it is easy to be forgotten somewhere because it is very small.

The selfie stick model where the control is attached to the rod has the advantage of never being lost – unless you lose the selfie stick. The cool thing is that some models combine both types. The single control that also works attached to the rod.

How much?

Among the main advantages of a monopod, is its price. Nowadays, you find models for super affordable values, especially if you choose the most basic ones.On average, the cost of a selfie stick varies between R $ 30 and R $ 60. Cheap, right? However, the most complete and most resistant ones can be a little more expensive, and can cost up to R $ 200.

It is important that you take care when choosing a selfie stick that is too cheap, as some of them are super fragile and possible to spoil very easily. Always keep in mind that a good quality device is essential, ok?

Where to buy?

Finding selfie sticks to buy is a pretty easy task and shouldn’t be too much trouble. Today, many appliance stores and even street stores sell this product with a certain variety.If you choose to buy in appliance stores, You also have the possibility to buy in department stores, such as the Extra supermarket chain and Amazon.

But, if you like to buy online, we recommend Amazon, . Buying online you receive the product at your doorstep and still find the best deals.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing selfie stick models

Although the selfie stick is a very simple article, there are some factors that it is interesting that you pay attention before making your purchase, they are:

  • Length
  • Material
  • Connection system
  • Fitting

Next, we’ll explain a little better about each of them, so you don’t have any doubts when choosing your own selfie stick.


Each monopod reaches a maximum length when fully deployed. It is important that you note this and decide how far you need it to be when taking your photos.

There are selfie sticks 50 centimeters to a meter in length, and this is a very personal choice.

Remember that the bigger it is, the farther you will be able to photograph your selfie, but on the other hand, it may be that it appears too much in the photo and does not look so cool.


Notice how resistant the material of your selfie stick is. Because it is becoming very popular in the market, more and more articles like this of poor quality have been manufactured.

So, make sure that your chosen one is resistant to knocks and is waterproof. Be wary of those that are too cheap, and always give preference to a good quality monopod, which will last for a long time.

Connection system

A lot of people wonder about how to connect the selfie stick on the cell phone and get the picture, right? Well, it’s actually quite simple. There are two ways to connect the baton to the smartphone, the most common and the best of them, is by Bluetooth.

But it can also be connected via a cable, which must be inserted into the audio output of the cell phone. Although it works well, as there is a need for an extra accessory, which can be lost, this is not always the best option.


Make sure that the phone slot is firm and secure. Especially for smartphones that are a little heavier, a stable fit will guarantee the security of your device. Some models produced with inferior material may not offer the firmness your device needs.

Very large devices may not be compatible with certain inserts. Especially when buying online try to check in the product description, which is the maximum opening of this slot and measure your cell phone.

Also check if your smartphone fits snugly without muffling the audio input, for example, which could damage a film.

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