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Best 360 Degree Camera Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Hello, welcome to your online reviews portal! Today, on social networks, it is increasingly common to find amazing photos and videos produced by 360 degree cameras.

These devices register all directions and senses at the same time, offering a sense of immersion similar to that generated by the human eye. Want to know everything about 360 degree cameras? They are what we will talk about in this article.

First, the most important

  • The 360º camera delivers different results, more “rounder” than those generated by common photography.
  • It is ideal for those who want to record trips, adventures and environments with unique details.
  • There are models for all budgets and tastes: for video monitoring , for live broadcast on Youtube and even for vehicles.

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The 360 ​​degree camera can be found in several versions. There are big and small models. Some have more memory, others have more battery life, and so on. Among so many options, certain models are considered the best by consumers and experts. To show you what they are, we have prepared the following list.

Buying guide: What you need to know about the 360º camera

When looking for a 360° camera, it is common to arise several doubts. After all, it is often the first purchase of this type of product. To help you, we have prepared a complete shopping guide with the main questions on the subject. Check out everything about the 360° camera below!

What is 360° camera?

The 360º camera is characterized, in practice, by having several lenses that capture images simultaneously. Each lens registers a specific angular field and then the equipment combines it all, producing a unique panoramic image.


How does the 360° camera work?

These devices have two or more lenses inside, which are responsible for generating the shots simultaneously. Furthermore, another difference in relation to the traditional models we know is that these lenses are of the wide-angle type, having a larger field of view.


Why buy a 360 degree camera?

They produce high quality images take 4K photos, deliver different results/memories and are great for recording details of travels, adventures and environments of a home or business.


How to use the 360° camera?

Depending on the model, it can be used by youtubers, instagrammers and influencers (to make different videos/photos), for videos of trails and extreme sports (such as parachuting), as safety equipment in homes and vehicles, for the production of three-dimensional content (virtual reality) and even being placed on drones. See a summary of the main features:

  • Video surveillance of homes and businesses, allowing “virtual visits”
  • Live Internet Broadcasts and Content Generation for Virtual Reality
  • Control of the execution of works and other business activities
  • Videos and photos of trips and events from unconventional angles
  • Professional aerial videos and photos, also being used on drones
  • In vehicles, they serve as a maneuvering assistant

How to make 360 ​​degree photos?

360 degree images can be taken with 360° cameras, with the acquisition of specific lenses and even with common cell phones, taking panoramic photos or downloading applications with this function.


How does 360 degree camera for cars work?

Four 360° cameras are installed on the vehicle, located in the front, rear and under both mirrors. Together, they produce images that can be viewed separately or in one, providing a simulated aerial view of the vehicle’s surroundings.

Purchasing Criteria: What to Consider When Comparing 360 Degree Camera Models

Now that you are familiar with the 360° camera, it’s time to know what criteria you should evaluate before making a purchase. has separated the most essential aspects to help you.

  • Target
  • Lenses
  • Video
  • Accessories
  • Image quality
  • Storage capacity
  • Connectivity
  • Battery and app


One type of camera is suitable for each use . The tip here is to list what you intend to photograph and film. Once you have these answers, it becomes easier to define the ideal one for you, eliminating several options.

For example, for live streaming on Youtube the model is different from a 360° camera to monitor a house. For adventures in the water, on the other hand, an “action camera”, resistant to water, mud and possible impacts is essential.

In addition, listing the goals will also help you reflect on memory, battery, lenses, and other relevant points.


Whenever we talk about image quality, it is common to think of megapixels. However, there are other factors that influence the composition of image quality, such as lenses.
Pay attention to the distance between them, as the closer they are to each other, the less noticeable the intertwining of the images.

To clean your 360° camera lens you can purchase a cleaning kit, consisting of lens specific liquids/solutions, blower brush and lens tissue.

When starting the cleaning, start by removing the loose and larger particles with the blower brush and then gently pass the fabric with the liquid over the lens. Important: Buy lint-free fabrics and use liquid solutions from trusted manufacturers.


In addition to taking pictures, you may also need the camera to record videos. So, pay attention to the settings of your possible equipment, such as: video formats and encodings, video resolution, frame rates per second and stabilization.


It’s also important to check how the camera feels in your hands, which is a key aspect when purchasing any camera for personal use. If you don’t enjoy it or feel comfortable holding it, you probably don’t want to pick it up a year from now. So, try to hold the model before buying or reading good reviews.

Make sure, too, that the chosen model comes with an accessory kit and, remember, see if it’s worth purchasing an extendable arm.

Image quality

Look for cameras that are capable of recording at least in Full HD.

360º Full HD cameras usually have sufficient image quality.

Some models allow recording in 4K technology, but this will depend a lot on your budget.

Overall, 360º cameras with Full HD recording already offer excellent image resolution quality.

Storage capacity

This is a key item. Like when we buy cell phones and computers, we need to pay special attention to it. There are models on the market that reach 128Gb of storage capacity.

However, it is worth remembering that it is important to download photos to the computer or the cloud whenever possible, thus reducing the risk of losing valuable material. Some cameras already record directly on the cloud and others on the MicroSD card.


In general, 360 degree camera models have WiFi and are excellent when it comes to connectivity, whether it’s pairing with other devices, transferring files or doing live streams.

These cameras typically have microphone, battery, memory card and USB inputs. However, to ensure good connectivity, make sure your chosen model has at least one USB port. Take the opportunity and check if it supports the use of a memory card, which is very important if your goal is to record long, high-resolution videos.

Battery and app

Also research battery life, that is, how long it lasts without letting you down. Sometimes, to avoid surprises, it pays to have at least one extra battery. And don’t forget to read reviews about the application of the chosen model, making sure it’s good and easy to use.


360º cameras deliver good results, even ideal for producing virtual reality content. But not only for that, they are also excellent for recording trips and adventures with unique details and perspectives.

In addition to these advantages, it is important to know some “cons”, such as the design (which is often not practical or fits in your pocket), the price and the little variety of products.

Finally, given so many new features and features, we need to evaluate carefully whether the intended camera model is worth it. So, we should always think about the purchase goals and also look at the equipment’s technical file.


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