Top & Best Touch screen notebook Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best & Top Touch screen notebook: Which is the best in 2022?

Hello, and welcome to your internet review portal! Since touch screens first emerged, they have become a fever. Nowadays there is the touch screen notebook and that is what we will talk about in this review.

Having a notebook that can be used by touching the screen is a facility that many people look for. Easy to handle and full of technology, this computer model is found in several versions and we will show you all about it in this article.


First, the most important

  • The touch screen notebook is ideal for those who want to use the computer with their fingers and without complications.
  • It is full of advantages, but many games and software still do not work with this type of technology.
  • Because it has a differentiated screen, many models of touch screen notebooks have a higher value than those with conventional LED screens.

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The best touch screen notebooks: The newsroom favorites

The touch screen notebook is currently found in the most varied versions. There are bigger models, others smaller, some have more memory and so on. And among these many options, some models are considered the best by consumers and to show you what they are, we have prepared this ranking.

  • Best rated by users
  • The ultra-thin model
  • The best cost-benefit
  • The best processor


Buying Guide

Touch screen technology is here to stay. Enabling the use of computers and cell phones without the need for a mouse, buttons or keyboard, this is a feature that appeals to consumers a lot. And if it used to exist only on smartphones, nowadays, notebooks are also touch screens.

But is it worth purchasing one of these? This is a question that affects many people and to answer it we created this shopping guide with everything you need to know before making a decision.


What are the positive and negative points of the touch screen notebook?

The touch screen notebook has many positive points and its great advantage is in its practicality and ease of use. That’s because it can be handled with your fingers, without the need to use a mouse or keyboard.

Another highlight of this product is the strength of your screen. Many touch screen notebook models have Gorilla Glass coated screens, which makes them stronger and less likely to break.


Most notebooks of this type are made in the 2 in 1 notebook model.

In addition, most notebooks of this type are made in the 2 in 1 notebook model. This allows it to be used in the conventional format or in the tablet model, which is ideal for watching the most diverse types of content on the internet.

It is also worth mentioning that these are very modern computers. Thanks to this, they have new technologies that guarantee an excellent performance.

But not everything is flowers and the touch screen notebook also has negative points. One is related to your battery life. As much as this is changing, touch screens generate more battery drain and the computer has less autonomy time out of the outlet.

Another disadvantage is its weight. Naturally, the touch screen takes up more space in the notebook’s housing and this makes it weigh more than models with LED screens, for example.

There are also the disadvantages that many software and games are not compatible with this type of technology and that its maintenance is more expensive due to its screen.


Which brands sell touch screen notebooks in Brazil?

Not all brands have invested in touch screens for their notebook models. Apple, for example, has a digital reader on the MacBook, but the screen has not yet gained this technology.

However, it is possible to find these products easily here. This is because many companies were innovative and launched touch screen notebooks in the Brazilian market, the main ones being:

    • Samsung
    • Dell
    • Asus
    • Acer
    • HP
    • Lenovo
    • Microsoft


Who is the touch screen notebook for?

The touch screen notebook is an excellent investment, however depending on the form of use it may not be as useful. Thus, for people who make a more basic use of the computer, just for editing documents or accessing the internet, this technology ends up being dispensable.

In addition, for gamers, that is, those who use the notebook for games it is not indicated, this is because games do not work with this type of command.

Those who work with programs in which this technology is accepted, act as a designer or areas of this type can be a great option. Not to mention that due to its model it is also good for those who love to watch content on the internet like Netflix and Youtube, for example.


Is the touch screen notebook more expensive than ordinary models?

For a notebook to be considered touch screen it receives a different sensor layer on its screen. These sensors are used to detect the touch of the finger between the glass and the panel and that is what makes these computers more expensive than those with conventional LED screens.
To clean your touch screen, use a microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing touch screen notebook models

If you have come this far decided to purchase a touch screen notebook know that there are some factors that can help you make the best choice. We separated them all below and just follow them to not make a mistake in the purchase.

  • Processor type
  • Storage capacity
  • RAM memory
  • Screen size and weight
  • Battery life
  • Connections

Now we will detail each one of them.

Processor type

One of the most fundamental parts of a touch screen notebook is its processor. It is considered the brain of a computer and it is where all information is processed.

Core i5 is the most basic and ideal for those who perform simple tasks with the computer.

Currently the best known are Core i3, i5, i7 and i9 and Intel Celeron. Those in the Core line are divided by their performance and the most found in touch screen notebooks are the i5 and i7.

Among them, the Core i5 is the most basic and ideal for those who perform simple tasks with the computer. The i7 is aimed at users who need a notebook with greater performance and speed.

Storage capacity

Another important point in a notebook is its storage capacity, that is, the maximum number of files it can store. Among touch screen models this varies a lot and it is essential to analyze your need before opting for a model.

The computer’s storage capacity is determined in GB or TB. For GB, the higher the number, the more files you may have saved on your computer. If she has 1 TB or more know that these are the best in this regard and if you need enough space invest in them.

RAM memory

RAM is random access memory, that is, it is responsible for interpreting documents and programs when they are accessed. Many people believe that this type of memory is about storage, but not really.

It is important because it determines the number of programs or browser tabs that can be accessed simultaneously with the computer. So it is essential to take this into account when choosing a touch screen notebook and the more RAM it has the better.

Screen size and weight

The screen size and weight of the touch screen notebook should be taken into account because it has to do with portability and user experience.

Who needs a computer to use in the most varied places should opt for a smaller and lighter model. For that, the 12 to 14 inches are good choices, because they are a good size and weigh less.

Those who like to watch movies and series with the computer or do not need to transport it can opt for the larger ones. However, they are less found in the touch screen version.


Battery life

Another key point is the durability of the notebook battery. When purchasing such a computer it is important that it can function for a long time without the need to be plugged into an outlet.

All touch screen notebook manufacturers have this information in their product specifications. So analyze what it says and see if the hours informed are sufficient for its use.


One cannot fail to analyze also the number of connections that the touch screen notebook has. These connections can be USB, HDMI, and even a DVD or CD player and SSD card.

Many people do not think about it when choosing their computers and end up regretting it later. So, check how many USB or HDMI ports you use in your day to day and whether you still use CDs. From that, choose a model that suits your need.


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