Top & Best OTG cable Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best OTG cable: What is the best in 2022?


it is always an honor and a pleasure to count on you in these readings. Keeping up to date on trends is important and today we are going to talk about the OTG cable.

Abbreviation for “On the go”, which means “on the move”, this cable has the function of transforming your smartphone or tablet into a USB receiver. Functions such as reading a pen drive, accessing devices, even a mouse and keyboard can be used.

But not all devices are compatible, just the majority. Read on to learn all about the OTG cable and how it can improve the use of your smartphone or tablet.


First, the most important

  • By enabling your smartphone or tablet to a USB host, you can use additional hardware. Options like storage, peripherals, printers and even musical instruments.
  • Virtually all portable devices (cell phones and tablets) on the market today have OTG technology at the factory. But to be sure, there are free apps for you to download and test compatibility.
  • An OTG cable opens up almost all the features available to USB cables.

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Ranking: The 3 best models of OTG cable

Transferring files between smartphones and tablets will no longer depend on an intermediary, such as the cloud or computers. Not even the bluetooth needs to be turned on. The OTG cable allows direct transfer.

They are simple, and have a very specific functionality. There are not so many types or varieties on the market. They are details that differentiate them. Therefore, we will show the most accessible and recommended:


Buying Guide

Smartphones are generally the first highly accessible technological item we use. Tablets also follow as good options. But, what about when you need to type a large text? Or keep your fingers on the screen to play?

The OTG cable can solve these problems and it is all about its details that we will talk about throughout the Guide. Read on to learn how to choose the best model for you.

What is OTG cable and what is it for?

Smartphones and tablets are already part of most people’s lives. However, there is still a need for other equipment to perform tasks incompatible with small appliances.

OTG cable is intended to further reduce reliance on other equipment. Its main functionality is to allow connections in these portable devices to other equipment that were previously impossible to make.

This video from the TecnoAnanalisis channel shows in practice some uses of this cable:


With the possibility of using the plug-in port available on the tablet or smartphone, the OTG cable turns it into a USB port (as present and notebooks and computers).

Therefore, when your smartphone is enabled for the OTG port, it becomes a “host”, that is, a leader. In computing, it identifies the equipment with priority in the connection, the one that “commands” over the connected ones.

This means, in theory, to have the same uses for them that a computer would have. Use pen drives for reading and storage, keyboards and mice for work, joystick for games, among others.

It is worth mentioning that smartphones have operating systems (Android, IOS, Windows), each with different versions, which change their functions and compatibility. Your phone will run whatever is compatible.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of OTG cable?

OTG cables are small and light, very compact, easily stored and transported, these are great advantages. But they are still cables, and in the world where you are looking to eliminate them, this can be a small disadvantage.

Another highlight is that with an Android device and Chromecast, you can have a computer on your TV. Connect the OTG cable with hub, and mirror the screen of the smartphone or tablet.

You can even use a keyboard, mouse, and a huge screen, all from your phone. However, all of this will depend on the compatibility of your smartphone with the technology. As a rule, every Android from version 3.1 has the USB Host feature, but some come disabled.

What do I need to pay attention to regarding the operation of the OTG cable?

The biggest difficulty in using the OTG cable is to identify whether your smartphone or tablet is compatible with the technology. As we reported, it is available for most current equipment. With some conditions:

Connection port

There are types of OTG cables, and the first requirement to work is that the end of the cable (the male) is compatible with the connection of the cell phone or tablet (female). OTG cables have several connection standards for smartphones: Mini USB, micro USB, USB 3.0 or other types.

As you can see, there are a variety of options, which probably leave your device inside one of them. However, identify the input model available on your smartphone and purchase a compatible cable. There are OTG cables even for Apple devices.

Mobile or tablet compatibility

We already told you, not every smartphone has this function, but most of them have it. Applications will easily tell you if the operating system is compatible with the technology.

If not, you can do a thorough search on the internet, using the specifications of your smartphone. This will make sure of the compatibility, or if it is something that needs to be enabled.

Compatibility of what to connect

Sometimes, when we install something on the computer, we also need to install drivers and programs. This means that the technology is not exactly “plug and play” (plug and play). They may even work, but some options will be restricted.

This may be a reality for the ways of using USB OTG cable. The more features that you want to connect to, the greater the chance that some of them will not work. Although this is not a rule. The most common is trial and error / hit usage.

What are the uses of OTG cable?

Now that you’ve read about the little prodigies, and you have a smartphone or tablet in your hands, you certainly want to know more. And we’re going to show that.

To further expand your knowledge, and the desire to acquire one, we will list some of the possible uses of the OTG cable. Things that can “change” your life, or the way you see this equipment. Reminding you that are just a few of the possibilities.

Computer Peripherals

Let’s clarify. Peripherals are the “final accessories” of the computer. Mouse, keyboard, microphone, headset, everything comes under this nomenclature.

Which means, therefore, that with an OTG cable you are able to connect this type of accessory to your smartphone.

If you need to type a large text with your smartphone, this cable can help. An OTG cable will allow the USB connection of keyboard and mouse on your device, be it tablet or smartphone, and problem solved.

The Tudo de Tecnologia channel shows the features of this cable:


The joysitck is a peripheral, but it deserves a special topic, after all it has a very specific function. As much as screens have been gaining resolution, and cell phones have processing power, that size is still disturbing. Especially in games where there is a need for controls.

The buttons on the screen end up affecting visibility and impairing gameplay, making the experience less enjoyable than it should be. With the OTG cable it is possible to connect the USB joystick, and the game will gain another dimension of pleasure.

Storage and loading

By controlling a USB port, you are able to access connected USB drives and external hard drives. You can even transfer files, or even install external applications.

The technology, applied between two cell phones or tablets, (one with the OTG cable, one not) will also create the transfer function. What’s more, it will cause one device to charge the other. In the same way that connecting to a computer would.


It is not common, with so many networks available and connections via cell phone that your smartphone needs a wired connection. The OTG cable also allows this option.

In certain places, you will still come across network points installed at points similar to the outlet, and with a USB LAN connection and a cable (those blue ones), you can have internet. No passwords needed.

How much?

OTG cables have already shown you what they are capable of, as long as you have a compatible smartphone. One more surprise regarding these small prodigies is precisely the price.

OTG cables can be found on the market at prices from R $ 5 to R $ 20. A small sum compared to their functions and uses.

Likewise, differentiated features can increase the value to more than R $ 50. Features such as manufacturer, presence of connected hub, specific features will cause the price to fluctuate.

Where to buy?

OTG cables are accessories for smartphones and tablets. Therefore, the most likely place to find it are the stores specializing in the sale and maintenance of these devices.

Computer stores will also be able to sell the product, as well as the large department stores existing today.

However, the internet allows us to search and purchase online, since the product is light and portable, not having high transportation costs. In the same way, you can search in several places before choosing your own.

Major department stores, like Amazon, will have a huge variety of OTG cables. Your biggest job will be to choose what you like best, because the transport is up to them.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare the best OTG cable models

Although simple in its use, the OTG cable has different functionalities, since it is a direct connection with the cell phone, to another medium.

Thanks to the variety of possibilities for USB connections (mini, micro, 3.0, among others), it is necessary that you pay attention to some details before purchasing your cable. Are they:

  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Connecting your smartphone or tablet
  • OTG cable output
  • Cable length

Now let’s understand the importance of considering each of these factors before choosing:

Smartphone compatibility

This tip is the most useful. It is useless to acquire an OTG cable if your smartphone or tablet does not have compatibility with the technology.

Download an application in the stores recommended by the manufacturer and first identify if the device has this functionality.

If not, you can search the web for the reason and, who knows, a way to activate it. If you have, just buy and have fun with everything that can be done.

Connecting your smartphone or tablet

We have talked about this a little before, but it is important that this is clear to you: not every device (cell phone or tablet) has a port of the same model.

USB exists in several standards, and it is of utmost importance that you identify which device you have to buy the OTG cable.

Going by the price, without researching the model of the door, may lead you to buy something that doesn’t work because it doesn’t fit.

OTG cable output

At all times we show you OTG cable options for USB 2.0 outputs (the standard on almost any device).

However, certain devices (such as drones or cameras) do not have this port as native, but USB in other models. There are specific OTG cables for these models, and for these particular connections.

Therefore, check your need to use the OTG cable and purchase one within these conditions.

If the purpose is general use, choose one with USB 2.0 output. But, if you intend to operate a digital camera or camcorder, or even a drone, check the USB port on this machine. Then, purchase an OTG cable with compatible output.

It will save the search for adapters later.

Cable length

For some people, especially depending on the reason for use, the length of the cable matters. You can find different measures, ranging from those without a cable to those with more than 30 cm.

So, if you need a bigger OTG cable, check the dimensions of the product so that it actually meets your needs.



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