Best GoPro Accessories Review

Best GoPro Accessories Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

That the GoPro is a fantastic camera, everyone already knows. But what few people know is that, with the right accessories, it can become an even more versatile outfit than it already is. With that in mind, in today’s article we’ll help you choose the best GoPro accessories.

Also, you will find out how to use these accessories in your camera to capture unique images and what features you should consider before choosing the best type of accessory.

First, the most important

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  • As this is a very small action camera, GoPro accessories will help you secure it in place to take the best shots.
  • There are accessories to attach the GoPro to your head, chest, helmet, cap and bicycle , as well as those that protect your camera in the water.
  • To buy a genuine GoPro accessory, check the seller’s reputation and the evaluation of other buyers.


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Best Gopro Accessories: Our Recommendations

There are many types of GoPro accessories. But some are more useful than others. To help you in your choice, we have selected the most practical and functional ones. Look:

Buying guide: all about GoPro accessories

To use the GoPro hands-free, capture a tougher angle, or shoot in inaccessible places, you’ll need some accessory. But as the manufacturer has several products, we created a Buying Guide to help you choose the ideal one.

What are GoPro accessories for?

The GoPro is a portable action camera and, precisely because of that, it is small and multifunctional so that you can use it in the most diverse situations.

However, so that you can take the pictures from different angles and even without using your hands, this type of camera requires the use of accessories.

Also, depending on the accessory for GoPro, you will have more security and greater stabilization for shooting.

There is a wide variety of accessories for GoPro and their usefulness will depend on the activity you do. For example, if you are going skiing, some accessories are important, such as those that attach the camera to the helmet.

If you’re going to dive, the accessories that protect the GoPro in the water will be essential to ensure the integrity of the machine.

What are accessories for GoPro?

When buying an accessory for your GoPro, you will find several options that serve different purposes.

But generally, action camera accessories are divided into the following categories: Stand, Modules, Batteries, Cases, and Protection.

Below, you will learn about the features and functionality of the main GoPro support accessories:

Accessories for GoPro Description
3-Way 2.0 This accessory is actually a three in one. It’s an ergonomic gripper that transforms into a height-adjustable tripod and also turns into an extension arm to capture selfies.
Floaty Floating case, this accessory is indicated for the GoPro HERO9 Black to float and have protective cushioning. As such, it is ideal for snorkelling, surfing and wakeboarding.
Head strap This is that headband to hold the GoPro to your forehead. With this accessory, the camera is in your viewing position, which guarantees amazing pictures.
GoPro Suction Cup This GoPro accessory is a suction cup, and with it you can attach your camera to glass surfaces in car and airplane windows.
GoPro Handlebar This is a support for placing your GoPro on the handlebars of your bike or motorcycle.
Dome This option is best for capturing images in which the camera is half in and half out of the water.
Jaws Flex Camp The Jaws is a claw that you can attach almost anywhere and it has a flexible shank.
Shorty With this accessory you can take selfies and photos with maximum stability, as it comes with a selfie stick that turns into a tripod.

How do I make sure I’m buying a genuine GoPro accessory?

With the increase in online sales, so did the number of counterfeit products being marketed over the internet. In the case of GoPro accessories, this is no different.

The problem with buying a product that is not original is that, in addition to the low quality, and the absence of a guarantee of safety in use, you still lose access to technical assistance and warranty. In some cases, even the accessory does not have all the features of the original.

Is there technical support for GoPro accessories?

According to the manufacturer, GoPro products are warranted against manufacturing defects for one year from the original purchase date.

Also, if you have any questions about how the accessories work, you can find a question and answer forum on the GoPro website.

In this same channel, you can access a form to contact the manufacturer to request technical assistance.

Purchasing Criteria: What to Consider When Comparing GoPro Accessories

As we’ve seen, there are several accessories for GoPro and each one serves a different purpose. Therefore, it is important to consider some criteria before purchasing the equipment that will be most useful to you. To help you through this process, we have listed below the most important points for you to take into account. Check out:

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  • Target
  • Additional accessories
  • Compatibility
  • Kits



The first aspect you need to consider when choosing the best or best GoPro accessories is their intended use.

You can even buy all the accessories available, but depending on what activity you are going to do with the camera, you will probably have one or two more functional accessories.

For example, if you’re going to be climbing and your hands are always busy, it’s essential that your GoPro has a head support accessory.

If the idea is to sail, in addition to a stabilization accessory, you’ll need a dome or diving filter, both to protect the equipment and to ensure amazing photos in and out of the water.

In addition, there are accessories such as the remote control, which lets you trigger the camera from a distance, and the flash, for dark places. With that in mind, you’ll find GoPro accessories that are meant to:

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  • Fix on head or chest;
  • Attach in places such as helmets and surfboards, or on vehicles and bicycles;
  • Controlling the operation from a distance ;
  • Shooting in and out of the water ;
  • Shooting in low-light environments .


Additional accessories

In addition to accessories that provide support and stability for you to take pictures with the GoPro, you’ll also find equipment that focuses on camera safety and maintenance. Check out some of them:

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  • Screen and lens protector ;
  • Rubber cover ;
  • Memory card ;
  • Portable battery charger .



It’s no use buying an accessory that isn’t compatible with your GoPro. In fact, most accessories are universal and fit any GoPro camera model. But that’s not a rule.

Therefore, in order not to throw your money away, and stay in the hand, you should check this information. That’s because, some accessories are specific to be used only on certain GoPro models.


Finally, don’t forget to consider the possibility of purchasing a GoPro Kit instead of purchasing just one accessory or another. See the manufacturer’s officers:

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  • Travel kit : includes a mini extender stick, a tripod with a swivel clip and a compact case;
  • Adventure Kit : This kit contains “The Handler”, which is a floating hand gripper, so you can take pictures and videos in and out of the water, or on a headband.



The GoPro, by itself, is already a versatile camera, as it is small and ideal for recording images while traveling and playing adventure sports. But for you to be able to have freedom, especially with your hands and arms, you need some accessories.

In this regard, the manufacturer offers numerous types of accessories for GoPro, such as straps for fixing the chest and head, claws for placing the camera on the handlebars, as well as accessories that allow you to shoot underwater.

To choose the best GoPro accessory you must take into account its intended use, the compatibility of the accessory with your machine model and the option to buy a product or a kit with various accessories.


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