Top & Best 49 inch Smart Review 2022 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best 49 inch Smart TV: Which is the best in 2022?


Welcome to! Today, we will know what are the best 49 inch Smart TV options that you can find on the market in 2019. In addition, you will know what the functions of this smart television are. All this for you to make the best purchase and not regret it.

It is difficult to find a home without a television set. According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, only 2.8% of households in Brazil do not have a television. These figures show that Brazilians love to watch TV. And Smart TVs are excellent options, as they have features like high quality of sound and image.

In addition, they have access to the internet and a multitude of applications and even games. The bigger the screen, the better the experience. So, let’s find out which are the best 49 inch Smart TV on the market today?

First, the most important

  • A 49 inch Smart TV demands a large space in the room. In order not to be uncomfortable, the distance between the TV and those watching is at least 2.5 meters.
  • Know what the main function of the TV will be. Will you use it to watch open channels? Choose one with the upscaling function, which improves image quality. Are you a gamer? Look for one with low lag lag.
  • Applications vary from brand to brand. Make sure the applications you want to use are installed or can be downloaded from the internet.

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Best 49 inch Smart TV: Our favorites

Having a 49 inch smart TV is synonymous with versatility and image quality on a large screen. If you want a television with these characteristics, but do not know how to identify the best model, we have selected the 4 best 49 inch smart TV sets for you. Check the list below:

  • 49 “Smart TV – Samsung
  • 49 ”Smart TV – Sony
  • 49 “Smart TV – LG ThinQ

Buying Guide

Gathering friends in front of the television is an almost secular activity, but technology has made the entertainment options in front of this device soaring in recent years. Find out, in the continuation of this article, what you should take into account when deciding to buy your 49 inch Smart TV.


What is a Smart TV and what are its advantages?

For some time now, televisions are no longer just a device for watching programs broadcast by broadcasters. Currently, TV sets are real entertainment centers.

The Smart TV is a TV that connects to the internet. That way, from the TV set, you can access streaming platforms, browser and social networking applications, among other activities.

This type of television easily connects with other devices, whether wired or wireless. That way, you can display the photos taken by the smartphone on the TV screen or else pass the content on your tablet to the Smart TV screen.

Most modern models come with an integrated Wi-Fi adapter. That is, just find your home network, enter your password and start browsing. Despite this, it is also possible to make the connection via cable, connecting the TV directly to the modem

If it is essential for you to always be connected and you are already or intend to be a subscriber to a video streaming platform, a 49 inch Smart TV may be the product you are looking for.

That’s because these TVs are perfect for this type of entertainment. They do not, however, replace computers or smartphones, as they do not have tools such as text editors or spreadsheets.

The best-selling versions today have 4K image resolution. This means that the screen displays images in a 3840×2160 pixel format. Pixels are the points that form an image.

In other words, this resolution is 4 times higher than Full HD televisions. The viewer can see details in the image that previously went completely unnoticed.

In practice, images are sharper, brighter and with better color variation. Check out the main advantages and disadvantages of having a Smart TV 49 inches:


What is the ideal size?

Before purchasing a 49-inch Smart TV, it is important that you evaluate whether the product meets your needs and, especially, your space.

Smart TVs are slim devices that take up much less space than old tube TVs. Even those with bigger screens, like the 49-inch one, fit well on any wall.

Only in small environments, the experience may not be so positive. So that there is no discomfort in viewing, the manufacturers recommend that the distance between the TV and those who are going to watch it be between 2.5 and 2.7 meters. Thus, all resources are well used.

Do all models support all apps?

As each brand adopts a different operating system, it is important to know if the model you have chosen runs the application you need or if it is possible to download it.

In general, the most sought after applications are in all brands. What changes a lot is the way to access them. In some cases, there is direct access via the remote control. In others, you have to look for the television menu.

And don’t forget that Smart TVs will consume internet data. If you connect the device to a limited data network, such as the 4G mobile cellular network, for example, the consumption of your franchise can quickly run out.

To exemplify: according to Netflix, when watching the series, you use about 1 gigabyte of data per hour in each transmission of standard definition videos.

This expense can reach up to 3 GB per hour, if the video is watched in high definition. So, be aware of this before accessing the applications area.

How much?

Smart TVs are models that come with advanced technologies to provide excellent sound and image quality.

The main manufacturers offer options that differ by design, applications, connection possibilities and transmission technology and image resolution.

Smart TVs are ideal for those who are always connected and want quality sound and images.

Those interested in a 49 inch Smart TV will find models recently launched and with good features with prices ranging between R $ 2,800 and R $ 3,200.

They are not the cheapest TV sets on the market, but due to the features described throughout this guide, these TVs are cost effective.

Where to buy?

Smart TVs are everywhere. In any electronics store or department.

Even in supermarkets you can find 49 inch Smart TV models. Department stores can also be an option.

But if you like practicality, the best idea is to buy from the comfort of the case, over the internet. You can find a multitude of options on Amazon.

Online you also find the best prices and still receive the product at the door.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare 49 inch Smart TV models

So that you don’t regret the investment, it is worth paying attention to some points before buying your 49 inch Smart TV. The factors below should be carefully evaluated to ensure that you choose the best model for you. Are they:

  • Size
  • Use
  • Connectivity
  • Image quality

Below, we’ll talk a little about each one.


How big is the room where you will place your Smart TV? Depending on the answer, it is better to choose another option. This is because the ideal is that the distance between the screen and those watching is between 2.5 and 2.7 meters.

If the distance is shorter, there may be discomfort. The brightness of the image will bother your eyes after a while and this can even cause headaches. In that case, it may be better to choose a slightly smaller model.

Still on the size, even if it is 49 inches, they can have different dimensions. This is due to the ends and depth of the device. Reading the description and checking these measurements is essential to know if it will fit in the desired location.



It is important to think about what the main use of your 49 inch Smart TV will be. If your main option is to watch the programming of open channels or by subscription, it is recommended to opt for a TV with quality upcaling.

This technology makes the programming displayed in a lower quality to be optimized. That is, your television improves the quality of what is being shown.

If you are going to use the TV for games, the ideal is to choose a model with low input lag. This is the speed that the device takes to recognize the command that comes from the control via HDMI cable.

The smaller the better. This information can be obtained from the TV manual and from the manufacturers’ website.


Smart TVs can connect with a variety of other devices, but there is always a limit. The ideal is to check how many HDMI and USB inputs and outputs are on the television and compare it with the amount of equipment you want to connect to it.

Sometimes, the lack of a USB port, for example, can make it impossible to connect your keyboard or mouse. This can get in the way if you are a gamer.

So, analyzing this criterion is essential so that there is no regret when using the device. Remember to check all available entries, analyze which ones are essential for you.

If your budget is tight, that way, you buy exactly the model you need, without overpaying for a device that offers more functions.

Image quality

Anyone looking for a 49 inch smart TV is because, in fact, they want high image quality. The most modern resolution is ultra high definition, also called 4k.

They are also more expensive, as they are the most modern. It is worth mentioning that not all content to watch is available in this image quality. This means that the recording of the content must have been done this way, and as it costs more, there are still few films and series with this resolution.

You can also find 49 inch models in HD or Full HD. These are cheaper and also offer great quality. The difference with 4k is the sharpness of the details.

So, pay attention to this and evaluate which is the best investment for you.

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