Top & Best 4K TV Box Review 2022 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best 4K TV Box: What’s the best of 2022?


Welcome to Today we are going to talk about a device that can transform a conventional TV into a real entertainment center: the TV Box 4K.

Television is a type of electronics that we Brazilians are passionate about. A data released by IBGE, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, in 2016, pointed out that 97% of the population has at least one TV set indoors.

And if you want your older television to have interesting features, you need to get to know the 4K TV Box better, that way you can buy the best device. Read on to learn about its advantages, how much it costs and the essential criteria for evaluating good equipment


First, the most important

  • The 4K TV Box is an alternative for those who do not have Smart TV, but would like to turn their old television into a more modern device.
  • With the Android operating system, you can download games and turn your TV into a video game. You can also download several applications.
  • Product demands high speed internet, this is a point to note. If your internet isn’t powerful, you need to consider that investment as well.

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The best 4K TV Box models: Our suggestions

The broadcasters’ programming grid is not so important for Brazilians anymore. With the internet and streaming apps, everyone can make their own choices and see what they want whenever they want. The 4K TV Box is a solution for this. Check out the best devices on the market and start enjoying the benefits as soon as possible:

  • Online users’ favorite
  • 4K TV Box with the best cost-benefit ratio
  • The most affordable model

Buying Guide

TV has dominated households in the country since 1950. It was during this period that the first open TV channel was opened in São Paulo. Since then, TV has evolved, and another thing that has changed is the way each person watches their favorite programs, using the streaming system.

And for those who don’t want to buy a new TV, a good alternative is to purchase a 4K Box TV model. These boxes allow devices to enter the internet. Read on to learn more.


What is a 4K TV Box and what are its advantages?

Nowadays, a lot of people live connected. The internet has been increasingly available. With broadband, access to films and series in high definition, for example, is increasingly easy.

But to access this type of content, it is necessary to have adequate equipment. And the TV Box 4K has just that function.

A TV Box is a device that converts an ordinary television into a Smart TV. That is, with it any TV set can assume the functions of a connected TV.

These devices, in general, run the Android operating system, the same that is used in cell phones, but adapted for use in TVs. Thus, with the use of the TV Box, television gains the same features as a smartphone or tablet.

In other words, this means that the TV Box with Android operating system can download and install any application that is available on the Play Store.

This is Google’s official and virtual store. There, it is possible to find a multitude of programs that are available to the user. According to recent research, there are about 2 million apps. Most are free, but there are also paid versions.

So, whoever owns a TV Box has the possibility to access social networks directly on the television screen, all with a device that can fit in the palm of the hand.

In addition, it is possible to download games. In this case, the cell phone can serve as a remote control. Another possibility is for the user to connect a joystick via USB cable or wi-fi.

It is also important to highlight that with the TV Box the experience of watching television gains an increase. All streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO and Globoplay can be accessed.

And it is also possible to download movies and series in the internal memory, to play them on television. The TV Box 4K can, for example, be a suitable replacement for the notebook. That’s because a lot of people use computers to play movies downloaded over the internet.

The device, therefore, becomes a good alternative for those who do not yet have a Smart TV . Or, for those who only have this TV connected in the living room and want to enjoy the content in other rooms in the house.Benefits


What does 4K mean?

The most modern TV Boxes allow the reproduction of content in 4K. This is a term that refers to the resolution at which the image is transmitted.

The 4K resolution is 3840×2160 pixels. Pixels are the points that form an image. Therefore, the term 4K means that the resolution is 4 times higher than the Full HD image. In practice, what is transmitted becomes clearer for the viewer.

In a football game, the lawn is viewed in detail. In a film, a character’s skin, hair and clothes are observed with very high definition.

4K TV Box devices support this technology. In order for the viewer to enjoy so much detail, however, the entire production and exhibition chain needs to be at the same level.

This means that the program to be shown must have been produced in 4K. Likewise, the TV that will display the content generated by the TV Box must be of the same technology.

What else can a 4K TV Box do?

The 4K TV Box is a product whose main function is to transform an ordinary TV into a Smart TV. But not only that. TV Box 4K works like a mini PC that runs Android.

Anyone looking for a product like this should know that it can act as a portable computer. With it, you can download apps, movies and series.

Therefore, it is important to check if the device you are going to buy has enough internal memory. An alternative is to know if the equipment has a slot for external memory, be it micro-SD or SD.

As they are devices that have the ability to rotate images with 4K quality, it is important to know if the settings are sufficient to run this type of content. Checking the amount of RAM is a worthwhile tip.

Did you know that 8K technology already exists? 8K devices still have super high prices and very little content is produced in this resolution.


What is the difference between TV BOX 4K and Chromecast?

This is a very common question for anyone who wants to turn a regular TV into Smart TV.

The Chromecast is a device developed by Google, which is similar in size to a pen drive. It must be connected to the TV via the HDMI port and connected via Wi-Fi to any cell phone or tablet.

Thereafter the content of these devices can be mirrored on television. Chromecast has no graphical user interface and no remote control. The cell phone or tablet that will be connected to it is that fulfill these functions.

The TV Box works as a mini PC that runs the Android operating system. With it, you can do basically everything that is done with your cell phone, coupling keyboard, mouse and speakers.

The right equipment for you will depend on what it will be used for. Chromecast is more suitable for those who will focus on using Internet streaming services, as control via cell phone is easier.

The TV Box, in turn, makes it possible to watch streaming platforms and also to see content downloaded from memory cards or external hard drives.

How much does a 4K TV Box cost?

4K Box TV sets cost between R $ 290 and R $ 1,500. Among the factors that determine the price are the amount of RAM, the amount of internal memory and the existence or not of specific applications.

To buy a Smart TV you will need a much higher price. Therefore, it is a cost-effective solution for those who want to transform a TV into a device with more features.

Where to buy a 4K TV Box?

The main selling point of this type of equipment is the internet. There are options in all major retail stores. Some options: Amazon.

Outside the internet, the device can be found in stores specializing in computer and audio and video articles. Buying online you will also find the best offers and even receive the device at your door.

Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare 4k TV Box models

When buying a product, it is important to analyze all the details. Buying what isn’t useful, or what you don’t need, means throwing money away. So, when choosing which 4K BOX TV to take home, consider the following points:

  • Configuration
  • Resources
  • System and security
  • Compatibility

Below, let’s talk a little about each one so that you understand all the details of a 4K TV Box before deciding on yours.


The TV Box works as a middle ground between a cell phone and a computer. Those who have such a product expect that the applications installed on it can run smoothly and without crashing.

Therefore, it is recommended to look at the equipment’s processor and the amount of available memory.

RAM is what allows programs and files to run smoothly and efficiently.

These two aspects are indicative of how your TV Box will behave when you have to shoot movies or games. Whoever wants to use it for games, for example, should choose a model that has more RAM. RAM is what allows programs and files on an electronic device to run smoothly and efficiently. She is responsible for reading the data.

Another important detail is the amount of storage memory. Since it is possible to download a lot of content, the more space the better.
Also check if there is a possibility to expand the space with memory cards.


The 4K TV Box has several features. As it runs Android natively, it supports the installation of any application or game.

It is also possible to download movies on the internal memory and play them on TV. In addition, it is capable of running the main streaming platforms. Thus, this is a product aimed at those who want to have a complete entertainment center at their disposal.

Just make sure everything your 4K TV Box can access by reading the product descriptions. It is also important to check the available inputs on the device. The more inputs available the device has, the better it will be.

System and Security

The TV Box 4K type equipment, in general, runs Android. So it is important to check that they are up to date.

The best thing is that they always have the latest version of this operating system. An updated system offers more security, in addition to the newest features and also more compatibility with apps. The most used versions of Android today are 8 / Oreo and 7 / Nougat.


The TV Box 4K can play content in 4K image quality, that is, a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. With it, the transmitted images are sharper, brighter and with better defined colors.

Only you will only be able to use this feature, if your television also has this image resolution. You will also need an HDMI cable.

In the case of older TVs or with lower resolutions, this function of the TV Box 4K cannot be used. TV Boxes without 4K resolution are cheaper and may be worth it in such cases.


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