Top & Best Atari Flashback Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Atari Flashback: Learn how to choose the best model in 2022

Have you ever imagined revisiting your childhood or just experiencing a little nostalgia from the first video games? With an Atari Flashback, this is possible. Today, at, we are going to talk a little more about it.

Atari’s first console hit the markets in 1977 and the company dominated the gaming scene for years, with several iconic games for its time. Check out our analysis to understand a little more of this story.

First, the most important

  • Unlike the old video games that used cartridges, today the games are included in the console’s memory.
  • Despite emulating the appearance of old consoles, the new models are much smaller and more portable.
  • If you still have the old Atari controls working in your home, they can be used on the new consoles.

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The best Atari Flashback: check out some available versions

With small graphics improvements that don’t compromise the experience, Atari notebooks promise to return hours of fun by searching old games. Here are some models we have separated for you.

  • The best option for those who want a laptop
  • The option with the most games
  • One of the first modern generations


Buying Guide

Atari’s first console is still considered by many enthusiasts to be the father of modern video games, responsible for popularizing electronic games.

In our shopping guide we will explain a little more about the notebook fever and how you can make the most of the nostalgia of the 80s with the new technologies available.

What is the difference between the Atari Flashback and the traditional model?

There are some differences between the new and old models. To start, the size. The Atari Flashback is much smaller than its predecessors.
And although the new models emulate the old ones, they gave up wood to be completely plastic, which also makes them much lighter and more portable.

The new versions already have joysticks with wireless technology.

Although they still work with the old controls, the new versions now feature joysticks with wireless technology, so you can play without the hassle of wires.

Another advantage of the latest models is that the games are already included in the memory, with some graphic improvements that make them more polished without giving up the classic style.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Atari Flashback?

The Atari Flashback has several advantages, after all it is much lighter and portable. It already has games included in the memory, the controls are now wireless, but you can still use the older models.

Another great advantage is that it already comes with an HDMI cable, making it compatible with modern televisions.

However, the image of the games can be compromised on very large TVs and, despite the nostalgia, the gameplay is still quite dated.

What types of connections are available in Atari Flashback?

To keep up with the technology of new TV sets, the newer versions of Atari Flashback have chosen to incorporate an HDMI cable input, which allows you to enjoy all the classic games on your  brand new 4K TV .

Some models also feature PAL-M technology and AV-Mono output. Now, if you want to take nostalgia to another level, there are adapters available on the market so you can connect them to even older TVs.

Can I use my old cartridges in Atari Flashback?

Unfortunately not. Because they are smaller and sought greater practicality, the newer versions already have the games installed in memory, and the amount depends a lot on the version of your Atari Flashback.

But, with the large number of games available, and with all the main classics available, you will hardly miss a title.

Purchasing criteria: What to consider before purchasing an Atari Flashback

There are no ages to have fun playing video games, and there are no more reasons why you should not revisit the classics that marked your childhood. Even the youngest can discover the fun of the simplest temples.

Despite this, it is necessary to be aware of some criteria before choosing which is the best model of Atari Flashback to crown your gamer collection. See the topics we’ve separated for your consideration.

  • Size
  • Portability
  • Number of games
  • Controls

After carefully reviewing each of these topics, you’ll be ready to spend hours having fun with classics like River Raid and Enduro.


As we said throughout our review, one of the great advantages of Atari Flashback is its size, as it is smaller and much lighter than its predecessors.

And, although very portable, the new generations also differ from each other. The portable model, for example, already has an LCD screen included, making it even smaller.

With the miniaturization of memory, processor and other hardware technologies necessary for such simple gaming wheels, the size is more justified by the entry of TV cables and controls.


Atari Flashback 7, 8 and 9 were developed to be used in modern televisions or monitors, so they already have an HDMI cable output.

But, as it is still based on older technology, you can also connect the traditional RCA audio and video cables, the more traditional ones with a yellow, a red and a white cable.

In its fully portable model, the controls are already part of the console and, running on batteries, you can always take it with you on a trip, on the bus on the way to work or lying in bed.


Did you know that Atari was responsible for popularizing video games? That’s because they allowed you to play it at home, on the living room TV, without having to resort to an arcade.


Number of games

A video game is nothing without its games, and with such a long history, it is natural that Atari has a plethora of games, whether those produced by the company or by other developers.

And since games are included in the console’s memory, the amount varies depending on the edition. Ataria Flashback 7 and 8 were released with 101 games, while Flashback 9 already has 120 games.

The portable version is the most affected when it comes to the collection, since it was released with only 70 games in its internal memory. Do you want to kill nostalgia? Watch the video below with some of the classics available on Atari.


The Atari Flashback is diplomatic when it comes to controls, as it still has inputs for older models.

And, for the most homesick, the novelty is that they have practically not changed. The design remains the same, but the advantage now is that they have an on / off button and wireless connection.

In addition, you can choose the most traditional joystick model, with the emblematic control stick and red button.

They are also compatible with the famous Paddles, which are controls with a kind of small steering wheel that rotates about 330º and with a side button.
These controls have some games created exclusively for them and that cannot be played with traditional joysticks.

Finally, as the inputs continue to follow the same pattern, you can even use a more personalized control, as long as it is compatible with the Atari Flashback series.


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