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Top & Best Tablet pen Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Tablet pen: How to choose the best one in 2022?

The tablet is a device that can be used for various purposes and a way to handle it more comfortably and accurately is with a tablet pen. Therefore, this product is the topic of today here at Be welcome!

Can be used to write, navigate and even draw on the tablet, these pens emerged with the aim of helping the user and today are developed in several models.

But if you are in doubt if you really need one of these or do not know which one to choose among so many options, know that in this text we will answer all your doubts and at the end of the reading you will be ready to make a purchase decision. So continue with us and let’s go!

First, the most important

  • There are universal tablet pens and models that are specific to some brands.
  • There are options with rubber and metal tips, which are more accurate.
  • Before choosing any tablet pen, you should check if it is compatible with the device and there are models that even serve for cell phones.

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The best pens for tablets: Our recommendations

To facilitate the day-to-day use of the tablet, the pen is an excellent option. To show you which are the best in the market, we created this ranking with some options. Check out:

  • Ideal option for those who want to draw
  • The ergonomic design tablet pen
  • The universal option
  • The most durable tablet pen

Buying Guide

Widely used by designers, tablet pens are a great tool to replace your fingers while using these devices and are not only easier to use, but allow new activities with this product.

However, not everyone thinks it is necessary or knows the difference between so many models, so we have prepared this purchase guide and in it you will find everything that is most important about the tablet pen.


What is a tablet pen?

The tablet pen is a tool that was developed to give greater precision in the handling of this device.

Usually made of metallic materials such as aluminum, it has a tip, which can be made of rubber or metal, and replaces the use of fingers, promoting a differentiated use.

It is possible to find this product in several models and there are those that are universal, and thanks to this they are able to connect to practically all types of tablets, as well as those that are specific to certain brands and models.



Samsung and Apple are two companies that have their own tablet pens and Samsung’s model is called S Pen and Apple’s is Apple Pencil.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the tablet pen?

The main advantage of the tablet pen is that it gives the user of this type of device more precision in movements and thanks to this it is possible to create designs with them.

In addition, with the tablet pen it is possible to write by hand, which makes the tablet a great tool for lessons too. Another positive point of this product is that it also has excellent durability and there are options that allow you to use different line thicknesses.

On the other hand, many devices do not come with a tablet pen and thus it represents an extra expense. It is also worth noting that some options are only compatible with specific devices, preventing their use by more than one different tablet.

Does any tablet accept a pen?

Virtually all tablets on the market can be handled using a tablet pen, but not just any one can be used in yours.

This is directly related to the compatibility of the pen with your device and also to the type of screen it has. There are basically tablets with resistive and capacitive screens and knowing this can help determine the best type of pen for them.

Resistive screens are made with multiple layers and therefore have less precision in touch recognition. This type is very common in older devices and as the screen is pressed, its layers transmit the coordinates to the operating system.

Capacitors are the most used today and are composed of a capacitor with two plates separated by an insulator. Because of this, when touched, this capacitor transmits information to the system through an exchange of electrons.

In this type of screen, not all pen models for tablets work and many stylus options are not compatible with them, thus requiring more specific versions.

How much does a tablet pen cost?

The pens for tablet have a very variable price and that changes according to the model, brand, material and technology it has. With that, it is possible to find options for a value from R $ 12 to about R $ 1,000.

Where to buy a tablet pen?

Finding tablet pens to buy is not a difficult task, as this product is sold in several places. You can find pens at stores that sell accessories for cell phones and at the ones from manufacturers like Apple and Samsung.

On the internet it is even easier to find them, and there are a number of sites where pens for tablets are sold, and there are still a number of different options on them without having to leave the house to purchase the product. With that, sites are Amazon.

And if you don’t know all the options in our ranking are for sale and to purchase them just click on them.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing pen to tablet options

If you arrived here decided to buy a pen to use with your tablet, know that there are some factors that must be taken into account to make the best choice and we show you what they are below:

  • Compatibility
  • Size
  • Tip type
  • Material

Now we will explain each of them in detail.


As we told you earlier, there are options for tablet pens that are universal and others specific, just before anything else it is essential to check which pen models are compatible with your device.

To make sure of this you can read the manufacturer’s specifications or go to the store with your tablet to test the pen. There are cases that even universals are not working with some models, so it is necessary to pay close attention.


Another important point is to analyze the size of the pen you want to buy and as much as many have the measurements of a common pen, there are models that are smaller and others that are wider.

Thus, it is worth evaluating which one makes you more comfortable to handle. Those with large hands may not adapt well to very small pens, while those that are thinner may also not give much firmness to drawings, for example.

So it is worthwhile to test some models to understand which is the one that you are most satisfied with.

Tip type

There are pens for tablets with two types of tips, the rubber tip and the thin tip made with metal, and which one to choose depends a lot on its use.

The rubber tips are very comfortable to use and work very well mainly for navigation, however, because they have a thicker tip for drawings and paintings they can be a little less efficient.

For activities where more precision is required, those with a fine point end up being more indicated, since with them the drawings and even the writing can be finer and well finished.

Pens can wear out and you can only buy the tip.

And if the fear is that because it has a metal tip it can scratch the screen, rest assured that this is practically impossible to happen if the pen is used correctly.

Regardless of the type of tip chosen, it is worth mentioning that depending on the use, the pens can wear out, so it is possible to buy only the tips. So, if after a long time of use you notice that your pen is not with a very good tip, just buy a new one.


Another important point regarding the tablet pen is the material in which it is made and this is directly linked to its durability.

Many more affordable options are produced with fragile raw materials that can even peel with use. Therefore, always choose those made with aluminum, for example, since this material does not rust and has good resistance.

it is also worth mentioning that it has options that receive a matte finish and thanks to that they end up better adhering to the hand, being ideal for activities where more accuracy is needed.

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