Top & Best E-reader Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best E-reader: Which are the best and why have one in 2022?

The ease of having several book titles in the palm of your hands, weightless and taking up little space, won the hearts of those passionate about reading, and this is only possible thanks to a small but very functional device: the e-reader. And that’s what we’ll talk about today at mypricesaving.com welcome!

Even those who love the smell of a new book are joining this new fashion, as its practicality makes it possible to enjoy your favorite title, anywhere and without the need to carry books that can be heavy.

The best part is that there are already some models on the market and so it is possible to find the ideal one. And if you are looking for such a product, know that in this text we will talk all about it and at the end of the reading you will know exactly which one to buy. So continue with us and let’s go!

First, the most important

  • There are models of e-reader with illumination on the screen and others that do not have this functionality.
  • The best known models are the Kindle and the LEV and both have different versions that suit all needs.
  • Even if you need to pay for one of these devices, buying books at a lower price makes them an excellent investment.

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Ranking: The 3 best e-readers

With different versions, e-readers are becoming more popular every day. But knowing which one to buy is not an easy task, and to show you which are the best evaluated we created this ranking with some options.

Buying Guide

Reading is one of the best ways to acquire knowledge, but for many people this habit is made difficult by the need to always need to have a book close by. With the e-reader this changes, and thanks to it it is possible to carry thousands of titles inside the bag without weight or difficulty.

This device, which has been in existence for a few years every day, gains more space in people’s lives and provides comfortable readings at any time and anywhere. But if there are still doubts about it, know that in this buying guide we will answer all of them.

What is an e-reader?

Created to bring together several titles within a small and light device, e-readers have come to revolutionize the world of book lovers and provide a more comfortable and practical reading.

These devices are very similar to tablets and were developed with touch-screen screens and several features such as a dictionary and the possibility of making comments to create a sensation very similar to reading a common book.

In it, several titles of e-books can be purchased and saved to be read at any time and when it is more pertinent, thus creating the possibility of having thousands of stories inside a small device.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an e-reader?

The main advantage of the e-reader is its portability and the possibility of having several books within a single device, without needing a lot of space or carrying weight for this.

Another positive point of this product is that it has technologies developed to provide a more comfortable reading. Thanks to this, e-readers have different fonts, various formats, electronic ink, non-reflective screen and many other features that are positive for the reader.

It should also be noted that they have batteries with unmatched durability and many models can be used for weeks without the need for recharging.

In addition, the latest models have Wi-Fi and other types of built-in connectivity and there are options with different screen sizes so that the user can acquire the best for him. There is also the benefit of being able to make notes and markings in a simple and easy way.

The negative point of the e-reader is that the user ends up being held hostage by the brand in which the device purchased is manufactured. Thus, books purchased for Kindle cannot be read on LEV and vice versa.

There is also the disadvantage that this device cannot be used for other purposes such as connections and the like, being more specific for reading.

E-reader or physical book: Which one to choose?

More traditional readers say they don’t give up physical books and think the reading experience is not the same from an electronic device. The most modern point out that the e-reader is an excellent option since it has high practicality.

In the dispute between these two types of reading, the truth is that both have their advantages and disadvantages and which of the two options to choose is very much in the reader’s style.

For those who are in doubt between staying in the traditional version or adhering to this technology, we have created a comparative table so that you can reach a conclusion.

How much?

The value of an e-reader is quite variable and this is directly related to its size, brand and the technologies they have.

In general, one of these can cost between R $ 240, if we talk about the most basic models, up to about R $ 1,400, for those that are more modern and differentiated.

Where to buy?

As they are created by specific brands, it becomes easier to buy e-readers in online stores, since the Kindle is from Amazon Thus, in these two sites you will find all models and options.

Purchase criteria: Factors to compare e-reader options

Now that you are already inside the universe of e-readers, we will show you what are the factors that you should take into consideration when choosing one to buy:

  • Screen size
  • Lighting
  • Storage capacity
  • Favorite Books

We will explain below each of these criteria so that you have no doubts.

Screen size

The first point to be analyzed is the size of the e-reader screen that you will acquire. It should be of measures that provide a comfortable reading for you.

Many have screens with an average size of 6 inches, but there are versions that are slightly larger and end up pleasing older people, for example. On the other hand, it is worth remembering that the bigger the screen the bigger the device will be, so consider this also so that it does not lose its portability.


Another very important issue is related to the fact of purchasing a device that has or not lighting on the screen. In this type of product it is common to have models without lighting, but this may not be a good option for some people.

Therefore, if you are in the habit of reading at night or in places with poor lighting, the essential thing is to choose one that has light. For those who only read during the day and believe that access to screens lit at night is harmful, it is worth opting for the simpler ones.

Storage capacity

Thinking about a better use of your e-reader, it is also good to check the storage capacity it has, as this is directly related to the number of books that can be downloaded on it.

For those who intend to use a few titles at once or do not want to keep them for a long time, this issue may be irrelevant. However, anyone who likes to have several books and wants to create a virtual library with their e-reader needs to pay attention to that.

The positive side is that it is not difficult to find options that have a memory that can store more than 8 thousand books, so it will not be difficult to find the ideal.

Favorite Books

It is also worth considering before purchasing an e-reader whether the books you intend to read on the device are available in e-book format. As much as most releases already exist in this version, those that are older can only be made in physical format.

So, do a search so you don’t make this investment and regret it later.

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