Top & Best Cheap tablet Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Cheap tablet: How to choose the best cost-benefit of 2022?


Welcome to! Today, let’s talk about the best cheap tablet options you can find on the market today. After the launch of tablets, this type of technology used to be expensive and the options were few. But since 2010 a lot has changed, and now you can find good and cheap tablets on the market.

We will present you the best models at the best cost benefit. We list models that cost a maximum of R $ 1,000.

You will also get to know the characteristics that you must take into account when choosing yours, and general information so that you can stay inside the universe of this very useful and practical equipment.

First, the most important

  • The tablet is a personal tablet device with a screen that takes up almost its entire shape, a few access buttons, and that can have a front and rear digital camera.
  • Its features are internet access, personal and file organization, viewing photos and videos, business presentations, reading books and magazines and having fun with games.
  • A tablet can cost from R $ 250 to R $ 4,000. In this article, we list more affordable models, from R $ 350 to R $ 900, that can meet your needs well.

Ranking: The 3 best cheap tablet models

As soon as the tablets appeared, prices were very high. With the popularity of this electronic device, it is becoming more accessible every day and today it is already possible to buy a cheap tablet. If you are looking for one, you are in the right place. Below, check out our ranking with the best models with low price.

Buying Guide

More functional than a cell phone, less complete than a computer, tablets have changed the way you access the internet. This electronic has so many features that it is used as a leisure tool and also work. But how to choose a cheap quality tablet?

In this guide you will find all the important details before purchasing yours.

What is a tablet and what are its advantages?

Tablets are portable computers that use cell phone operating systems, such as Android or iOS. They are devices focused on portability and low battery consumption.

It has advantages of a cell phone, such as connection to the mobile network and front and rear cameras, and advantages of a notebook, such as a large screen and ease of typing.

Although similar, they should not be confused with e-readers, digital book readers like e-books. Both have similar size and shape, but the screen of most e-readers is monochromatic and serves only for the user to read books, newspapers and magazines.

The tablet was developed to assist us in various daily tasks, such as accessing websites, reading and sending e-mails, photographing, filming, listening to music, watching movies and playing games, as well as reading e-books.


With it, you can download several applications for the most diverse functions. Its ease of use and the diversity of apps make this device an ideal gadget for the whole family.

Many professionals also consider it essential for the performance of the most varied functions, such as accessing online catalogs for clients, making presentations at casual meetings and for external work.

When it comes to the applications available, with the popularization of the tablet, a vast catalog of apps was also made available, where you can download them from the online store of the operating system and often for free.

There are professional apps like diaries, notes and the Office suite, browser apps, social networks, games, music, movies and series, photography and more.

Despite having many qualities, as we have already pointed out above, tablets may end up facing some issues, such as the fact that the high cost of higher quality devices.

In this text, we are going to talk about cheap tablets, but still quality devices, making them options of excellent cost-benefit.

For you who are looking for an excellent tablet, whatever your needs, but don’t want to spend a lot, what we can say is that it is possible to reconcile performance and price in models with great cost-benefit.

They exist for all tastes, from the most powerful to the most basic, and we will list all the purchase criteria for you to decide on the option that best meets your needs for a price that fits in your pocket.

Although they are still considered expensive in Brazil, with the most sophisticated devices costing up to R $ 4,000, little by little, they begin to gain popularity and to be seen in the most diverse environments, thus gaining their more affordable versions.

Have you ever heard of chip tablets? They also have a very affordable price, if you are looking for a model that also makes calls, click here and check out this text on the best models.

How much?


A cheap tablet, but still of quality, will cost from R $ 400 to R $ 1,000 reais.

We also do not recommend buying anything under R $ 350, as the tablet can offer problems, in addition to not having the minimum processing capacity necessary for a smooth use.

Where to buy?

You can buy your tablet cheaper at online stores such as Brazilian Amazon, Americanas, Submarino and Walmart.

It can also be purchased in marketplaces such as eBay and Mercado Livre, in addition to physical stores such as Ponto Frio, Magazine Luiza and Casas Bahia.

In addition to stores, tablets are also available in many supermarkets, such as Extra, Carrefour and Pão de Açúcar.

Purchasing criteria: factors to compare cheap tablet models

The factors to note when purchasing a cheap tablet are:

  • Size
  • Screen
  • Operational system
  • Processing
  • Storage
  • Connectivity
  • Drums

We will talk more about each of these criteria below.


For those who intend to take their tablets to and fro every day, the ideal is to choose the smaller screens because they are easier to handle and lighter, like the 7-inch ones.

10-inch tablets are most useful for those who need to perform longer or more detailed functions.

So, analyzing what the main activities you will be doing on this equipment can be an excellent way to decide on the ideal size for you.


We can divide the screens into two qualities: there are more resistant ones, and those with more capacity, but more sensitive. The latter, although more sensitive and more prone to breakage by accident, are more responsive to touch.

On the other hand, the most resistant screens are also super easy to touch, making them an excellent and safe option.

In any case, regardless of your choice, it is always possible to add a film to make the equipment even more protected in case of falls.

Operational system

Currently, there are three types of operating system available on the market that are most commonly used: iOS (Apple), Android (Google) and Windows (Microsoft). You have probably already used one of them and you may already have a favorite. Let’s look at each of them:

  • iOS: runs away from our proposal to recommend cheaper tablets. Apple, of course, is a guarantee of quality, speed and security, but it is the manufacturer of the most expensive tablets on the market.
  • Android: this operating system is already found on most tablets and provides ease of use and satisfaction among users, but as it is an open system, it is more prone to virus infection on the device. Our tip is to protect yourself with a good antivirus.
  • Windows: Windows 8 may be the best choice for those who are already used to this operating system on their computers and notebooks and prefer something familiar.


It is the processor that controls the functions and applications running on the tablet, which is why it is very important.

A more powerful processor makes the device faster and more apt for you to be able to multitask, using several applications at the same time.

Most new devices already come with two or more processing cores and can play high definition video and games with better graphics.


When it comes to storing tablets, the best choice depends on your purpose. Among the cheapest tablets, this can vary between 8 and 32GB of memory. Check the usage characteristics for each of them:

  • 8GB of memory: offered by several tablets, 8GB can be ideal for those who want to surf the internet, read and send e-mails and use social networks.
  • 16GB of memory: ideal for storing photos, videos and files, also good for those who want to listen to music, watch movies and play in apps.


  • 32GB of memory: For those who need to store thousands of photos, videos and endless applications, it is legal to opt for the 32GB. However, the cost of the tablet ends up being higher.


What kind of connectivity do you need on your tablet? A Wi-Fi connection on the tablet is excellent for those who want to use it a lot at home and at work, where this type of connection is more common. The price of the device even ends up leaving more into account.

But, for those who like or need mobility with the tablet, it is important to note that it has a mobile connection, such as the 3G connection. Also consult plans with your preferred operator.

In addition to this type of connectivity, there is the type of Bluetooth connection to be observed. It is important for connecting accessories such as keyboards, wireless headphones and other accessories.


It is also good to keep an eye on the battery life of the device. Good battery life of tablets makes it last up to 8 hours uninterrupted.

Nothing would be more irritating than using the device for a short time and then finding it unloaded. Or even whenever you use it, you need to leave it plugged in. Therefore, observing the battery’s durability is fundamental.

In addition to the long battery life, a lightweight tablet with a modern design offers the advantage of being able to be charged anywhere.

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