Top & Best Tablet cover Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Tablet cover: What’s the best of 2022?

Welcome to! Today we are going to talk about an accessory that can make all the difference in the routine of those who always have their favorite electronics in hand, we are talking about the tablet cover!

Although it is not an essential item for its operation, it is a product that guarantees the protection of your tablet, keeping it away from possible scratches and damage caused by falls.

If you do not give up that electronic in your work or even in your moments of fun, you should consider the advantages of a good cover.

In today’s Guide we will introduce you to all the details of the product, and offer you the best options on the market!

First, the most important

  • The tablet case is an accessory used to protect the devices from possible damage from falls and scratches.
  • It can have full protection, on the front and back, or partial, only on the back.
  • There are cases of all prices, and the most expensive are those manufactured by major electronics brands.

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Best tablet cases: Our favorites

With the evolution of technology came the accessories for electronics, which have not been left behind and are also in constant evolution. With regard to tablet cases, there are numerous interesting models, however, we have separated some of the best to help you in your search.

  • Logitech iPad Pro Keyboard Tablet Case
  • Samsung Book Cover Tab A6 tablet case
  • IPad Skin T18 Smart Case

This iPad case goes far beyond expectations. It not only guarantees the safety of your device at the front and back, but it also comes with a light and light keyboard for use on the device.

The cover is thin, practical, discreet and made of highly resistant material. It has support to let the device stand horizontally, and use it as the monitor of a notebook.

As for the keyboard, it is already attached to the cover, is delicate and connects via the Smart Connector, dispensing with bluetooth. The downside is the price, which is quite high..

Buying Guide

Taking care of your tablet is the best way to keep it running smoothly for longer. Next, we will present you a Guide filled with information about the advantages of purchasing a case for your device

What is the tablet case?

Living in the age of technology means being surrounded by innovation every day, and the tablet is one of those devices that years ago was unimaginable. However, today he is one of the sales leaders when it comes to electronic.

Because it is a very expensive and delicate product, keeping it clean and protected never hurts, and that’s what the covers are for.

The tablet cover, also known as the tablet case, has a very simple function: protecting you from possible scratches and even drops.

It is a kind of cover that surrounds the device and does not allow it to suffer damage over the days. It is practical, functional and practically indispensable.

What are the advantages of the tablet case?

The great advantage of purchasing a cover for your tablet is protection in all aspects. It guarantees the safety of your device not only in situations of falls, but at all times of your routine.

If you work with your gadget and it is always inside your backpack, for example, it is important that it is protected so as not to risk being scratched by other objects.

If you have children at home, the case is also an extra guarantee that your tablet will not be damaged.

It is interesting to remember that there are some covers that are water resistant, and even those that have thermal protection. However, benefits vary by model.

Speaking of variety of models, most of them have support to keep the tablet “standing” in a horizontal position, perfect for watching videos. In general, it is a product full of benefits, which is very worth the investment.

The only disadvantage is that the models with more functions, have quite high prices.

Which to choose: Back or full protection tablet cover?

There is not just one model of tablet cover. On the contrary, the options are numerous. However, there are two well-known types: the case with full protection, at the front and at the back, and the case with rear protection.

The first is the most complete option. It has an open and close scheme that keeps not only the back of the device away from scratches, but also the front.

This model is made of reinforced and discreet material, but ends up leaving the tablet a little heavier. However, it is the best option, because it has a support that allows you to support the device in a horizontal position, like a monitor, you know?

The back protection cover is very similar to the cell phone covers that we already know well. It can be made of silicone or a firmer material.

Although it is a great idea to ensure the safety of the back and the tips of your gadget, it leaves something to be desired on the front. This type of cover is cheaper and can be a good way to keep you partially protected until you purchase a full protection cover!

How much?

Like all tablet accessories, the cover price varies widely, especially if you choose to buy directly from one of the major electronics manufacturers.

It is very complicated to estimate a value, however, you will find options for R $ 50, as well as those that exceed R $ 200 will enter. Everything will depend on the model and brands chosen.

Where to buy?

The tablet case is an easy item to find on the market. If you are looking for a wide variety, we recommend that you go to a store specializing in technology and information technology.

But if you are a fan of online shopping, we can refer you to Amazon. 

Did you know that the first tablet was launched in 2002, by Microsoft? Although the device only became popular in 2010, with the first iPad model, produced by Apple, eight years earlier the product had already entered the market.

The Microsoft model sold a lot at the time, and drew attention for having all the features that a notebook had, but in a very small size!

Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing tablet cover models

We know that, as simple as an article is, we sometimes have difficulties in analyzing its characteristics critically, don’t we? To help you in this endeavor, we put together a list with four very important criteria that must be observed before your purchase:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Extra features
  • Design

Now, let’s explain all the points so that you don’t miss anything!


The durability and resistance of your cover depends entirely on the material chosen. It is important to keep an eye on the raw material of the product you are purchasing.

Plastic and leather cases, for example, have greater aesthetic appeal and are firmer, they are unlikely to break. The silicone ones are great for protecting the edges of falls, but they wear out more easily.


Before you choose your case, it is essential that you know how many inches your device has and what model it is. Most are custom-made for specific models, and it is important that you buy the correct cover, otherwise it will be useless.

Extra features

In addition to protection against falls, it is interesting to choose a part that has extra features, such as the possibility of using the horizontal support, or thermal protection.

Some covers, even, are waterproof, and can be a good choice against the biggest enemy of technology. Some even have a keyboard.


Unlike cell phone cases, the tablet case is pretty basic. They are usually smooth and do not have much detail.

But, still, it is important that you choose a model that you consider aesthetically beautiful and that brings you comfort, see? And that matches your work environment or personality.


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