Top & Best 500W Power Supply Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best 500W Power Supply: Know how to choose the best one for your computer in 2022


Welcome to! Are you building a very powerful computer and want all components to be of the best quality? Think about how you can make them perform at their best? So don’t forget that a 500W power supply can help you a lot!

Each component you choose for your computer, from the video card to the HD, needs the correct voltage to function. That is why having an exceptional source is very important! Stay tuned in this article to understand why a 500 W model is a great idea and to learn how to choose the ideal one!

First, the most important

  • The source of a computer is responsible for distributing electricity to all components. It must be able to deliver what is required for each piece.
  • Power supplies with a power of 500 W are able to perfectly perform the electricity distribution service on the vast majority of computers.
  • As important as the power is the efficiency: Look for models with the 80 plus seal, which ensures the highlight in this regard.

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The best 500 W power supplies: Our recommendations

Many people seek to build powerful computers. Knowing this, trusted companies produce 500 W power supplies capable of satisfying anyone. We have selected some of the best models to help you with your choice:

  • A 500 W power supply for those looking for silence
  • A great cost-benefit
  • The perfect 500 W power supply for gamers

A 500 W power supply for those looking for silence

No products found.

The noise from a constantly functioning source can be irritating. Therefore, companies have been increasingly concerned with making models with low noise. This is exactly the case of Aerocool, which delivers with the KCAS-500W an excellent option for your PC to work efficiently without making your ears crazy!

Buying Guide

Is the 500 W power supply really the best option for your PC? What benefits can it bring you? And what criteria can really help you choose the perfect model?

We researched the most common questions about this product and prepared detailed answers in our buying guide! Ready to know everything about this product?

What is a 500 W power supply and what is it for?

A computer consists of several very important parts and with different functions: Video card, motherboard, HD, processor and more. Each of them needs an adequate voltage to work perfectly and deliver the best possible performance.

When a computer is purchased ready-made, it comes with all the appropriate parts. However, many people prefer to do the assembly, selecting part by part separately. In this case, it is essential to choose a very good source, since it is responsible for feeding each component.

The most important specification of a source is the power, that is, how much electricity it can distribute. This is exactly what the number “500 W” refers to.

A 500 W unit, therefore, has 500 W of power to supply all the components of the computer. This is usually a satisfactory number even for those who play heavy games or use applications that demand a lot of the machine!


Did you know that the sources started to have much more power over time? The first personal computer in history, launched by IBM in 1981, was capable of offering only 63.5 W.

Computers have come to be used more and more for activities such as games, work and applications that require a lot of hardware components. With that, the sources also needed to evolve and today some special models can reach 2000 W.

What are the advantages of a 500 W power supply?

The main aspect for a power supply is the ability to distribute enough electricity for the optimal functioning of each component of a computer. So, if your system does not require more than 500 W, a model with that power is more than enough.

Most 500 W power supplies cost less than models with higher power. By choosing one with this specification, you can save good value while still keeping your computer running at peak performance.

However, as important as power is efficiency. Measured in percentage, it shows how much of the energy that passes through the source is distributed to the components of the computer and how much is dissipated. Therefore, this number needs to be included in the account.

The only disadvantage of 500 W power supplies is if it is not suitable for your computer or if you intend to have better and more demanding hardware in the future. If you intend to keep your configuration for a long time and the chosen model is sufficient, there are only advantages!

See the table below for the main advantages and disadvantages of a 500 W power supply:

What does the 80 plus seal mean?

As we mentioned above, efficiency is just as important as power. A 500 W unit with 80% efficiency delivers 400 W to the computer, while a 700 W unit with 50% efficiency, only 350 W.

Therefore, the ideal is to choose sources that have very high efficiency. And, so that you know exactly what you are buying, there is a certification: The 80 plus seal.

The 80 plus seal is given to sources that guarantee efficiency greater than 80%. That is, almost all electricity will be distributed to the computer’s components. It is absolutely essential that you choose a model that has it!

In order to have the 80 plus seal, manufacturers submit their products to the tests of Energy Star, responsible for certification. There are four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Check the table below for what each one means:

How do I know if the 500 W power supply is right for my PC?

But, after all, how to calculate the source power needed for your PC to work perfectly? There are some tricks and tricks that are able to help you reach an approximate value!

The key here is to analyze each component of your computer separately:

    • Video card: It is the main responsible for the energy consumption of a computer, especially when it is an advanced model and developed for gamers. The specification of the power required by a video card will always be present on the packaging or in the instruction manual.
    • Coolers: Used to cool the machine, they are not always necessary, but they also have high energy consumption. The specification must also be on the packaging.
    • Other components: There is not much variation in the amount required by processor, motherboard, HD and other components. On average, a total of 200 W is calculated for them.


Assuming that the count of how much your computer needs has given 350 W, it will be necessary to have at least a 500 W power supply and 80% efficiency, since a break is always recommended.

Do all the calculations carefully so as not to harm your computer!

What happens if I use a power supply with inadequate power?

The harm caused by a source with insufficient power is very great. They range from simple problems, which hinder the use of the computer, to the possibility of irreversible damage to your machine.


Without a proper source, you will not be able to use your computer with optimal performance.

In the simplest class of problems, game lags, constant crashes and reboots are great possibilities. You will not be able to use your computer with optimal performance.

But much more than that, specific components, such as HDs and video cards, can burn themselves, generating enormous financial loss. And in drastic cases, even fire principles can arise.

Therefore, do not skimp or take the necessary precautions: Having a suitable source is essential!

How much does it cost and where to buy a 500 W power supply?

It is possible to find 500 W power supplies for prices starting at R $ 50. However, these are usually not recommended models. In order to have a reliable product capable of leaving your computer running smoothly, you will need to pay between R $ 150 and R $ 300.

Stores specializing in computers or games are great options for finding a quality 500 W power supply. We recommend buying over the internet: Amazon has excellent options.

Purchasing criteria: What to consider when choosing a 500 W power supply

After getting to know the details of how the 500 W power supplies work, there are still some more fundamental details for you to discover before finalizing a purchase. We selected four important technical criteria:

  • Noise level
  • Amperage
  • Safety
  • Dimensions

Below, we go into more detail about each of them.

Noise level

A computer source can make a lot of noise. And with the time we spend in front of these machines, it is possible that we will be very uncomfortable, or even suffer some damage to our hearing if the noise level is too high.

Look for models that guarantee low noise levels. The technology already allows companies to invest in almost silent models, capable of giving you peace to use the computer without having a constant source noise living with you. Your hearing health thanks you!



Amperage, also known as current, is the flow of electrons in a conductor. Each component of a computer needs a correct measurement to function, and it is also up to the source to make the appropriate distribution.

You should check the specifications of each computer hardware, such as video card, motherboard and HD, and check if the chosen source is capable of offering a similar amperage. Thus, it will also take another step to ensure the perfect functioning of each of these parts.


Electric power is always able to cause problems or damage components. Therefore, the most modern sources have invested more and more in security. The idea is that, in case any malfunction happens, nothing will be harmed on your computer.

It is necessary to have several types of protections that turn off the computer in case something is wrong.

When purchasing a power supply, you will come across some acronyms such as OCP (Over current protection), OVP (Over power protection) and OTP (Over heat protection). They all shut down your computer immediately for a recovery to take place.

It is still important to have some kind of short circuit protection, as this can also completely damage your computer. The more certificates like these the source has, the better: The work with security will be more complete and the chances of problems, much less!


Now let’s talk about a question pertaining to the physical world: How much space do you have for your source? Often, this equipment is relegated to a corner on the computer table, or even on the floor. If it is too big, difficulties may arise!

Fortunately, there are fonts of several different sizes. You can measure the space available to place it and then check out among your favorite models which are supported by these dimensions. That way, the headache of not having to place the source simply disappears!

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