Top & Best Multifunction printer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Multifunction printer: Check out the best of 2022

If you’re looking for the best all-in-one printer, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Here we will introduce you not only the best, but the 7 best multifunction printers on the market.

The multifunctional printer has become an indispensable item for any business or home. The ease it brings to print, copy documents or even scan something, is worth the investment. Models vary. The printing system and the prices too. So we bring solutions for any need or pocket.

We are sure that by the end of this article you will have enough information to make your purchase safely and have complete satisfaction when the product arrives at your door. So stay with us until the end.

First, the most important

  • The multifunctional printer offers three services in a single device: print, copy and scan. It is a great cost / benefit for your home, home office or business.
  • You can even print photos in high resolution with photo paper and no longer depend on the revelations to eternalize important moments that today end up being forgotten in the cell phone gallery.
  • Here you will learn the difference between multifunction laser printer, ink tank or cartridge and also learn how to choose and best for you through the purchase criteria at the end of this comprehensive guide.

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Ranking: The 5 best multifunction printers

The variety of functional printer models is so great that it allows everyone to buy one with an investment starting at R $ 236. If you want to know more about this type of printer, read on. For now, stay with the ranking of the best models we have selected for you

Buying Guide

If you need a new printer, whether for your office or home, it is worth knowing more about the multifunction models. They offer more features, and some are very cheap, offering excellent value for money.

Continue with us to choose the right multifunction printer for your needs.

What is a multifunction printer?

As its name suggests, a multifunction printer has many functions. It doesn’t just print, like the traditional ones. Forget this outdated and ineffective concept.

With one of these at home – or in your office – you can still scan documents and make copies without having to pay for it.

They can work with toner, cartridge or ink tank, and we’ll talk more about these differences in the “what to pay attention” topic.

Now have you ever thought that you can print great quality photos on photo paper? And not having to wait for the best opportunity – which never comes – to develop your best photos? Some models also offer this function.

There are so many advantages that you will be surprised with this powerful equipment.

What are the advantages of a multifunction printer?

If there is one thing that technology has done in people’s lives, it is to bring practicality to everyday life. Today we can do many things from our own home, thanks to devices that keep coming to the market to make our lives easier.

And the multifunction printer is a great example of this, whether for home or business use. They print in a very good resolution and some models can be very fast in printing per minute, providing more agility.

You can have three functions in just one device, creating more space in your environments. Printer, copier and scanner. And so you become less and less dependent on outside services.

Making a copy to take that required document somewhere will no longer be a big job. And you can also scan a document or the page of a book, for example, without depending on others for that.

And if you have a small business with a few employees in the office, or an office divided into departments, think about the ease that such a printer offers for your business.

Because of the wireless system, all computers can be connected to it, generating savings in the purchase of just one device for everyone to use.

And while they are little more expensive than traditional printers, they also save energy. This is precisely because you reduce the number of devices and do not need wires connected to all of them.

And if that weren’t enough, if you like organization and hate that pile of tangled wires, that’s another positive point. They are compact and fit in any corner.

In addition, those with Wi-Fi connectivity allow you to print directly from your phone, tablet or notebook.

The ease that a multifunctional printer brings to the routine of the company, a student or home office pays off the entire investment. If all this were not enough, the advantages do not end there.

When you choose one of these and recycle the cartridges, you are helping to preserve the environment and of course saving money for your pocket.

Models with an ink tank that have greater durability also reduce the environmental impact, since you can buy a large bottle with the necessary colors that last a long time, avoiding the disposal of plastics frequently.

After so many advantages, it is even difficult to find a single disadvantage in buying one of these.

But we can highlight that precisely because it is multifunctional, if the device damages and goes to repair, you end up having a few days without three pieces of equipment at home. Or if the ink runs out, for example, both printing and copying are interrupted until refilling.

Multifunction laser printer, ink tank or cartridge?

Once you understand the benefits of purchasing such a model, you may still have a question.

“What would be the ideal operating system for me: multifunction laser printer, ink tank or cartridge?”

Although the final functions are the same – print, make copies or scan – the internal workings are very different. And this ends up generating some advantages or disadvantages, depending on the buyer’s needs.

Ink tank printers, for example, are great for a large print flow. And ending up being one of the best in cost benefit because they are cheaper and print more pages than a cartridge.


The cartridge ones are the cheapest multifunction printers on the market and end up having the best cost benefit for those who print little. But if you print thousands of pages per month, it is not the ideal model for you.

Another disadvantage of this model is that the print quality is usually lower than those that have an ink tank or are laser.

The type of laser printing uses powdered ink instead of liquid. And machines that print monochrome, that is, black, can be a good investment for companies. Those that print in color are quite expensive.

A multifunction laser printer is usually faster at printing. In addition, you do not have to wait for it to dry because it does not use ink and does not smudge the print. Toners tend to last longer, too, printing more pages and requiring less replacement.

They are not ideal models for printing photos, for example. That is why it is important to reflect your needs. For what purpose will you – or your company – use a multifunction printer.

See the comparative table and define the best model for you:

Did you know that printers have been around since 1938?

The history of the printer is new. According to the História de Tudo website, the copier printer appeared in 1938, just 80 years ago. Perhaps you know someone older than the world’s first printer.

And if today we reached the breakthrough of having a multifunctional printer, it was thanks to Chester Carlson, American inventor of the printer.

t printed through the impact of the character with the paper and this resulted in a low quality print, but it was the best for the time.

With the evolution of computers, printers also evolved, until we reached multifunction printers. The first of these came in 1983.

How much?

A multifunctional printer can range incredibly between $ 200 and $ 5,000. This depends on the printing system it offers, the brand, and all the features mentioned here, such as print speed and resolution, for example.

Considering the seven models mentioned in our ranking, the average investment would be R $ 750.

With this price you can buy a good multifunction printer. There are models even cheaper and of excellent quality, and also the most expensive ones that have a more business profile.

You can choose between the first in the ranking that costs R $ 1,380 and the last of R $ 236. And then decide which model is right for you and that fits in your pocket.

Where to buy?

You can easily find a functional printer. Whether in department stores, hypermarkets or specialized computer stores. They are so popular that you can find one strolling through the center of any city.

However, it is worth mentioning that it is on the internet where you find the greatest variety of models. Whether you are looking for a laser, ink tank or cartridge, in online stores you will find the exact model you are looking for.

And better, for a lower price. On the internet are also the best offers. In addition to you buy without leaving home and receive product at your door. Check out the following sites: Amazon,

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing all-in-one printer models

Now you know a lot about this great ally on a daily basis. Whether at home or at the company, the multifunction printer proved to be an excellent service provider and also in energy savings.

Through this guide, it may be that your choice has already been made. But if you are still in doubt, we want to reinforce some important points to be considered to determine the success of your purchase and total satisfaction with the product you receive at home.

Understand why each of these criteria is important in everyday life, especially in the business sector:

  • Number of impressions
  • Print speed per minute
  • Print resolution
  • Connectivity

Number of impressions

In the item “what to pay attention” you could compare the three types of multifunction printer. One of the points addressed was the durability of toners, ink tanks or cartridges. But why is this important?

In a company with a high flow of printing this directly determines the monthly costs that the company has. A company that buys a cartridge printer, may even save on the purchase of the equipment, but it will have high monthly costs.

Changing cartridges turns out to be an expensive option for those who print a lot. So it is ideal for home use. Perfect for students who use it for school or college jobs and to meet the needs of a home office.

If your printing exceeds the thousand, consider investing in a multifunction printer with an ink tank or laser. These two have the best cost benefits for companies.

Print speed

Imagine the following scenario. Five or six computers connected to the same multifunction printer and all needing to print at the same time. A queue is formed in front of the printer for each one to pick up their documents.

Speed ​​may not be important if you use the printer alone and print a few pages, but it is essential for a company’s agility.

If the printer prints more pages per minute – and you can see that in the product descriptions with the acronym ppm – the less time that queue will be formed and the faster people will get back to their posts.

It is also important for those who print many pages at once. Some models are capable of printing 30 pages per minute, like Brother’s number 1, and that is quite a high number.

Others print only 5 or 7 pages per minute. Analyze this reality to make your choice. Look at this curious kitten checking the print speed:

Print resolution

Resolution can be important for every user. Whether for home use or not, having a high resolution multifunction printer is an important criterion.

Especially for those who need to print color images or even photos.

In this case it is very important to put it on the scale. The first two printers in the selection have excellent resolution, but are monochrome. Same models that print in color can cost 2 or 3 times more.

If printing with color and high resolution is important to you, consider models 3 and 5. The color feature may be more important for home use. To print photos or jobs.

Companies that use only for documents and spreadsheets can invest in multifunction monochrome laser printers, are options with great cost benefit.


In the age of internet connectivity is a sign of practicality and ease. Therefore, make sure that the model has Wi-Fi.

Have you ever thought that you are using your cell phone and being able to print a document or image that you just found while browsing? Without even having to use a computer.

This is perhaps a feature that makes life easier for those who use this printer. Some models allow you to print from anywhere by sending an email to the printer itself.

This means that from your smartphone you can print a document for the company even if you are not in it. Or even if you go ahead with printing a job before you even get home. Incredible isn’t it?

Still on connectivity, it is worth mentioning that the word wireless is synonymous with saying goodbye to the cables wrapped between computer, printer and outlet. In addition, USB input can also be something important to consider.

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