Top & Best Chip tablet Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Chip tablet: What are the best options for 2022?

Welcome to! Today we are going to talk about tablet with chip. As there are several options on the market, it is very important to choose the model that best suits your needs.

Take photos, access the internet, share news on social networks and even make and receive calls. Chip tablets provide all of that – and more – wherever and whenever you want.

Our mission here at is to provide a guide to help you decide which model is best to buy. You will see a list of the best and also tips for making the best choice according to your need.

First, the most important

  • A chip tablet can play the role of your smartphone and computer at the same time. That’s because it accepts operator chips to make phone calls and, thanks to a large screen, allows you to edit files more easily.
  • Another big advantage of chip tablets is the price. They are much more accessible than computers, smartphones and notebooks. It is clear that its specifications are more modest, but they break a good branch.
  • It is possible to find good tablets with chips starting at R $ 300. Before purchasing a model, it is recommended to take into account its specifications. In addition, it is worth buying some accessories to make them more powerful and safe, such as a headset, micro SD card, protective cover and film and antivirus software.

The best tablet models with chip: Our options

It is very good to be able to rely on technology to make our lives easier. The tablet with chip has brought practicality to those who use a lot both smartphone and notebook, since it is a middle ground between the two. Whether for work or entertainment, there is the right model for you. Let’s check it out?

  • The best tablet for watching videos
  • The best tablet to access social networks
  • The best speed option

Buying Guide

The tablet with chip can replace a smartphone, due to its features and even the possibility of making calls. They are generally quite accessible, as they have simpler technical specifications. Want to know more about this device?

Read on to learn everything about a tablet with a chip, so you won’t make any mistakes at the time of purchase.

Tablet with chip: its advantages and disadvantages

According to a survey by IDC Brasil, 3.79 million more tablets were sold in the country in 2017. Not for less. In addition to being more affordable than computers and notebooks, they perform virtually the same tasks as desktops.


The tablet is increasingly popular.

To top it off, there is still the possibility to take the device everywhere to stay connected wherever you are. This helps to explain the popularity of tablets.

In the case of chip tablets, they can also replace smartphones. This is because they accept SIM cards from all operators. Thus, it is possible to make and receive phone calls.

On many occasions, tablets with chips work even better than smartphones, as is the case for those who use the device to work and follow series and movies.

The large screen allows you to edit spreadsheets and text files more easily, in addition to making your videos more clear.

Bob TinkerMDM MobileIron CEO

“Mobile devices are fundamentally changing the way we work and live. They made the traditional work day a thing of the past”

On the other hand, tablets that accept carrier chips run only the Android operating system. Anyone who is used to Apple devices may be a little surprised at first.

More modest specifications are other disadvantages. Here, we can highlight the quality of cameras inferior to those of more advanced models and reduced internal memory.

In addition, there is not enough space to download so many applications and save numerous photo and video files.

Finally, unlike smartphones, chip tablets require headsets to make discrete phone calls.

Anyway, these mobile devices break a big stick for those who need to work and study outside the home. In addition to being useful for entertainment as well.

What are the important accessories?

In general, tablets with a chip are already equipped with a USB cable, charger and a Quick Start Guide. However, to make your device more powerful and safe, it is recommended to purchase the following accessories:

    • Protective cover and film;
    • Earphone;
    • Micro SD card;
    • Antivirus software.


Protective cover and film

Accidents happen. A drop or a simple hit can damage your chip tablet. To avoid this, it is very important to buy a cover and a film that protects the device and its screen.


Imagine the following situation. You are working in a cafe and need to solve a problem with your team. Then, you make a phone call with your tablet.

So that no one overhears your conversation – sensitive information can be spoken – it is interesting to have a headset.

n addition to maintaining discretion in calls, this accessory allows you to watch videos and listen to music without disturbing the people around you.

Micro SD card

In general, tablets with chips have more modest specifications. This includes reduced internal memory. The bright side is that most accept micro SD cards to increase their storage space.

If you like to download a lot of applications and save photos and videos on your device, a micro SD card is a must.

Antivirus software

Knowing the popularization of mobile devices, cyber criminals develop daily attacks to invade and steal information from smartphones and tablets.

According to a study by Fortinet, a digital security company, Android is the target of 99.9% of attempts to attack mobile devices in Brazil.

Since chip tablets run only the Google operating system, it is very worthwhile to purchase antivirus software to prevent scams of this type. This type of program ensures that you download only non-harmful applications to keep your data safe.

How much does a tablet with chip cost?

The mobile device market is increasingly competitive. Many manufacturers invest heavily in launching new products. In practice, this means a variety of models and, of course, prices.

The products in this guide cost between R $ 300 and R $ 640. There are options for every taste and budget.

The more sophisticated the specifications, the more expensive a tablet with chip. Even so, it is a lower investment than computers and notebooks. If you are looking for other cheap tablet options, check out other models:

Where to buy a tablet with chip?

According to the consultancy Ebit, more than 50.3 million online sales were made in 2017. Among the orders, almost 17% were for products related to the electronic, computer and cell phone universe.

These data show that national e-commerce is consolidated. People are confident in purchasing valuable products in the comfort of their home.

In this way, you can buy your tablet with chip on sites like Amazon Brazilian, in addition to marketplaces like eBay, Lojas Americanas, Casas Bahia and others.

If you don’t worry about buying used products, one option is to access Mercado Livre. In it, you can even get a much more affordable value.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who like to try the products and get to know their features in depth, the ideal is to go to a physical store. There, you can take all your doubts with the seller and test the device.

Among so many options, we can highlight department stores, such as Fast Shop and Magazine Luiza.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for evaluating chip tablet models

In order not to make a mistake when buying your tablet with chip, it is very important to keep an eye on a series of points. It all depends, of course, on your need and preference. Below, we have listed some features for you to pay attention to:

  • Micro SD card compatibility
  • Operating system version
  • Battery life
  • Screen size

If you use the tablet for everything from work to entertainment, these features must be taken into account before purchasing a device.

Internal memory

It is worth emphasizing that the specifications of tablets with chips are more modest. In general, devices have a maximum of 8 GB of storage space.

If you use the tablet for work, entertainment and studies, you need more space to store your files and applications. Watch the video from the Maldita Fcc channel to understand more about the benefits of the tablet in studies.

Thus, it is essential to assess whether your tablet with chip accepts a micro SD card. This accessory increases the storage capacity of your device.

Operating system version

There are still many models that run older versions of Android. Here, it is important to know that they have a number of limitations. One is not being compatible with many applications.

Therefore, the ideal is to buy a tablet with a chip that has recent versions of the operating system. That way, you can keep all your apps up to date. So, always read the description carefully so as not to buy an outdated model.

Battery life

We don’t always have chargers on hand and plugs close by, right? If you plan to take your tablet everywhere to stay 100% connected, it is very important to evaluate the battery life.

There are models that allow you to browse the web for up to 9 hours. Of course, this is only an estimate, since there are applications that consume more battery than others. In short, the duration also depends on your behavior as a user.

You can usually find this information easily in the product description, or read the reviews made by the users themselves.

Screen size

If you are looking for a tablet, you may find the phone screen too small for the activities you need to do. Whether for playing, reading, studying or working, a larger screen guarantees more comfort during use.

The size of the screen depends on the functions you want to perform. For handling spreadsheets, a larger screen is ideal. Now, if the goal is just to surf the internet, a small screen should suffice.

This makes the product more expensive, so assess your real need not to pay more without you really needing it. But remember that if you spend many hours using your tablet with a chip, a larger screen offers more comfort for your eyes.

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