Top & Best Banco Supino Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Banco Supino: What is the best of 2022?


First, the most important

  • There are bench press models, adjustable models and folding models.
  • The adjustable bench bench models allow the practice of the three main types of bench press, the straight, the inclined and the reclined.
  • You can find bench bench models starting at R $ 200, and for up to R $ 2000.

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Best bench press models: The

Shopping Guide

Today, as important as a regular exercise routine, is the way in which they are done. Running without your own shoes, for example, is extremely harmful. Weight training without the proper equipment, the same thing. The bench press, in this context, is essential for the healthy execution of one of the most practiced weight lifting exercises.

But, just as there is an ideal shoe for each runner, there is a bench bench for each athlete, that is, more suitable for the body, the house and the type of exercise of each one. Our mission in this Purchasing Guide is to provide you with the tools you need to find your ideal bench press.



What is a bench press?

The bench press is exactly what you must be thinking, literally a bench for the development of the bench press. The bench press, in turn, is a weight lifting exercise, perhaps the most basic and common, which consists of lifting a bar with alternate weights with the arm at 90º in relation to the chest.

What makes this product fit for the bench press are three aspects:

    • The structure for supporting the bar , which is attached to the bench. In the most basic models, they consist of two parallel rods with angled “grooves”, usually three pairs of different sizes, to deposit the bar;
    • Correct length to completely and correctly support the spine, so as not to force them or stress other parts of the body unnecessarily;
    • Adjustment of inclination and height , which are not mandatory, but necessary for those who want to develop the three modalities of the bench press, the straight, the inclined and the declined.




What are the advantages of the adjustable bench bench?

Perhaps the line with the highest number of sales among bench models is the adjustable one, which allows the seat back to be tilted and reclined, limited in certain angles in the most basic models, and with free adjustment in the most advanced ones.


Only one drawback: the price.

This mechanism only carries one disadvantage: the price, which is higher compared to straight models. There is also the possibility of poor quality regulation, but this is a bigger problem for the manufacturer than for the idea of ​​the product itself.

The rest is just an advantage. With an adjustable bench bench, you can develop the bench press in the most complete way, that is, exploring its modalities, the bench press, the incline bench press and the declined bench press. Each has specific benefits and results.

You can also do the exercise in a much more comfortable way, perfectly adjusted to your body, which also makes your posture much healthier during the activity.


  • Greater comfort
  • Complete exercise
  • Healthy posture


  • Biggest price

What changes from a simple bench press to a professional bench?

What differentiates, in general terms, a simple bench press and a professional bench is that the first one is developed for use by one person, and at home, while the second one is made for rotary use in gyms or gym halls in buildings.

Because of this, in specific terms, the bench press professional has, in addition to greater durability, since its use is more intense, greater options to adjust the exercises to the user, such as a greater number of supports for the bar and angles for recline the backrest.



Where to buy a folding bench bench?

The folding bench press is a great alternative for those who want to exercise at home, but do not have much space. It can be found easily on the internet, and in a wide variety, in specialized stores.

Amazon also have a great offer of models and prices, as well as delivery options in various terms and amounts, besides, of course, allowing your purchase to be made in the comfort of your home.





Purchasing Criteria: Finding the ideal bench press

Without further ado, we present our final list, which will help you to put the best bench bench in your cart, be it real or virtual. It is composed of items that, if carefully noted, can be very efficient purchasing criteria.

  • Exercise focus
  • Adjustment
  • Capacity (load and weight)
  • Material

Exercise focus

One of the most decisive points for choosing your model should be the focus of your exercise. For example, if you are looking for just a flat bench press, obviously opt for a flat bench bench. For a greater variety of modalities, go for adjustable bench seats.

For a greater variety of exercises, however, look for models that are hybrid, that is, they are both bench presses and weight training stations, with the apparatus for the bench press and other options, such as crucifix, parallel, among others.Adjustment

Following the criteria, the next is the adjustment, which, in this case, refers to both the adjustment of the seat, as its height and inclinations, as well as the support for the bar, which is adjustable in the sense that you can adjust the load of the your exercise.

Ideally, the seat adjustment should be complete, with free angulation or at least with many inclination options. In this way, you have a model that is more adapted to the particularities of your body and the way it responds to exercises.


Tip: if you are looking on the internet for a model with many adjustment options, from the bench to the support for the bar, look for “weight station” or “weight machine”. The results will be very close to a bench press.


Capacity (load and weight)

Another very objective point is the capacity, which is nothing more than the maximum weight supported by the device. On the bench press and other weight training stations, it consists of two numbers: the user’s maximum weight and the maximum load to be distributed.

The numbers are separated, that is, the kilos left over from the maximum weight cannot be assigned to the maximum load. So, you should think very carefully about the load of your exercises, both the current one and the one designed for a possible evolution.


Finally, pay attention to the material of the supine bench of your choice, both the material of the rods and structures and the seat itself. The structure obviously needs to be sturdy and durable. The most suitable is carbon steel or even reinforced iron.

As for the bank, it needs to offer comfort and support at the same time. The ideal is to be upholstered with light foam and the coating of some material resistant to sweat.


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