Top & Best Thermal protector Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Thermal protector: How to choose the best for your hair in 2022?

Dryer , curler , curling iron . All of these tools are excellent for making your hair more beautiful. However, its high temperatures can damage the locks. To prevent this problem, there is the thermal protector and that is what we are going to talk about today here!

The thermal protector can be used on all types of hair and acts to prevent heat from damaging the strands, but it can also hydrate them, reduce frizz and much more. This is an item that cannot be missing in the closet and we will explain everything about it throughout this text. So take the time to come and find out more

First, the most important

  • The thermal protector is found in several presentations, with options in spray, cream, oil and more.
  • It should always be used before exposing the hair to heat and for it to work efficiently, it is essential to first heat it in your hands to pass it on the strands.
  • Most thermal protectors protect hair at temperatures up to 230ºC and act for only a few hours.

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The best thermal protectors: The newsroom favorites

There is no point in having your hair neatly styled if they are not healthy. And to assist in the integrity of the wires there are several products, among them, the thermal protector. It is an excellent ally for those who constantly expose their locks to heat and if you are looking for one of these, check out the best options on the market here.

  • The most complete thermal protector
  • The best option to combat frizz and protect from heat
  • The ideal thermal protector for dyed hair


Buying Guide

Before exposing hair to high temperatures from tools such as the dryer, it is essential to protect them. That’s because heat can damage the integrity of the wires and even burn them. To ensure that this does not happen, the thermal protector is an ally.

But many people still have doubts about this product and it is to answer all of them that we created this shopping guide. In it you will find all the benefits that the thermal protector has, its way of use and much more.

What is it for and when to use a thermal protector?

The thermal protector is a product that has the function of protecting the hair during exposure to heat. It has components that create a film on the wires and thus prevent high temperatures from damaging them.

This product can be used in two ways. One is with wet hair, before they are dried. The other is when they are already dry to shape or align the locks.



Damp hair cannot be exposed to the flat iron or babyliss, as this way, these devices will literally fry the strands. In addition, if the hair is thin the ideal is to use them at lower temperatures, because the chance of attacking them is less.


What are the benefits of the thermal protector?

The thermal protector is a positive product for several reasons. In addition to protecting the strands, it also manages to combine a number of other benefits for the hair.

An example of this is hydration. The protector promotes hydration while creating a protective heat barrier and thus reduces the loss of moisture in the hair during exposure to high temperatures.


The thermal protector can seal the cuticles.

Another positive point is that it manages to seal the cuticles and thus the hair is less porous and more aligned and free of frizz and split ends. And for those looking for a modeled effect on the longer strands, the thermal protector can also act on this and keeps the hair tidy for longer.

The only negative point is that not all thermal protectors are good for everyone. This is because depending on the type of hair and the protector it is possible that it weighs on the strands and does not give the desired appearance. That is why it is essential to choose this product correctly.


  • Protects hair from heat
  • Decreases frizz
  • Increases brush life
  • Align the wires
  • Seals the cuticles
  • Moisturizes hair


  • You can weigh the wires

How to apply thermal protector to hair?

Even though the use of the thermal protector is simple, it is essential that it is applied correctly on the wires in order to protect them correctly. The first step for this is not to put it directly on the hair.

It is essential to activate its components before applying to the locks, so always warm it in the palms of your hands. Then, just apply it over the entire length, giving greater attention to the tips. But remember, the thermal protector should never be applied to the root.

In addition, this product acts only for a few hours. Therefore, if a heat tool is used after this period, it must be reapplied.



Sandra OliveiraHairstylist expert in locks, color and treatment

“The best method to apply the thermal protector is to divide the entire hair into 4 quadrants and the amount I recommend for my clients is a penny in each quadrant”

Is thermal protector in oil bad for your hair?

Whoever is connected in the universe of beauty must have heard someone say that thermal protector in the shape of oil or serum burns the wires. This buzz arose due to the idea that the union between oil and heat results in frying, but it has proven to be a myth.

These thermal protector options do not have only vegetable oils in their composition. They can also count on the presence of other components such as silicone, whose main function is thermal protection. So make no mistake!





Purchasing Criteria: Factors to compare thermal protector options

If you are not yet adept at using the thermal protector, but want to include it in your hair care routine, you are in the right place. Now the time has come for us to help you choose the ideal one for your need and for that, just take into account the following factors:

  • Protector type
  • Maximum temperature protecting
  • Form of application
  • Additional functions

Below we will detail each one of them so you do not make mistakes and benefit 100% with this product.

Protector type

One of the best ways to choose a thermal protector is to analyze your hair type. This is essential because it reduces the chances of the product becoming heavy on your hair.

Thus, if your hair is thinner, good options are liquid or spray protectors, which are the lightest. For thicker threads the cream or serum protector is an excellent choice.

For curly or frizzy hair, cream, serum or mousse versions can be chosen. And a tip is to give preference to those that have antifrizz action and activation of curls.

Maximum temperature protecting

Most versions of this product have a maximum range of 230ºC.

Another important point to be taken into account is the maximum temperature that the thermal protector can act. Most versions of this product have a maximum reach of 230ºC, however it is possible on the market to find slightly more advanced options in this regard.

In order not to err in this sense, one must analyze how many degrees their devices reach and thus choose a protector that achieves this. Otherwise, the protection against heat will not be as efficient.

Form of application

With regard to practicality, the way in which the product should be applied to the hair also has great relevance. In this sense, the spray options are the best, but it is necessary to take extra care so that the protector reaches all strands of hair.

Serums and creams are applied directly by hand. This gives a greater certainty that all the threads were reached by the protector and a good way to spread this product better is by combing it right after its application.

Additional functions

Many manufacturers of thermal protectors have invested in additional benefits for their products that go beyond heat protection. And if it is possible to have a product with multiple functions, why not have one with only one?

This is very positive for consumers and in this way it is possible to choose a version that suits their needs. There are protectors with a high degree of hydration, others that smooth the hair, some options act on frizz and so on.

With that, choose a version that encompasses everything you want.


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