Top & Best Razor Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Razor: What is the best model in 2022?

With the renewed fashion of growing beards and mustaches, the razor has returned to the vogue. No longer an exclusive tool for barbers and professional hairdressers, it has become increasingly popular for home use.

The modern versions have innovative designs, ideal for different cuts and finishes. Follow us in this Review and check out the best options of the product, in addition to the features that you should pay attention to to make the best choice of razor to take care of your beard or hair.

First, the most important

  • A blade equipped with a handle, the razor cuts with greater precision, and can be of the traditional type or with a disposable blade.
  • Model, material, type and size of blade and indication of use are some of the characteristics to consider when purchasing.
  • With good cost benefit compared to disposable razors, razors can cost less than R $ 15 in simple disposable blade versions and more than R $ 300 in traditional versions.

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Buying Guide

Be it a razor for shaving, unraveling hair, finishing the cut or shaping your eyebrows, the market offers a perfect razor model for your purposes. With smooth glide and extremely precise cuts, razors are increasingly the preferred option for consumers, for home or professional use.

Follow our Buying Guide and check the most relevant information about the razors so that you know how to identify the model best suited to your needs.



What are the advantages of using the razor?

The fans are unanimous: the good razor allows greater precision in shaving and guarantees better results. Flexible and comfortable to use, the razor allows different uses and finishes. You can make drawings, follow curves and contours of the face, neck or eyebrows more easily.



With a precise cut, the razor allows the best finishes, although it requires practice. With improper use, the risk of cutting yourself with it is great. The great advantage of the razor is that it can last for several years, if you receive the proper care.


When shaving, the good use of the razor leaves the face much smoother and smoother compared to ordinary razors. It also helps with responsible consumption as it generates much less waste than razors with disposable plastic shafts. Check the table for more advantages and disadvantages of the product:


  • Precise and powerful cutting
  • Enables various uses and finishes
  • Durable, generates little waste
  • There are versions with disposable blades


  • Risk of cutting or injuring in use is great
  • Proper use requires practice and care
  • More sophisticated versions can be expensive

Razor or razor: What is the best option?

There are basically two types of razor: the classic razor and the straight razor. Both versions feature a cable attached to an articulated point, which allows the blade to rotate and the instrument to be opened at an angle of approximately 180 °.

The Classic, has a fixed blade, and generally has more elaborate handles, which can be made of different materials. Because it is fixed, the blade cannot be replaced and requires maintenance. However, if well taken care of, it can last for generations.


Razor has a design very similar to the classic razor, with the difference of using disposable blades.

The razor has a design very similar to the classic razor, with the difference of using disposable blades, which can be replaced whenever necessary. This model requires no maintenance, but on the other hand it requires periodic investment in blades for replacement.

Due to its “disposable” character, the navigator has simpler and more accessible versions, with handles in materials such as plastic or acrylic. Due to the ease of changing blades, this model is widely used in barber shops, to allow the exchange of blades between one customer and another.

Although they are unusual, there are also sophisticated versions of the razor, with handles in noble materials and different designs. Although some claim that razor shaving provides better results, it depends on the technique used, the quality of the blade used on the razor and the maintenance given to the razor.

Compare the two models in the table below:


How to use the razor?

Using a straight razor correctly is almost an art. And for the results to be as expected, far beyond the proper technique, attention and some care with the strands – from the beard or hair – and also with the skin, are needed for a smooth and comfortable effect. Check out some tips for shaving with a razor.

    • Hydrate: The use of moisturizer protects the skin, and is especially important for people with sensitivity, especially on the face and neck;
    • Open the pores: Take a hot shower or cover your face with a warm towel to open the pores, leaving the hairs softer and easier to shave;
    • Invest in the foam: Make sure to whip up the shaving cream or foam , applying even to the outer layers of the beard. This reduces friction, ensuring greater smoothness and preventing cuts in the skin;
    • Respect the direction: The razor must be passed in the direction of hair growth, to avoid irritation, ingrown hairs and folliculitis;
    • Firmness in use: Holding the knife properly is important in the process. Use your dominant hand, placing your thumb before the sharp part of the blade. The index, middle and ring fingers are positioned at the top. With the other hand, stretch the portion of the skin to be shaved. Pass the knife with a 30 degree inclination, without applying force, to avoid cuts;
    • Close the pores: After finishing the process, wash the area with cold water to close the pores and avoid inflammation and irritation;
    • After-shave : The product finishes the process, helping the skin to stay smooth and hydrated.


How to sharpen and maintain your razor?

While the razor, which uses disposable blades, is very simple to maintain, fixed blade models can demand much more attention and care. First of all, it is necessary to keep the accessory very sharp for it to work efficiently.

Therefore, it is necessary to invest in accessories to sharpen your razor, the so-called settlers. The most popular version is the leather band. There are also paddle or paddle models. The method for sharpening may vary slightly according to the chosen settlement model, but basically it will follow the same premise.

Check it step by step:

    • Position the seat at an angle of 45º in the track model or 30º in the paddle or paddle versions;
    • Slide the blade in the back and forth direction, keeping the razor at a slight angle to ensure that the edge is in contact with the leather at all times.
    • Repeat the movement ten to 15 times.
    • Combine the movements with cleaning the blade on a damp towel.


In order for your razor to have the expected durability, it is essential that it is properly cleaned after each use. Storage also inspires care. Keep your razor in a dry place, away from moisture. The ideal is to store it away from the bathroom, where humidity is constant.

How much does it cost and where to buy razors?

The razor can have very affordable versions, however, the price varies widely based on the brand and material of the chosen product. It is possible to find simpler models for less than R $ 15. The most luxurious versions, in special materials with cables in noble materials can cost more than R $ 300.

You can buy your razor in a variety of locations, such as pharmacies, drugstores, cosmetic stores, among others. Another option is to search online stores, such as Amazon, where you will have access to a greater variety of brands and models of the product.




Purchasing criteria: Factors to qualify the different types of razor

To close this Review, we will give you some more tips for you to make the right choice of razor to take care of your beard, eyebrow or hair. Check the list of features you should be aware of when comparing the types and models of this product:

  • Material
  • Blade type
  • Blade size
  • Indication of use

Below, check the details of the characteristics, so that there is no doubt:


In the vast majority of models, the razor has a blade made of stainless steel. The cable material can vary a lot according to the model and brand chosen. There are cable versions in stainless steel, wood, plastic, metal or even mother of pearl and ivory, in more classic and sophisticated versions.

Especially for fixed blade models, attention is needed when choosing the handle, as some materials may be sensitive to moisture and not suitable for processes such as sterilization in autoclaves, for example.

Blade type

For each skin type or desired effect there is a more suitable blade. Discover the most popular options:

  • Medium spinning: ideal for shading or stubble effect. It is also a good bet for sensitive skin, as it is not so aggressive;
  • For design: high precision and firmness, very close cut. It is ideal for goatees and beards designed, with long lasting results;
  • High precision: ideal for trimming and maintaining full, long or medium beards.

Blade size

The blade size will vary according to the knife model chosen and the indications for its use. Models with smaller blades guarantee greater precision, therefore, they are ideal for drawing eyebrows, finishing beards and haircuts.

Larger versions, on the other hand, are widely used for large areas, as the larger size speeds up the hair removal process in larger areas. However, handling larger blades requires more skill.



Indication of use

Before choosing your razor it is essential to define the type of use that will be given to the product. In addition to the type of cut, pay attention to the shape of the blade and its size. Rounded-tip blades, for example, are ideal for classic shaving.

The straight or square tips allow for a more detailed shave, taking care of details and finishes.



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