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Top & Best RCA cable: Discover the best models of 2022

Hello! It is always a pleasure to have your presence here, at ReviewBox Brasil, and you are very welcome. If you need to change some cables, you got to the right place because today we are going to talk about RCA cable.

They are old acquaintances of anyone who owns a media player at home. Even larger camcorders often have them.

If it’s still not clear what this cable is, or what it does, that’s fine! We are here to give you all the information you need. RCA cables are already part of your life, and we will explain the reason, and how to get the best ones!

First, the most important

  • Due to the very high fidelity provided by this type of cable, it has become a standard of success in the world. This connection is found in almost all modern audio and video equipment.
  • Despite manufacturing for low frequency use, over time its versatility was discovered. In this way, it is able to transmit both audio and video in great quality.
  • The transmission system requires minimal material changes. Bending the wire, crushing it, or damaging the connector will significantly affect the signal quality.

Ranking: The 3 best RCA cables on the market

The RCA cable has been on the market for more than 50 years, being initially created for audio reproduction. Vinyl players were connected to radios to increase the power of the sound. They have evolved and so that you know how to choose the best, we have put together excellent models in the ranking below:

Buying Guide

It is very difficult to find someone who has never seen an RCA cable, or this connection pattern. Perhaps the acronym is not so commented, but, visually, who has never seen those cables with three connections at each end?

Want to learn more about this type of cable? Just keep reading this Guide and we will explain all the details.

Why have a good RCA cable at home?

Often with yellow, white and red outputs, these are RCA cables. You will also find them with only two exits, sometimes of the same color, but generally differentiated.

The reason for the different colors is so that each of the connections leaves one place to another, with the same information. Think of your ears: one on the left and one on the right, they pick up sounds from their respective directions.

Now, if for some reason, things were reversed? And everything that happens on the right do you have the audio coming from the left? It would certainly be too weird. Maybe it would even disorient you.

The idea of ​​colors is very similar to this premise. You connect the white where the device is white (or equivalent), and at the other end do the same. This ensures that the signal is sent to the correct location.

But this breadth of use of RCA cables does not apply only to audio and video transmission. Its transmission capacity at different wave levels allows the use of the equipment in various applications.

Therefore, be very careful in handling these cables. They are durable and resistant, but fragile to any change in their characteristics. Unlike something rubberized, most transmission cables lose quality when flattened or bent. And it doesn’t return to normal after the damage done.

These cables have been on the market for more than 50 years, developing only in terms of components. Since its inception, it has promoted – and still promotes – high fidelity in the transmission of information, guaranteeing its use until today.

What does each color of the RCA cable mean?

This quality has made the RCA cable a worldwide standard of use. What generated the need to create a universal standard for this cable, in coloring:

    • Yellow : video
    • Red : right audio channel (stereo)
    • White : left audio channel (stereo)


Popularization also occurred due to the simplicity of use, in a very simple principle. The connections of the RCA cable are “male” – with exposed pins -, while the receivers in the equipment are “female” – with fitting. This operation allows an exact connection between ends.

The color scheme made it even easier to use, since all that was needed was the respective connection between colors. The operation is immediate, as soon as the connection between ends occurs.

It is therefore necessary to take extra care in the connections. Check that the devices are switched off and the volume is low. Simple coloring will create a noise, which can be uncomfortable.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the RCA cable?

Let’s clarify that there are no limits to the transmission capacity of an RCA cable. It is proven to guarantee a high fidelity of sound and image. So much so that satellite channel devices and even video games use it.

However, because it is an analog system (need for signal conversion by the receiver) it has its limitations. The arrival of digital transmission allowed the union of audio and video in a single cable, in very high definition.

They are portable and malleable, provided they are handled with care. Check out more advantages and disadvantages:

And the RCA converter? What is it for?

RCA cables have been around for a long time, with features that have made them popular and used worldwide. Even today, equipment continues to be manufactured to this standard, but not all. Therefore, there are adapters that allow its use in almost any condition.

Currently, the most sophisticated equipment has only digital connections, or even an analog output only. This condition ends up limiting the use of equipment with this type of transmission.

The solution created by the industry, therefore, was the construction of converters. Small and portable, they are able to transform the analog signal from RCA to digital. In this way, even a television with only an HDMI input can receive the signal.

This condition favors a lot of equipment that you already have at home. Perhaps a little less modern, or of sentimental value, they will remain usable. Camcorders are good examples of RCA transmission.

There are two most common converters for RCA. One of them does not take into account the image, but the way in which the sound is transmitted.

The P2 to RCA converter allows single audio outputs – such as the smartphone or notebook – to transmit over two cables. The opposite connection allows an RCA source to be connected, for example, to an amplifier with P input (stereo sound in just one plug).

The other is the audio and video converter, transforming the RCA cable into an HDMI source. This modification is very useful for connection to high definition equipment.

How much?

An extremely popular product and widespread throughout the world, with low value of raw material for manufacture. This is the RCA cable, and for this reason, you can find equipment like this at prices below R $ 10.

This value changes depending on the length of the cable and also on the finish of the pin, but in general, the RCA cable is a very affordable product.

Where to buy?

Used worldwide, this technology is nothing new in the market. You will find this type of adapter even in the famous “1.99 stores”. Of course, valuing quality, you should look elsewhere.


Stores specializing in audio, or even computer, will have different options and information on models and characteristics. They are good shopping options. Department stores will also have them in droves.

However, one of the best options is to search the internet. Products with low weight, they usually have a low freight. The search will also allow you to access multiple locations and content. Stores like Amazon have vast amounts to choose from.

Purchasing Criteria: Factors to Compare RCA Cable Models

Physically, we are talking about a simple cable capable of transmitting audio and video (albeit separately). But, there are some features that can differentiate them in terms of use and quality.

We think it is important that you also know these details. They will certainly help you a lot when choosing the one that best fits your needs. Before buying an RCA cable you should think about:

  • Goal
  • Material
  • Pin finish
  • Cable length

Below, understand why each of these points is important.


RCA cables can be found with the option of transmitting only in audio, or else audio and video. Defining the reason for purchasing the product will prevent you from buying a cable with outputs that you will not use.

Of course, a cable with more options will have more uses, but that has to do with the equipment it has. If the purpose is strictly musical, then an RCA cable with two outputs is sufficient. Therefore, a third exit could even cause discomfort.

You will find good options in each connection option for the RCA cable, don’t worry.


Every cable has four electrical components: capacitance, impedance, inductance and resistance per meter. High resistance means reduced signal strength, for example. The higher their measurement value, the more damage the transmission can suffer.

RCA cables are prone to problems, especially if there is no quality standard involved. Avoid cables with injected connectors, as most problems occur between the plugs and the connector and cable joints.

Some cables will contain an insulating and shielding ax, on three levels:

  • 1st Shield : Twisted pair of two wires, one being the signal and the other to ground. It has great immunity to noise.
  • 2nd Shield : Metal mesh involving the conductors, connected to the ground.
  • 3rd Shield : Metal film cover covering the second shield.

Pin finish

The finish of the connector – or pin – of the RCA cable also says a lot about the quality of the product.

It is common to find these cables with the metal tip, we perceive this by the silver color. They usually have good quality, but the most modern ones have these gold plated connectors. If your budget allows – they are not expensive products – choose this material.

Cable length

And finally, before choosing, analyze what footage you need. An RCA cable that is too short may not reach the device and may become useless. On the other hand, too long, it can also be annoying because the wire will be left over.

If the cable will be fixed, try to measure the distance and buy little more than the measure necessary to have a gap. Now if you want a cable for multiple functions, longer footage can be an excellent alternative.


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