Top & Best Post-it Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Post-it: How to choose the best in 2022?

We appreciate your presence here! Today we are going to talk about a simple object, but one that makes organization and office life a lot easier: the post-it!

When organizing tasks, or paying attention to something very important, we resort to post-it notes, a colored pad that draws attention, especially when glued to diaries and white sheets.

Although simple, this is a stationery widely used by students and professionals who work in offices, as it is a practical, simple and effective method of leaving no task behind.

If you are a little forgetful, and are looking for a new way of working, it may be interesting to insert the post-it into your routine. In the guide below we will talk about their advantages and explain you better about them.

First, the most important

  • Post-its is nothing more than colored sheets gathered in a pad, used to mark important tasks, appointments and other significant data.
  • Post-its can be pasted on diaries, notebooks, walls and even on computer monitors. The goal is not to let you forget something, or to keep an organizational system active.
  • At work, you can create the task board made of post-its. A space where the whole team can paste post-its on the same project, in order to stimulate creativity, solve problems and create new lines of thought.

Best post-it templates: Our favorites

Anyone who thinks post-it is all the same is wrong. They vary in shape, color and even texture. Knowing this, we put together a list of the best options on the market, so as not to run the risk of making a mistake in choosing:

  • The traditional post-it
  • Adhesive bookmark
  • Adhesive pad for larger notes
  • Small size scrapbook

Buying Guide

The post-it is a facilitator when organizing the tasks of the day or week. Making use of it a habit can be a good idea at work, college or school.

Post it: What is it?

The post-it is a simple stationery, but very effective in what you propose. It is a relatively small pad, but it can have different sizes, ideal for small notes on daily tasks.

The leaves of the notebook are usually bright colors like yellow, pink pink, orange or turquoise blue, as the idea is that they draw attention so that you do not forget to read its contents.

These sheets have adhesive glue on the ends, in order to allow you to stick them on notebooks, books, walls and any other place that is easy to see in your day.

Such glue has enough strength to keep your post-it glued, but without tearing the paper or damaging the wall if it is removed. The idea is that your note is easily repositionable.

What are the benefits of post-it?

A disorganized routine can cause you a lot of problems at work, studies and even personal issues. Creating methods of organization is certainly an enriching task, which you should at least consider.

Using post-its is a way to keep your routine in order, without missing any important commitments or obligations. Its main objective is to organize your ideas and highlight important tasks of your day.

You can paste post its on diaries and notebooks, with notes about studies or events that you can not forget, you can paste them on walls, in groups, with keywords on some topic, and you can even paste them on your computer monitor computer, so as not to forget any task.

The idea of ​​the post-it is that it does not go unnoticed and is always within reach of your eyes. As you complete the tasks, you can remove each one, or, if it is a note on a topic, you can leave it permanently glued.

They are effective, practical and very useful. Although simple, they make all the difference when organizing ideas, after all, sometimes we can get lost in our own obligations at work or in studies.

In the case of reading lovers or students, there are versions of post-its designed for bookmarking. In addition to bookmarking the page, they also allow a small note. Practical, right?

The post-it is, in fact, a good idea, however, it is made of paper and therefore you need to be careful not to wet or tear it, since it is a sensitive material.

It is also important that you keep an eye on if the glue on your sheet is very firm, as it can become worn and end up loosening, which can cause that post-it to come off and you don’t even notice.

To facilitate the understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of this organizational method, we set up a very explanatory table:

How to create a good task board using post its?

Creating a task board is an excellent way to brainstorm a project. At work, when you are working specifically on something, the task board is very effective.

In this case, you and your colleagues will use the post its to create a great creative picture. On each post-it note you will write ideas, techniques or key words about the project, and they were all glued together, on an easily accessible wall.

The idea is that it allows you to visualize the path that the project is taking, and stimulates the creativity of those involved. Each time a new idea comes up, it should be placed on the post-it and pasted on the board.

You can relate a post-it to others and create small lines of thought within the same project, in order to stimulate some test scenarios.

The exhibition of the painting allows it to be worked, studied and updated at all times, as a team and always with a clear final objective.

Another advantage of this organizational method is that doubts about the projects themselves can be easily resolved at any time. It is a process of opening the letters and breaking up what is being worked on.

Finally, you must understand that the task board is a form of direct communication, which aims to find solutions, solve problems and awaken the team’s creativity.


Did you know that the organization improves productivity? According to experts, disorganized environments result in less productive professionals or students.

This happens for two reasons: The first is that when you spend a lot of time looking for documents and papers, the whole process is affected and suffers from it. The second is that disorganization affects our well-being.

When working in a clean, tidy and comfortable environment, it is easier to focus, get motivated and keep your ideas in order.

The organization also reflects in the way you conduct day to day commitments and tasks. People with organizational problems tend to be more relaxed, forgetful and unfocused.

How much does a post it pad cost?

The good news is that the price of a post-it pad is not expensive, although it varies according to the shape of the pad or the number of sheets. On average, the options range from R $ 10 to R $ 30.

Where to buy post it?

Because it is a stationery, the best place to buy your post-it is right there: at the stationery you like.

However, department stores . If you prefer the comfort of online shopping, we can refer you to Amazon, .

Purchasing criteria: how to compare post-its models

Despite being a simple product, it is interesting that you keep an eye on some features when choosing your post-it, such as:

  • Leaf texture
  • Size
  • Number of sheets
  • Color

Now, let’s explain each of these points better.

Leaf texture

The texture of the leaves has a lot to do with the quality of the paper used in making the post-it. Although it does not seem, there is a difference in the types of paper.

Our suggestion is that you choose blocks made of firmer and more resistant paper, as accidents can happen and post-its can tear or get wet. The ideal is that this is prevented with good quality material, ok?


The size of the leaflets varies greatly according to your need. There are small post-its, there are very large ones, and there are specific ones for bookmark pages.

If you like longer and more complete annotations, choose the templates that allow you to do this, but if you prefer to write only keywords, small ones are enough.

If possible, have at least one pad of each type, for different situations.

Number of sheets

This is also a very variable issue, mainly according to the brands. Some blocks have about 20 sheets, while others have 100. Note this before buying yours, and make your choice based on how often you use it.


The color of your post-it is very important, because it determines how much attention we will give to it, even if we don’t realize it.

It is very important that you choose colorful models and prioritize bright colors like yellow, pink pink and lime green.

These tones are unlikely to go unnoticed by your eyes and attract your attention. Thus, it is easier not to forget to complete a task.



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