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Top & Best Portable sewing machine Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Portable sewing machine: What’s the best in 2022?

If your hobby is sewing and you are looking for a practical tool to do this you have come to the right place. In today’s text we will talk about the portable sewing machine!

Ideal for making small repairs and seams, this product can be widely used for pants bars, in the manufacture of blouses and tea towels and more. It occupies little space and was created precisely to meet those who appreciate this art, but do not work with it.

In this Review you will find all information about this type of machine, its functions, prices and much more to be able to choose the best one for your need. Come on?

First, the most important

  • Portable sewing machines are ideal for those who want to sew and do not have the space that an ordinary machine requires.
  • Currently, this product can be compared to professional machines, having several options and features very similar to them. However, it is not suitable for thick fabrics, remember this!
  • You will find portable sewing machines for values ​​ranging from R $ 20 to R $ 2,000. What changes the price is the brand, number of functions, size and the fact that it is electronic or manual.

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The best portable sewing machines: Our suggestions

Professional sewing machines are large, heavy and not always necessary. For those who want to make small seams they are not viable and, therefore, there are portable models.

To show you a little more of the products of this type we prepared this ranking with the best evaluated. Check out:

  • Users’ favorite
  • The best cost-benefit
  • A mini sewing machine

Buying Guide

Sewing is something that for some people is a hobby, a therapy. Some people like to repair their own clothes and even create items for the home such as pillow covers and towels. If that is your case, portable sewing machines can be a hand on the wheel.

But if you do not know much about this product do not worry, in this buying guide you can learn everything about it, its advantages, disadvantages, how to use it and more, just keep reading.

What is a portable sewing machine?

The portable sewing machine has emerged as an option to conventional or professional models that are usually large and heavy. They are ideal for those who like to sew at home and do not work with it.

sewing machine , which due to its size, can be taken anywhere. Its size does not dictate its capacity, there are several types of machine that can make the most varied points.

What are the advantages of the portable sewing machine?

The big question about this product is that it combines functionality with portability. Most models are usually light, small, have a carrying handle and do not contain the table structure, which is what makes it even easier to take everywhere.

Thinking about the sewing part itself, they do not leave much to be desired, there are simpler models with only one type of stitch, but others that have up to 100 different stitches.

In this way it is possible to do several jobs with them taking up little space. Not to mention that these models arrive at your home assembled and ready for use.

On the other hand, most portable machines are not usually indicated for use in thick fabrics, such as jeans, for example. Therefore, it cannot be used to make the hem of some types of pants or heavier seams.

What are the different portable sewing machine options?

There are several models and brands of portable sewing machines for sale and each one has its own particularities.

Thinking about how it will be connected, know that there are models that are powered by batteries and others on electricity, and there are also bivolt options.

Another variation is that it is electronic or mechanical. On portable mechanical machines the type of stitch, length and width is chosen through the selectors, while on electronic machines the selection is made using keys and the adjustment and stitch width is done automatically.

To know the difference between mechanical and electronic machines, just check if the product has a display in front of you, if yes, it is electronic.

Regarding the type of stitch, this is something that changes a lot between models. Simpler options usually offer few types of stitches, but the most complete are very similar to professional models and can sew with over 100 different stitches. That way, it is possible to use decorative, invisible, straight stitches, zig zag and more.

Another variation of this product is on the machine arm. There are currently free-arm models that are indicated for those who usually make tubular seams such as sleeves and pants bars or in areas of difficult access.

In addition, there are options with automatic bobbin winder, wire cutter, speed control, most of which have two speeds, and sewing light, items that make this product even more complete.

What is the mini sewing machine?

One of the main variations between the portable sewing machine models is the mini machine. It was created with the same idea of ​​being practical and portable, but it has fewer functions than the most common portable ones.

This type of product is small and usually has only one point option, being always connected from batteries and operated from a button.

The big advantage is that this mini machine can be taken everywhere and even inside the bag. Another positive point is that it usually makes seams more beautiful than the hand and can be used for minor repairs in less accessible places such as hanging curtains, for example.

As negative points is the fact of having only one stitch option, not giving so much support to the fabric, as it does not have a structure for it, and being a little uncomfortable for longer jobs. However, for small quick repairs it can be an excellent option.

How much does a portable sewing machine cost?

The models of mini portable sewing machines can be purchased for an initial price of R $ 20, while slightly larger ones can be purchased for around R $ 120.

The common size portable machines, on the other hand, cost an average of R $ 250, while the electronics that have advanced technology and more functions can reach a value of R $ 2,000.

Where to buy a portable sewing machine?

In furniture stores portable machines can be found and also in hypermarkets and in establishments dedicated to the sale of items for sewing.

If you are interested in buying online, on sites Amazon,  and the stores mentioned above, it is very easy to find this product.

Another option if you  a model that is in our Ranking is to click on the link that will quickly take you to the website where it is for sale.



Rita Sao PauloWriter

“The word is a magnificent sewing machine. It aligned lives in lives, embroidering smiles, reforming stories, customizing loves and dressing us in dreams … as a couple!”


Purchasing Criteria: Factors to compare the portable sewing machine

Did you see that there are several different models of portable sewing machine to buy and you were in doubt about which one is the best? Smoothly! Below we have prepared a complete list with the factors that you must analyze before choosing your machine, check out what they are:

  • food
  • Size
  • Electronic or manual
  • Number of points

We will now explain each of them in detail.


Some models of portable sewing machines are battery powered, while others must be plugged in and there are also those that have these two characteristics.

If you choose one that needs to be connected to electricity, remember to analyze the voltage of the product. There are those that are bivolt, but others are not.

Models with batteries are well indicated for those who will use the machine somewhere that does not have plugs. If you are in doubt about it, it will not hurt to choose one with both options, since the price does not change much.


One of the great advantages of this machine is that it is portable, so it is small and easy to take everywhere.

But we told you above that there is the mini portable sewing machine, which is very small and some can even be carried in the bag. The common models do not usually have much variation in size, but it is worth checking the weight they have.

To choose between the mini and the normal size, analyze the space you have and the type of use you will make. Who always sews and likes to create pieces the mini machine is not a good choice, but only for small adjustments they are quite viable.

Electronic or manual

The big difference between an electronic or manual machine is in the fact of choosing the type of stitch, width and length automatically or not.

For those who have been sewing for a long time and are familiar with all this, this factor would be more an ease than a necessity.

In the case of those who do not have so much practice, perhaps the electronic machine is a more advantageous option since it is capable of doing the entire process automatically.

Number of points

There are machines that make 8, 10, 30 and even 100 different stitch types. It is even common that the most complete models usually cost more.

Before choosing your machine think about the use you will make with it, if you want to make decorative and different stitches one with more options is a good option right?

However, if you are going to use the product only for the basics, it is not necessary to have so many options for points that will never be used and that you can spend more.


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