Top & Best Tablet keyboard Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Tablet keyboard: Check out the best 2022 models

Today we are going to show you all about keyboard for tablet. Much like smartphones, but of larger sizes, many people already use them as notebooks.

They are lighter, have their own technology and touch screen. But, what about when we need to write for a long time?

Certainly you have already had some trouble typing on your phone or tablet. The small screen makes it difficult, and the auto broker creates absurd things. But with a keyboard for a tablet, things change. And we’ll show you how!


First, the most important

  • Keyboards for tablets are much like computer keyboards. Sometimes, one is able to be used in the other.
  • There are portable keyboards, specific to tablets, in size similar to the equipment. Some even come with a stand or cover, for placing the tablet.
  • They have several use options and accessories. Some even have an integrated mouse.

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The best keyboards for tablet: Our options

Small, practical accessories are easy to find around. However, you need to know that not everyone is the same. We have separated the best ones here to introduce you.

  • A very easy option to load
  • A practical and easy-to-store tablet keyboard
  • For all tablet types


Buying Guide

It is not always easy to purchase an accessory. Searching for keyboards will take you to a multitude of options, with stark differences in price. Before choosing any tablet keyboard, pay attention to the information we searched for.

That way, you’ll know how to compare offers and decide on the product that meets your need.


What are the advantages of using a tablet keyboard?

Modernity has brought many advances to daily life, especially in communication and entertainment. Tablets and smartphones are accessible to almost all audiences, and have been continuously meeting the need for a computer.Internet connection, image display, photography and filming, data editing, games of all kinds. Tablets are able to provide you with all these options, without much effort, from your available operating systems and applications.

But, have you tried writing long texts on them? Need special characters at all times for calculation formulas? Despite continually improving, the on-screen keyboards are not the best when it comes to continuous use.


Of course, with a lot of training, you may even be able to type at the same speed as you would on a keyboard. But there are keyboards just to help you in this process.

Using Bluetooth technology (wireless signal), or even with an OTG cable, you can connect a keyboard to the tablet. Wired or wireless, the tablet keyboard offers more comfort and quality.

In doubt if it’s worth it?

What is the best compatibility for a tablet keyboard?

As technology advances, it is incorporated into equipment. With tablets this is no different.Therefore, you need to check your operating system version before purchasing a keyboard. If you have something from:

  • Android 4.4
  • IOS 5
  • MAC OS 10
  • Windows 8

You have a good chance of being safe when buying the accessory. Virtually all keyboards will work on products up to five years old. So, it is not a reason to worry, but it is important to know.

Which key system is ideal on a tablet keyboard?

If you often use keyboards for typing or games, you know how important it is to have the buttons you need. The  standard is ABNT2 (with cedilla, for example), and having a keyboard in this standard greatly facilitates the work you will have when typing.

In general, the tablet keyboard is the same as a computer, it varies according to the size.

Generally these keyboards are more compact, giving up the number system in the right corner. There are options that have it, but be prepared to pay a little extra.

Also, being additional keys, they will increase the size of the accessory. Of course, the numbers that are on top of the screen still don’t remain, and if they were enough, you don’t even need to invest in the numeric.

As for the position of the keys, they are in the same places as on any keyboard, in a pattern called QWERTY. Keys like enter, control, space bar, all appear on the keyboard, in the usual places or very close.

Likewise, if you need to use the functions (F1 to F12), some models will have buttons available.

The keyboard for tablets is very similar to any other keyboard for notebook or computers. They can be chosen in really different sizes.

What is the difference between a tablet keyboard and a conventional one?

Basically what changes between a tablet keyboard and the conventional one is the size.Since nowadays you find a keyboard for your computer the way you want it, wired or wireless, with a numeric keypad or not, with different colors and configurations, this difference is really in portability.


The tablet keyboard was designed to be carried everywhere, together with this device, so it is very compact, sometimes foldable and even fits inside the bag.

As we have seen, some models can be quite simple or have all the other features of a traditional keyboard.

How much does a tablet keyboard cost?

Important accessories for the tablet, with functions ranging from basic to more complex, tablet keyboards have a wide range of prices.Basic products will be found on the market from R $ 60, delivering what you need in keys and typing. But don’t count on function buttons or other accessories, besides the plastic base with keys.

As purchasing resources increase, so do the possibilities of the equipment. For R $ 300 you are able to find state-of-the-art keyboards, including support for placing the tablet.

Some can even fold up for convenience in transportation. And, also, come with a mouse pad (just like the computer) in a two-in-one package.

Where to buy a tablet keyboard?

As they are accessories for tablets and smartphones, these keyboards will be found in computer stores and also in department stores. Even gift shops may have some models.However, searching online is always an excellent option. There you can select models, create comparisons and make choices based on the criteria you define.

Stores like Amazon have a wide variety of these accessories, with the convenience of safe shopping and home delivery.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing tablet keyboard types

Now that you have a vision and knowledge of tablet keyboards, you may be thinking of buying one. But, to make the best acquisition you need to pay attention to some characteristics.

We will now list for you the main characteristics of these accessories, ideas to take into consideration before purchase.

  • Size
  • Connection
  • Power supply
  • Keys

Now check out each of these factors in detail:


When buying a tablet keyboard, definitely size is something to pay close attention to. The keyboards have very varied formats, ranging from proportional to the tablet to the size of those of the computer.

They are usually thinner, and consequently lighter. But this is not where you need to focus. A larger keyboard generally means more space between keys, and a greater number of functions.

Try to match the size of the accessory to the needs you will have with it. Avoid buying something with unnecessary keys, which will only increase the size and weight of the keyboard.



If you intend to use a tablet keyboard, know that it needs to be connected with the equipment. The options are not many: either it is made by cables, or without cables (by bluetooth).

Check if everything is ok with your tablet’s bluetooth, or even if it has available USB ports. The keyboard will need one of these options to function.

If you want practicality, choose the wireless connection. It will allow you a few meters away, and will not be restricted to the size or needs of the cable. Any position is possible with a wireless keyboard.

Power supply

For a keyboard to work, it will need a power source. Cable keyboards generally use the power of the device they connect to – in this case, they use the tablet’s battery.

However, in wireless options, there is a need for your own power source. Keyboards are usually supplied by batteries or batteries with easy access to trade, generally.

When working with batteries, you will have energy for up to 12 months of work, depending on the amount of use. With battery (rechargeable, an advantage), you will get up to 20 uninterrupted hours of work.


Something that many overlook, keys are an essential part of a keyboard. Note their height and size, if they seem suitable for use by your fingers.

Take care with brands without great market origin, opting for equipment that works in different niches. If you like a brand of computer keyboard, you are likely to like it for a tablet too.

Choose a keyboard where the position of the keys is comfortable, as you will use it a lot. Pay attention to the functions and shortcut buttons, and their placement.

A bad choice will turn the task of writing into something much more laborious than it should be.





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