Bed, table and bath Review

Raise your hand for those who won’t give up on a comfortable mattress, a “hugging” bath towel or a stylish tablecloth. If you’ve just raised your hand once, twice or three times, this is your place. Here, brings the main news in bed, table and bath to make your life easier and better.


All Type Of Hygiene and cleaning Review

There’s nothing worse than coming home and finding it dirty. Or rather, there is: finding the house dirty and not having the right accessories to clean it. If you like to have your house in order, you know that some products and electros are essential. It’s about them, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, cleaning products and more, that we’ll talk about in this section.


Safety Review

Unfortunately, nowadays, we can say that no Brazilian city is immune to acts of violence, robbery and vandalism. Not even inside our own homes can we feel safe. But there are some ways to rescue this feeling of security, with accessories and technological devices. It is about these accessories and their news that the team wants to talk in this section.


All Kitchen utensils Items Review

Your recipe will only go as planned if you have the right accessories. We are talking about knives, pans, juicers, cutlery, glasses… phew! There are so many kitchen utensils needed for all the recipes that it’s hard to even list them. But don’t worry: they’re all here in this section. Welcome!


Housewares Accessories Articles Review

Sometimes our day at home becomes a nightmare because we realize that something is missing from the home. It could be a pot, an extension cord, an alarm clock or even a door weight. Are you looking for a home utensil and don’t know how to choose? We will help you in this section!


Bathroom Accessories Review

A clean, pleasant and well decorated bathroom makes all the difference in a house. We know that, and that’s why, here, we’ll give due attention to all the accessories needed to have and maintain a perfect bathroom. Want to know more? Check out each of the articles in this section!