Top & Best Cable P2 Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Cable P2: How to choose the best in 2022?

Welcome to Mypricesaving! Do you love music? So do we! So let’s talk about P2 cable, so you can hear your sound at full volume and with great quality.

If you like good sound, you need to know that, regardless of the quality of your mixer, amplifiers or speakers, you will never get a good sound if you don’t have the right cables. The most important of these is the P2, which is present in a multitude of devices.

Next, let’s talk a little more about this cable that is so used in our daily lives. Then you will know the best models available on the market, the types of P2 cable and all the necessary criteria to choose this item well. Keep up with us!

First, the most important

  • The quality of your sound will depend on the choice of a good P2 cable.
  • P2 cables are sold in a multitude of models and can be used for many purposes, depending on their connectors.
  • P2 cables are cheap items, but you need to invest a little more if you want good sound quality and product resistance.

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Best P2 cables: Our recommendations

Do you love music and want to hear everything on your stereo at maximum volume and still in the best quality, without unnecessary losses? For that you have to have a good P2 cable. However, choosing this equipment is not as easy as it looks.

To help you enjoy the best sound, we have separated the best P2 cables available on the market. So, you will not get lost among the variety of options and models. Check your purchase options in detail.


Buying Guide

P2 cables can seem like a simple thing to buy in terms of concept, until you start looking for one and realize that you didn’t know how complex they were. Although they may be the least interesting components when listening to or playing music, they are some of the most important.

So, here is a complete guide with everything you need to know to make sure you are getting the best cable for your equipment and for your desired purpose.

What is P2 cable and what is it for?

The P2 cable or, as it is better known, audio cable, is the one commonly used to connect multimedia devices, such as headphones, headsets, speakers and many other sound devices.

They are used to transmit the sound from one device to the other, allowing you to listen through speakers, headphones, in the car and even in home theater systems, without much complication.

These cables come in different sizes and thicknesses, that is, some plugs are thinner and others are thicker. In addition, you can choose the “male” or “female” model, which represents whether the connector will be input or output on these types of cables.

In addition, when these cables are not connected to a device, such as a headset, they can have one end with another type of connector. They are so simple, that they can even be made at home, but of course, you will have a very low quality cable.

What types of connectors on the P2 cable?

The P2 cable, when not directly connected to the electronic device, can have at its other end several types of connectors, each with its specific function. Some examples of P2 cables are for RCA, for P2, for P10 and for Lightning.

The P2-RCA cable has a P2 connector on one side and an RCA connection on the other. It has the function of acting as an intermediary between more modern stereos and older models. You can, for example, connect your old stereo to your television with this cable.

The P2-P2 cable , which has two connection pins of the P2 model, serves to connect more modern sound devices to reproduce the sound from one source to another. It is commonly used in speakers and also in cars to connect the cell phone to listen to music, for example.

The P2 to P10 cable is used to adapt a device that has the largest input and connect it to a smaller plug, the P10.

Finally, the P2 to Lightning cable serves to connect headphones common to Apple products, such as Macbook and Iphones, since they have no common inputs.

How is P2 different from P3?

On the P2 phone, you will notice right away that there are two horizontal lines at the tip of the plug. These lines have the function of separating one audio channel from the other, so that they do not cause interference with each other.

In this division, the upper part refers to the left side of the phone, the middle part is relative to the right side and the bottom part serves as a ground wire.

With the P3 cable, you will find many more divisions. There are three black lines to separate the channels. In this case, the top two channels are relative to the right and left side. The bottom two channels refer to the ground and microphone.

Although it is already present in some computers, you will not find the P3 plug in most devices, which makes it difficult to transmit the sound. Therefore, the P2 cable is still the most suitable, even though it is simpler. This is because it is accepted in almost all devices.

How much?

P2 cables are one of the cheapest on the market, however, the durability and quality of the cable will vary greatly depending on the price of the product. So it may be worth investing a little more money to have a cable of this type for several years.

You can find simpler P2 cables, with that famous P2-P2 connection for around R $ 7, while higher quality models can cost even more than R $ 50. If you want a good cable, but without spending a lot, you will find models for R $ 20 that will serve you very well.

The cable options with the P2-RCA, P2-P10 and P2-USB connections also fit this price range, depending on the quality of the product, with the P2-RCA being the most expensive of these.

However, if you want more elaborate connectors, such as a P2-Lightning cable, to connect your Iphone to a headset, you will have to pay a lot more. These cables start at R $ 40 and can reach more than R $ 90, considering the original model.

Where to buy?

These pieces are super common and you will find them in many physical stores in your city. The most common are those aimed at the sale of cell phone accessories and in the stores of various utensils.

You can also choose the version of these same stores and many others of the online type. Thus, you get a slightly lower price and a better variety of products, making it possible to find a variety of P2 cable models.

But the best alternative is to buy in online stores like Amazon which have prices well below the market and have products of great quality. In addition, you can follow the comments and be aware of what consumers are thinking about the product.

Did you know that the most common 3.5mm P2 cable was originally designed in the 1950s as two-conductor headphone connectors for transistor radios?

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare the different P2 cable offers

A P2 cable is an item that has several complexities, although it looks simple, and needs to be well suited to your device, otherwise it will only cause damage. Therefore, it is important to observe some criteria when choosing yours.

Check out some more important criteria to pay attention to when identifying the best P2 cable for your needs.

  • Connector thickness
  • Size
  • Material
  • Connector

Next, we’ll detail each of these items so you can choose the best P2 cable available on the market.


The thickness of the connector is one of the most important questions when choosing the perfect P2 cable for you. That’s because there are different thicknesses for this type of cable on the market, so you may be able to buy a type of cable that doesn’t fit your stereo or your cell phone.

Therefore, check carefully how many millimeters is the input of your device and what are the dimensions of your connector plug. Thus, you will never go wrong when buying a cable of this type. The most common model is 3.5 mm thick, but you will find many models with 2.5 mm.


Length is also an essential factor when choosing the best P2 cable. That’s because you need to know exactly if your cable will reach the devices you want to connect.

In some cases you will have to buy huge cables to easily connect the electronics. In other cases, the best choice is small cables, as you won’t want too many lengths of wire to hinder your mobility.


The durability and quality of your sound is all about the material used, so it is important to choose the material of a P2 cable very carefully.

If you want a cable just for emergency use or if you don’t want a cable that will last for many years, simple material cables will be enough for you.

However, if you care about the sound quality and the resistance of your audio cables, it is best to invest in cables coated with nylon and with gold-plated connectors, for example.


Last but not least, the connector is a criterion that must be observed if you want a cable that works on the device you need and the way you need it.

Of course, there will always be a P2 connector at one end, however, it is necessary to note which connector comes at the other end and whether it is male or female. That way, you won’t end up with a useless connector in your home.

So, before you buy, check the input of all your devices where you want to use the P2 cable and check which connector to buy. If you want a more versatile cable, the P2-P2 is the best option for connecting with a multitude of devices.



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