Top & Best Ceiling clothesline Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Ceiling clothesline: How to choose the best for your home in 2022?

Hello, welcome to! Those who live in small houses and apartments know that optimizing spaces is essential. In the laundry room this is no different and to facilitate the dynamics of this space, the ceiling clothesline appeared, a product that we will talk about here today.

Ideal for places where conventional clotheslines are not the best option, the ceiling clothesline is a practical and very efficient solution. With it it is possible to dry the clothes and still leave the passage area free. If you are looking for a product like these, you have arrived at the right place, because in this article we will cover everything about it.

First, the most important

  • The ceiling clothesline is easy to install and its height can be adjusted according to the need.
  • This is one of the clothesline models that takes up less space and is very practical, as it can be used even with long clothes.
  • The ceiling clothesline is affordable and you can purchase one of these for an initial price of R $ 30.

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The best ceiling clothesline models: Our indications

The ceiling clothesline is a product that fits perfectly in laundries of all sizes. It is made in several models and for you to know more in depth we have separated the best below, check it out.

  • The best rated clothesline
  • A ceiling clothesline model with two size options
  • The best ceiling clothesline option for larger laundries

Buying Guide

The ceiling clothesline is a product that combines practicality with efficiency and that is why it is the choice of many people who live in apartments. Basically it is installed on the roof of the laundry and can be lowered or raised whenever necessary.

This type of installation makes the product take up little space. In addition, thanks to the height at which it stands, the clothes dry very quickly. But it doesn’t stop there and the ceiling clothesline has even more positive features. In this buying guide we will show

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the ceiling clothesline?

The ceiling clothesline is a product that has a number of advantages. It is ideal for apartments, in which the laundries are smaller, as it does not occupy space on the floor and is suspended from the ceiling.

Another positive point is that thanks to its height the incidence of sun and wind in the clothes is higher. This makes the pieces dry more quickly.

It also has the advantage of being made in several measures. This variation allows it to adapt to all sizes of laundry. Because of this there are also models that support different amounts of weight and there are those with fixed or individual rods.

The downside is that when the clothesline is full it can get a little heavy, which for some people can make it difficult to climb.

you all of them.

How to install a ceiling clothesline?

When people see a ceiling clothesline they immediately think that this is a difficult product to install, but in reality this process is simple. It is possible to hire a professional to perform this function, but many manage to put this item in the laundry alone.

For this there is a step-by-step that must be followed and below you will find it complete.

  1. Hole marking: Start by marking the ceiling and wall where the clothesline will be installed. To do this, use the product itself as a reference, marking the location where your drilling points are.
  2. Drilling: Take the drill and drill the wall exactly at the points marked.
  3. Placement of bushings and hooks: Place the bushings that accompany the ceiling clothesline in each of the holes and attach the hooks that will hold the product in them.
  4. Support hole : Then drill another hole in the wall, about 1.50 meters from the floor, between the holes in the ceiling. Then place the bushing and another hook on it.
  5. Placing the ropes: Cut the rope that comes with the clothesline in the middle, burn its ends so as not to fray and fold one of its parts. Pass the ends over the ceiling hooks and do the same process with the other half of the rope on the opposite side.
  6. Mooring: Tie the 4 ends of the rope to the side holes of the clothesline.
  7. Height definition: Raise the clothesline to the ceiling, keep it straight and go down about 10 centimeters. Then make a knot at the height of the hook so that the clothesline is in the correct place.


Fernanda DGArchitect

“Regardless of the environment in which the clothesline is located, the important thing is that it receives wind and preferably sunlight, also to better dry the clothes. No leaving the clothesline in very closed environments or with a lot of humidity.”

Ceiling, floor or wall clothesline: Which is the best?

When setting up a laundry, many people are in doubt about which clothesline model to choose. There are several options for this product and the most common are floor, wall and ceiling.

The ceiling clothesline, as we have said, is installed on the ceiling and is completely suspended. The positive point of this version is that its height can be adjusted. That way, you can choose whether it will get lower or higher. This even allows free passage through the laundry even with extended clothes.


The wall clothesline has the most variation in terms of format.

The wall clothesline has the most variation in terms of format. It can be found in versions with individual rods, folding, fixed, folding and even retractable. Like the ceiling model, it takes up little space in the laundry room and has the advantage that it can also be installed in backyards.

On the other hand, the floor clothesline is the one that occupies the most space in the houses and it is found in three formats: tower, swivel and accordion. The great facility of this version is that it can be taken anywhere, but it is not suitable for very long clothes.

Where to buy a ceiling clothesline?

Another great feature of the ceiling clothesline is that it is quite popular and thanks to that, finding it to buy is not difficult. Those who like to shop in physical stores can buy it in those that sell products for the home and construction.

Those who love the convenience of online shopping can buy it on sites like Amazon.

How much does a ceiling clothesline cost?

Anyone who thinks that to purchase a ceiling clothesline it is necessary to spend a large amount of money is very wrong. This item is sold in different prices, but there are options very well.

The most expensive models are the largest and have the most sticks, while the smallest are cheaper. Thus, the price of the ceiling clothesline starts at R $ 30 and can reach R $ 430, on average.

Purchasing criteria: Ways to compare ceiling clothesline models

If the clothesline is the ideal option for your laundry, know that when choosing one of these it is essential to pay attention to some details. They will make all the difference in using this product and below we list everything you should review.

  • Rods
  • Size
  • Supporting weight
  • Material

Now we will explain these criteria in detail.


The rods are of essential importance on any clothesline, because it is on them that the clothes will be hung.

Regarding this component, two things must be analyzed: the quantity and the thickness. There are ceiling clothesline models with six and even ten sticks and which one to choose depends on the amount of clothes you wash at a time.

Regarding the thickness, remember that it should not be too thin, since the chance of breaking or bending is greater.

Even if the rods are of the thick type, know that the correct way to put the fastener is at the bottom, joining the two parts of the clothes.


One of the most important things when choosing a ceiling clothesline is to define the ideal size that this product should have.

The smaller options are about 1 meter long.

It is made in several measures. The smaller options are about 1 meter long, while the largest options reach 1.5 meters.

Therefore, it is essential to measure the free ceiling area of ​​the laundry to determine the ideal clothesline size. Even if this product is at the top, there are usually cabinets that go up to the ceiling and there are also lamps. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to this.

Supporting weight

The weight that the clothesline supports is another factor that should not be overlooked. It is directly related to the number of parts that can be extended, so it is essential to pay attention to this detail.

Many models of ceiling clothesline support about 9 kilos, but there are options that pass a little of that and can reach up to 12 kilos. Thus, those who usually wash a large amount of clothes at once should only choose the most resistant options.


There is also variation in the material on which the ceiling clothesline is made. It is possible to find options in steel and aluminum and each of them has its positive and negative points.

Steel ones are the most resistant and have excellent durability. Aluminum has the main advantage of being quite light, but it is not as strong and costs more. So, check which option is the most viable for you.

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