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Top & Best Christmas Decoration Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Christmas Decoration: How to choose the best in 2022

With the end of the year, the Christmas atmosphere invades the streets and Christmas decoration is present in shopping malls, shop windows, inside and outside the houses.

Although the tree is the star of the Christmas decoration, there is a wide variety of ornaments: balls, garland, garland, flasher, nativity scene, socks, tree skirt and much more.

If you are thinking about preparing a complete decoration for your home this year, this article will help you a lot. Let’s talk about the different ornaments used in Christmas decoration, where to buy them and how much they cost.

First, the most important

  • The most popular Christmas ornaments are: Christmas tree, decorated with Christmas balls, flasher and garland, garland for the door, flasher curtain on the window and crib, which conveys the religious meaning of the party.
  • The colors green and red are traditional in Christmas decoration. However, you can bet on other combinations to give a more modern and sophisticated touch to the decor.
  • Lighting is an important part of Christmas decoration, so in addition to the cozy light from the candles, you will find the flasher (LED or incandescent light) and the luminous hose.


Best Christmas Decoration Items: Our Recommendations

The celebration of Christmas is a tradition kept alive all over the world, generation after generation. In addition to supper and exchange of gifts, to maintain the magical atmosphere, Christmas ornaments cannot be missing.

We have selected the top five Christmas decoration items in this list. You will find flasher, garland, Christmas balls and the traditional Christmas tree.

  • Decorated Cromus Tree
  • Christmas balls Cromus
  • Wreath with 135 Stems
  • Decorative lights Etna


Buying Guide

Christmas night is considered the most special of the year, because in addition to celebrating the birth of Jesus (for Christians), it is a time of family unity and fraternization.

To celebrate the date, you can decorate every corner of the house with Christmas ornaments, which guarantee charm and warmth to the home. To help you choose the best options, we have prepared this Buying Guide.

What is the correct way to put the flasher?

The correct way to put the blinker on the Christmas tree is to turn it on and pass it first, before the festoon and balls, always from top to bottom, this way you can:

    • Illuminate the entire tree
    • Check for a burnt-out lamp
    • Ensure a more natural effect, without the strands appearing over the ornaments


A tip is to bet on the white lights, after all, the flasher is the basis for the other ornaments, which are usually quite colorful. The lights in this color guarantee a harmonious effect and without exaggeration.

The ideal is to leave the lights always on or in those sequential settings, where they are always flashing. So the environment remains illuminated.


And to highlight the effect of the blinker, leave the light in the room off, to give the tree the deserved prominence. If the environment gets too dark, bet on placing some flashers in other parts of the house.

You also find models of blinkers made especially for the outside area of ​​the house, they are more resistant. When buying this ornament, also check if the product received the Inmetro seal.

You can wrap the flasher on the railing of the external staircase and use it to decorate the trees. To avoid an accident, buy a battery-powered blinker and not one connected to the outlet.

Flasher or light hose: Which one should I choose?

The luminous hose is equipped with small LED lights and covered by a transparent plastic tube. These lights can be colored (red, yellow, orange, blue and green) or white.

The operating mode is basically the same as the flasher, but because it is coated, the luminous hose is even more resistant and will not spoil or burn if it comes in contact with moisture.

That is, you can wrap it in trees, facades or balconies and you don’t have to worry about rain or wind. Because of the resistance, the luminous hose is used to decorate the city for Christmas.

The main advantages of the luminous hose in relation to the flasher are: better cost-benefit, superior resistance and ease of handling.

If you buy the luminous hose in a roll, know that every 2 meters, it can be cut to make smaller decorations. Always cut at the location indicated by the scissors symbol, and then turn on the power harness and connect to the mains.


How much?

To give you a general idea of ​​the prices, we researched the values ​​of the main items used in Christmas decoration on the Amazon website, and we will talk about the lowest, average and highest price of each one.

The classic Christmas tree costs at least R $ 280, there are many options around R $ 500 (already with ornaments) and you will find higher prices, for up to R $ 3,500.

The flasher costs a minimum of R $ 15 and a maximum of R $ 40. The LED hose is a little more expensive and a 100 meter roller costs around R $ 600.

The festoon is very cheap, you can find many options for less than R $ 10, but there are versions with higher prices, between R $ 40 and R $ 150 and that reach R $ 450.

The prices of Christmas balls vary widely, there are unit models between R $ 10 and R $ 115 and kits between R $ 15 and R $ 70. Sophisticated models can cost up to R $ 400.

The garland is also a piece with very variable prices, there are cheap models, between R $ 15 and R $ 60 and options with higher prices between R $ 550 and R $ 850. The most expensive model we found costs R $ 1,500.

Finally, the cheapest crib costs around R $ 75, there are intermediate models for less than R $ 200 and more expensive options for up to R $ 900.

Where to buy?

You can find Christmas ornaments in several decoration and home utilities stores. If you prefer to buy online, you have many options:

    • Amazon
    • Submarine
    • Free market
    • Shoptime


The advantage of buying online is that you find attractive offers, paying less for more items to compose your Christmas decoration. In addition, you find a lot of variety and you don’t even have to leave the house.


What are the different ornaments used in Christmas decoration?

We have to admit, it is easier to get into the Christmas atmosphere in an environment specially decorated for the date. The colors, lights and ornaments add a special touch to the celebration.

The Christmas decoration takes shape with the pine tree that is decorated with balls, a star on the top, flasher and garland, the garland on the door, the socks on the fireplace console and the crib symbolizing the birth of Jesus.

Below we will detail each item that makes up the Christmas decoration to make your home ready for that date.

Christmas tree

Setting up the Christmas tree is a family tradition. In addition to teamwork, everyone will be able to put a touch of their own personalities in the way of decorating and have that delicious feeling of being a child again.

The Christmas tree is the pine tree, rare due to the tropical climate. You can choose an artificial pine, green or white (symbolizing snow), in different sizes.

People are delighted with the trees that reach the ceiling, but before buying yours, analyze the space available at home and consider that you will need a greater amount of decorations.


To decorate it, bet on various ornaments such as balls, bows, branches, bells, among others. Don’t forget the star at the end.

There is no rule about how to assemble the Christmas tree, but you can apply some tricks like distributing the ornaments evenly and in a balanced way, so that everyone is in evidence.

The tip is to start with the flasher, so that it is well distributed and the cable hidden between the branches (that’s why the wire is green). Place the tree near an outlet to light the flasher.

Then place the larger ornaments, distributing them in a balanced way, then the medium ones, always on the opposite side, and finish filling the empty spaces with the small ornaments.

Balls for the tree

To decorate the tree, use the Christmas balls. In addition to the traditional models, in green, red and gold, you will find options in unusual shades such as pink, lilac, blue, silver, etc.

If you want to innovate, bet on the transparent balls, with effects inside like miniatures of reindeer, pines and snowflakes made of Styrofoam. You can also look for companies that personalize Christmas balls with photos of your family.

You can also find balls made of porcelain and glass, which are very shiny, but if you have a child or animal at home, it is best to avoid them, as they can cause accidents.

In addition to the balls, you can use other ornaments to decorate the tree such as pine cones, gift boxes, Santa Claus and reindeer made of felt, bells, bows, among others. You also find modern ornaments that play music.



Did you know that the Christmas tree should be set up on the Sunday closest to November 30, the date that marks the beginning of Advent, a period when Christians are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus?

The moment of crowning the tree with a star, symbolizing the Star of Bethlehem, usually happens on December 25th. On January 6, Kings Day is celebrated, symbolizing the arrival of the Three Kings in Belém and, on that same day, the Christmas decorations are dismantled.

Star at the top of the tree

It is said in the bible that the birth of Jesus was announced to the three wise men through a star that guided them to the place. Therefore, stars are a tradition in Christmas decoration.

Nowadays, this artifact is considered a symbol of peace and prosperity at the birth of the new year, so they are scattered on the tree and placed on top of it (although some people prefer to put on a large angel or bow).


The garland is a traditional ornament in the Christmas decoration, placed on the door of the house, to receive the guests for the Christmas dinner. Putting a garland on the door shows that your house is in a festive mood.

This ornament has a special meaning: luck. The wreath is also the only ornament that people who pass the entrance to your home will see, so invest in a beautiful model.

The wreath is round, and the size varies, there are small, medium and large models. Nowadays you can find very different versions: polka dots, fabric, flowers, patchwork, buttons, shells and much more.


Nativity Scene

It is a custom in many cultures, linked to Christianity, to set up a nativity scene, either in miniature or in real size, as this ornament represents the birth of the baby Jesus.

The crib has miniatures of parents Mary and Joseph, newborn Jesus, some animals, which represent the simplicity of the place, angels, shepherds, the Three Kings and the Star of Bethlehem.


Table decorations

Don’t forget to decorate the table for the Christmas dinner. You will find special crockery and cutlery, as well as napkins and themed table liners.

In addition to being made in traditional colors, they can also come with special details such as Christmas tree prints, stars, reindeer, snowflakes, among others.

On the table, you can place candles, either thick ones, supported on special supports, or the finest ones on candlesticks. In addition to creating a cozy atmosphere, candles ensure special lighting.

To finish decorating the table, choose a good flower arrangement. We suggest the white Poinsettia, also known as Christmas Flower. Besides being beautiful, this flower is not expensive and you will not need excessive care.




The Christmas garland has the texture, volume and color of the pine vegetation. Initially it was used to encapsulate artificial pines, making these pieces even more robust.

Over time, the festoon started to be sold in different colors, sizes and in shiny or matte textures.

The colorful garland gives a special touch to the Christmas tree and can be the highlight of the decoration or be used as a complement to other items such as lights, bows, bells and balls.

And the festoon can be used on the doors, walls, table and railing of the stairs inside or outside the house. The best thing is that besides being versatile, this ornament is cheap.

You can also use the garland to create special garlands for the bedroom doors, choosing the color and texture that conveys the personality of those who sleep there.


Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare the different types of Christmas decorations

Christmas is the ideal holiday to gather the family around a large table, exchange gifts and share the good things that happened over the year and dreams for the next.

For Christians, the date also represents the celebration of Jesus’ birth.

To leave the house in a Christmas atmosphere, you can bet on a classic or modern Christmas decoration. To choose the right decorations, consider the features below:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Color
  • Flasher

We will explain each of the items throughout this last section.


The Christmas tree can be made of natural pine (although this type of tree is not common here, because of the climate), or artificial, made of PVC plastic.

The downside of the natural tree is that it is usually discarded after the celebrations. The positive point is that, when well taken care of, it can last from two to three years.

The artificial pine can last for decades, because after use, the ornament is stored in a box and reused every year. However, the composition material (PVC) is made of non-renewable raw material (oil) and is not recyclable.

The Christmas balls can be made of plastic, acrylic, cloth (cotton or wool), glass and porcelain. The finish can be matte or shiny and the balls can be colored, transparent, with embellishments inside and even personalized.

The garland can be made of flowers, branches, twigs, foliage, (natural or artificial) various fabrics (felt, wool, cotton, lace), wood, Christmas balls and much more. They can be decorated with ribbons, stuffed animals, glitter, pine cones, artificial fruits, among others.

The flasher has a cable made of flexible plastic and the lamps can be incandescent or LED. We will delve into the differences between the two versions soon.


Christmas ornaments can be found in small, medium and large sizes. The garland, for example, can be purchased in small size, for the door, or giant, for the gate.

The length of the flasher varies, the box length is usually about 10 meters and the light hose is sold by the meter or roll, up to 100 m in length.

The size of the Christmas tree also changes from one model to another, there are table versions, about 30 cm, and floor trees with sizes ranging from 1.20 to 2.50 m.


Green and red are the traditional colors of Christmas decoration. If you want to keep the tradition, but innovate, you can bet on different shades and finishes. However, you have alternative color palettes to color your Christmas:

  • Red and white: A retelling of the classic. This pair of colors is quite versatile.
  • Blue, white and gold: For a more modern decoration. You can vary the intensity of these colors, and use a more vibrant blue with a softer gold, for example.
  • White and pastel colors: It is an excellent option for those looking for a softer decor. The mix of tones, in addition to leaving the atmosphere more peaceful, guarantees a dose of romanticism.
  • Purple, gold and green: It will yield a more modern decor. You will notice that the exchange of red for purple gives a totally new meaning to the classic decoration.
  • Gold, silver and white: There are three traditionally Christmas and elegant shades. The most interesting thing is that white gives a balance in the brightness of the metallic tones.



The blinker lamps can be LED or incandescent.

Incandescent light is characterized by transforming energy into light and heat, but in this account 95% is transformed into heat and only 5% into energy, generating enormous waste.

The LED lamp is the most technological on the market. In addition to being electronic, composed of one or more light emitting diodes, when receiving energy, they convert it into light, without generating excessive heat. In addition to being more economical, LED lamps last longer.


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