Top & Best Churros machine Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Churros machine: How to choose the best of 2022

we will help you choose your churros machine. This traditional candy sold at church parties, parks, among other places.

Churros machines can come in different styles, from small containers that help to shape the dough and fill it, to complete kits with different functions.

We will present some of the best products available on the market. In addition, we will comment on what to watch for before choosing the right churros machine for you. Come on?!

First, the most important

  • Products that only model and fill the churro are completely manual and can cost less than R $ 30.
  • The most complete churros machines can be used to prepare the dough, shape, fry and stuff. Some can be installed in cars or are mounted on carts.
  • Models for commercial use usually start at R $ 1,500. But we will present the different values ​​throughout this Guide.

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Best churros machines: Our recommendations

Are you looking for a cart-style churros machine for the trunk or manual? We have the best model of each one to present you in the list below. Check out:

  • The best option to start a business
  • For those who just need to stuff
  • A high quality manual option

Buying Guide

If you want to buy a churros machine to start a business – or maybe replace an old machine – you cannot miss this complete Buying Guide about these machines.

At the end of this review you will be able to choose the best churros machine for your reality with the total security of being buying the right equipment, and thus, making your customers happy and satisfied.

What is a churros machine?

Churros machines are sets of utensils that assist in the preparation of churros. Although no machine automates the entire process, they all facilitate preparation in some way. They also help standardize churros.

Depending on the model, the machines can assist in preparing the dough, shaping it in the appropriate format, frying it and placing the churro filling. A sample of the main tasks of a complete machine can be seen in the video below.

It is possible to purchase machines that help with all tasks or just some of them. For example, there are churros machines only for filling or just for modeling.

The most complete machines are used to prepare dozens of churros and are usually used commercially. Smaller churros machines with less functions are intended for domestic use.

What are the types of churros machine?

Churros machines can be of various types. They can be used for all tasks or just some of them, as we mentioned above.

Among the machines that assist in all tasks, we can think of 3 types: bench, cart or car.

    • Countertop churros machine : Usually used in buildings, where they are generally compact and take up little space. They are common in snack bars. They are too big to be put in a car and have no wheels to push.
    • Cart churros machine : This is a very popular option and allows the owner to sell on the street – with the permission of the municipality. Thus, you can change your point and always look for more hectic places.
    • Car churros machine : You can find options for both cargo cars and the trunk of small passenger cars. Like the cart, you can sell churros on the street and always look for new points of sale or events, for example.


Finally, there are also the utensils to model churros. Unlike complete machines, in this case you will need to use your kitchen, where frying will take place.

How much?

Churros machines can be found in different types and prices. Smaller machines, which only help to shape the dough, cost less than R $ 50.

Countertop churros machines, where it is possible to model, fry, drain and stuff the churro, have a more intermediate price. In this case, there are models starting at R $ 1,000.

The highest prices are usually found in churros carts, which in addition to performing all the tasks we have already mentioned, facilitate the movement of the machine over great distances. In this case, the price is usually over R $ 2,000.

Where to buy?

Finding stores where churros machines are sold, especially the complete models, is not an easy task. There are usually only a small number of stores in larger cities. Researching and comparing prices for these products in stores can take a long time because of travel.

A more practical option is to purchase online. With the popularization of the internet in recent decades, you can find almost any product for sale online. With churros machines it is no different.

The great advantage of buying online is the ease of finding different models, prices and competitors without leaving your home. Good examples of sites where there are several products for sale are Amazon.

Did you know that churros originate from Spain and Portugal? In addition to remaining very popular in these countries, they have become common in several countries in South and Central even in the Philippines.



Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing churros machine models

Now we will explain the main points that you must observe before choosing the most appropriate churros machine model for your case, doing this there will be no regrets with your purchase. Are they:

  • Machine functions
  • Material
  • Easy to transport
  • Appearance

Below, you can understand the importance of each one in detail.

Machine functions

Not all churros machines can shape the dough, fry, drain and stuff churros. There are models that only allow you to model the dough and others that have no option of filling.

Knowing what you expect from your churros machine is essential for the success of your purchase. Also note the number of confectioners that the machine includes or allows to install. There are models with one, two or three confectioners.


A very common material in churros machines is stainless steel. It is resistant, does not corrode and looks good. Therefore, it is widely used in kitchen utensils of good quality.

It is considered a healthy material to be used in contact with food, unlike aluminum, for example.

The disadvantage of stainless steel is its higher price than products such as aluminum. Because of this, it is common to find churros carts that have parts built in aluminum, especially confectioners.

Easy to transport

There are churros machines that are not designed to be transported. These machines are intended for use in a fixed location, such as in a cafeteria, for example. They are called bench churros machines.

There are churros machines that are built for easy transportation. Some of them are cart-shaped, others can be installed in the trunk of small cars.

Churros machines that have a cart format tend to have slightly higher prices than bench type machines. Their advantage is that they do not require the use of a car for their transport and can be moved around the streets without great difficulties.

To choose a model that is easy to transport, observe the size of the wheels. The bigger they are, the easier it usually is to push the churros machine cart. Another point that facilitates transport is the wheels with rubber tires, which help the cart to keep the momentum.

A third point is the weight of the machine, the smaller it is, the easier it tends to be to get it moving.


Appearance is an important factor for churros machines used for sales, especially in the case of churros carts. Although many cannot resist the smell of a fried pork churro, part of the customers will need to be attracted by the presentation of the cart.

There are several models of strollers and some stand out for their more elegant and more professional-looking construction. This will certainly be a positive factor for sales.

Another point to assess is whether it is easy or difficult to clean a cart. Because of the frying, there is great evaporation of oil during the preparation of the churros.

This oil tends to accumulate and can be difficult to remove if the churros cart has details that are difficult to clean. Over time, this build-up can compromise the appearance of the cart.


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