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Top & Best Guitar pick Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Guitar pick: What’s the best of 2022?

see the most complete guitar pick guide for you to play your favorite songs. With this accessory on your fingers it is possible to take magnificent sounds from the strings!

Looking from a distance it seems that guitar picks are all the same. Except that one version is better for playing jazz, other editions work very well with the aim of removing rock sounds and so on.

Let’s know what are the main types of guitar picks? How about knowing the amount to pay to buy a professional version? Where to get better models? Check out all these details below.

First, the most important

  • The guitar pick also serves to play guitar and other stringed instruments.
  • The guitar pick, or guitar, is available in different models of shapes, size and composition.
  • Hard straws are good at the bases. Flexible models are suitable for soils and to perform scales faster.

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Buying Guide

Tired of hurting your fingers to play the guitar? Then learn to buy a reed that helps you achieve the most beautiful melodies without scratching your skin. Let’s go ahead in the Shopping Guide.

What is a guitar pick?

Guitar pick, guitar pick, pick or plectrum are terms that refer to the musical accessory. Most versions of this tool have a slightly rounded and triangular shape.

With picks (picks, English term) to play music you pinch the strings of guitar, viola, guitar, double bass, chip or mandolin. Metal, plastic, wood and glass are some of the materials used to manufacture this product.


What are the advantages of the guitar pick?

One thing we cannot complain about: The variety of colors available in the guitar or guitar picks. There is a choice of tones that please from metalheads to root samba dancers.

The formats are diverse, less for the sake of style, more for the technical points that interfere in the result of the sound referring to the touch of the strings.

You also don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy, although the best productions are American. Imported models are more difficult to find.

Some editions are worth thousands of dollars, they are from famous guitarists who during the shows throw them to fans in the crowd. An example is this version won by an Englishwoman at a Metallica concert in Manchester:

Negatively we cannot deny that to play with the pick you need to have a certain skill. During the accidental touches, the product will stop inside the guitar, making it necessary to swing the instrument on all sides until the reed comes out.

See the table that gathers the advantages and disadvantages of the reeds:


  • Multiple colors and different formats
  • Low prices
  • Custom templates
  • Versions worth thousands of dollars
  • Different materials
  • Specific thicknesses


  • Fall inside the guitar
  • A little difficult to use
  • The best productions are imported

Finger pin or guitar pick: Which is better?

Many people ask themselves: Why buy a guitar pick when it is possible to put a finger on your thumb to play? If you also want to learn more about the difference between them, read on to find out which one to choose.

Guitar pick

It is more practical, either to play different instruments or because there is no need to fit anything on the fingers. It is also a popular product and simple to find on the market.

Several people can use only one reed model without problems, demonstrating how flexible this product is. Simple to use to play rock and subgenres, as well as reggae and other musical styles.

Another characteristic that explains the success of this production is the possibility of playing with high or low sounds, depending on the thickness of the reeds. Not to mention that in terms of choices in personalization they are real highlights.


Accessory that must be fitted on the thumb. This production is successful among musicians who use 7-string guitar to play samba or choro.

There are people who even use the Portuguese finger guitar. In general this piece is made of plastic or metal, there are not many possibilities for artistic customization.

Keep an eye on the differences between reed and finger:

How to play guitar with picks?

The most practical way to use the guitar pick is to hold it with your index finger and thumb. Many people also use the middle finger to have stability in the use of this product, although this practice is not recommended by professionals.

Once the reed is in your fingers you have two ways to use it. The first is playing the strings with a pick. In the other way you use the accessory together with your fingers on the strings. See more in the video:

How much?

With R $ 1 you buy a pick, depending on the version and place of purchase. Imported models have a price that can go from R $ 4 to R $ 8 per unit.

For those who have the habit of playing with different reed thicknesses, it is valid to buy kits with 10 or more units per package. An imported set can cost from R $ 30 to R $ 100.

Where to buy?

Those who live in the capital buy the guitar pick at one of the dozens of music stores.

On the internet you have more options to choose from. Especially those who visit Amazon find hundreds of offers of guitar picks or guitar from national and international sellers.

Did you know that there are 3 types of guitar pick size? Large models are good for beginners. Medium editions are among the most flexible in different uses and small ones work very well for soloists.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing guitar pick offers

You play the song, but realize that the sound doesn’t come out with the same sound. Have you even tuned the strings several times and no results? Then, it may be necessary to change the reed!

See below for tips that teach you how to select a perfect pick according to your musical needs:

  • Thickness
  • Material
  • Customization
  • Format

Below check out more information about each criterion.


The thickest guitar pick is about 1.5 mm. It generates velvety and low sound due to wide contact with the string.

On the other hand, thinner editions are between 0.5 and 0.7 mm on average. They make the sound brighter and sharper. For this reason these versions are common in use with chips or mandolins.


Cellulose straws are light, practical and popular. Nylon models provide extra comfort for musicians, although they are not very flexible. Whoever plays with steel strings can use the acetal product that reduces the noise of strings and amplifiers.

Lexan versions have better friction with the fingers and are used by metal guitarists. Acrylic straws do not crack because they are super resistant.

Metal models generate clean sound, although they wear out the strings quickly. Considering the wooden versions, each model is capable of generating its own unique sound, as in the case of glass reeds.



There are many possibilities for customizing a guitar pick. You can choose from models with unique colors without any mark to the editions that have real printed artwork.

Depending on where you buy the pick, you can make your own choice of pattern on the guitar pick, matching your instrument, your outfit or your sneakers. You can mark your name or print your favorite designs on the palette.



Reeds that have a round shaped tip serve more to make a full-bodied sound. In the case of editions with sharp points, it is advisable to use them to play with speed and slight attacks on the strings.

For solar it is worth using pointed reeds. In order to play bases, use the round guitar pick shapes.


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