Top & Best Micro grinding Review 2021 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Micro grinding: How to buy the best in 2021?

Today we are going to talk about a small tool that is incredibly versatile and useful: the micro grinder. If you work with crafts or with simple home repairs, she can be your best companion in everyday life!

If you want to know everything about the micro grinding machine, stay tuned to the questions that we will discuss in this article! Let’s talk about its applications, advantages, technical specifications, compare it with other tools of similar use and answer possible other questions that may eventually arise!

First, the most important

  • Small and versatile, the micro grinder is a tool that performs various jobs on small objects and delicate parts. It stands out for the perfect finish that is able to give the service.
  • There is a lot of confusion between micro grinding and drilling machine, since the two tools are very similar. But the first has more accessories and is more powerful than the second.
  • The more accessories your micro grinder brings from the factory, the more work you can do. It is capable of cutting, polishing, cleaning, grinding, drilling, engraving and much more!

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The best micro grinders: Our recommendations

The market has many quality micro grinders, produced by reliable and recognized brands. To give you an initial purchase overview, we have selected some models that would surely satisfy you!

  • The micro grinder for artisans
  • The most complete model
  • The champion in power

Buying Guide

But, after all, what is this little tool capable of being so useful and versatile?

In our buying guide, we will kill your curiosity about the micro grinding machine and explain every detail about this tool that can be so special. Sit down and read the answers to the main questions you may have!

What is a micro grinder?

The micro grinder is an electric tool, portable and very versatile. It is indicated for jobs that require delicacy and good finishing, being used mainly in crafts and repairs of small objects.

It has a structure similar to a small drill , with a tip where the accessories are changed with the help of a mandrel. However, these accessories are much more than simple drills and have several uses.

Among the main functions of the micro grinding machine, we can highlight cutting, drilling, roughing, sanding, engraving and polishing.



Did you know that micro grinding was invented in Germany in the 1950s? The idea of ​​a portable, multipurpose tool was quickly welcomed by craft and home repair workers around the world.

Shortly after the invention, it was already widely used. Its success is even greater in Eastern European countries, where it is indispensable in almost all households.

What are the differences between micro grinding and drilling machine?

It is very common to see some mini drills being sold as micro grinders in the market. The two tools are quite similar, but there are some basic differences.

The main difference is linked to power and speed. Although it also has a large number of accessories, the mini drill does not normally have the same performance, nor the same capacity to perform a little harder work than a micro grinder.

In addition, micro grinders are slightly more versatile, with a slightly larger number of accessories.

To compare the two tools, we set up a table:

We recommend the mini drill rather than the micro grinder only when you need a specific task that is well performed by it. In this case, the cost, which is also lower, can be decisive at the time of purchase.

But if versatility and power are important, opt for a micro grinder.

What are the advantages of a micro grinder?

The versatility of a micro grinder is impressive. It is not possible to count on both hands the amount of work that can be done with it.


The use of micro grinding on a daily basis can be very satisfactory.

Thus, it can help you in practically all types of work. Of course, you will not replace a drill or screwdriver with the micro grinder, which is more suitable for crafts and small repairs, but its use in daily life can still be very satisfactory.

The handling of a micro grinder is quite easy, with the most complicated factor being understanding the usefulness of each of the infinite accessories and how to use them correctly.

It is a tool that does not cost too much and that usually comes with almost all necessary accessories, ensuring that there will be no need to constantly make new purchases.

Check the table below for the main advantages and disadvantages of micro grinding:

What jobs can be performed with a micro grinder?

We mentioned above that versatility is one of the main advantages of micro grinding. So, what if we now present each of the main activities that it can carry out?

    • Cutting: The micro grinder has specialized cutting discs for different materials. For reasons of size and power, they are suitable for work on small parts, but which require an excellent finish.
    • Sandpaper: The sanding capacity of the micro grinder is exceptional. She is able to leave the materials with perfect finish. Ideal for those who are very perfectionist at work!
    • Thinning and sharpening: If you need to sharpen objects or thin them, the micro grinder is able to help you. Once again, it can be applied for such purposes in various materials.
    • Hole: The micro grinder will not pierce walls for you to insert shelves, or anything similar, but if it is necessary to make small and delicate holes in some surface, it is the ideal tool.
    • Polishing: As with the holes, the power of the micro grinder does not allow it to be used as a polisher and applied to a car, for example. But on toys, miniatures or handicrafts, she does an excellent job.
    • Engraving: Need to engrave names or symbols on small pieces of wood or metal? The micro grinder helps you do it with top quality finish!
    • Cleaning: Cleaning small components, such as electronics or tools, can be very complicated. The micro grinder has the ideal accessories to help you with this task!


In addition to all this, there are several other activities that can be done with a micro grinder when you have the ideal accessories!

What are the main accessories of a micro grinder?

We mentioned here that the micro grinder is suitable for activities such as cutting, sanding, roughing, drilling and sharpening. To make each one, you need the ideal accessory.

Most micro grinders already come with a kit of at least 40 or 50 accessories. It can be a little tricky to understand what the use of each of them is just by the eye. Therefore, we need to better elucidate which piece is used for which activity.

The following video from Canal Xprojetos shows 136 accessories for micro grinding and teaches the function of each of them:

Knowing the usefulness of each tool, just use the mandrel to change what will be used and start your work!

How much does it cost and where to buy a micro grinder?

The price of a micro grinder varies according to the number of accessories, the power and the brand of the tool. The simplest models are between R $ 100 and R $ 150. In the range of R $ 200, you can already find some of great quality. Those more complex, in turn, can cost up to R $ 500.

Hardware stores, building materials or even general household items can be good places to buy a micro grinder. However, our biggest recommendation is the acquisition over the internet:Amazon is full of good options. Also check out Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: What to consider when choosing your micro grinder

The time has come to talk about a little more technical issues. What do you need to pay attention to at the time of your purchase so as not to make a mistake and keep a machine that does not meet your needs?

We have selected some important criteria to explain:

  • Number of accessories and use
  • Wattage
  • Speed ​​control
  • Extra items

Below, we talk a little more about each one of them!

Number of accessories and use

What is your main intention when buying a micro grinder? Is there a specific function you want it to have, or will the application be more general?

Check if the micro grinder is the ideal tool for the uses you think of using it. It is indicated mainly for work on small parts, which need an excellent finish. It does not replace machines of greater power or performance under any circumstances.

And, of course, see if the chosen model has the accessories for those specific uses.

If your intention is to have a multipurpose tool capable of helping you with various services, the number of accessories is very important. Choose a complete model, with at least 100 or 150 pieces.


Although it is not developed for large-scale work, or for large or difficult pieces, some models of micro grinding can go a little further than offal and craft work. This is, as we have already mentioned, what differentiates the tool from mini drills.

The most advanced micro grinders can have a power greater than 300 W. If you want to do a little heavier work, you should make sure to choose one of them. Thus, it will not force the engine too much, preventing damage to the tool.

Speed ​​control

The perfect finish when using the micro grinder is linked with the speed control.

The micro grinder is an easy tool to handle initially, but it requires training and qualification in order to make the perfect finish with it. And that perfect finish is related, among other things, to speed control.

In many recent models, it is possible to make various speed adjustments using buttons or levers. The greater the number of adjustments, the easier it will be to find the ideal one for each job that can be performed with the tool.

So, if finishing is your motto, choose a micro grinder with many speed control possibilities.

Extra items

You already know the importance of having a large amount of accessories for your micro grinding machine. But that’s not all: Some extra items can help a lot.

For example: Can you imagine how to store all these accessories without a high quality suitcase or case? It seems quite difficult, doesn’t it? So, make sure the model you choose facilitates storage and transportation.

It is also very good to have special items for cleaning the tool, with a flexible rod that helps to reach difficult places at the time of work and with protective equipment to prevent accidents from happening.


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