Top & Best Cellophane: Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Cellophane: How to choose the best in 2022?

Transparent, colorful and shiny, these are the main characteristics of cellophane, an item that we will talk about today here.

Widely used to pack food, gifts, baskets and flowers, this product has several advantages and uses, and one of its greatest curiosities is the fact that it is 100% biodegradable, that is, besides making all the packages more beautiful, it still does not harm to the environment.

Easily found in stationery stores, in this text we will talk about cellophane paper, from its manufacture to its prices and forms of use. At the end of the reading you will know how to choose one to call your own and to know everything just keep reading!

First, the most important

  • Cellophane is a product that exists in different colors and sizes.
  • It can be used to pack food and other products, having as a differential maintaining the format in which it is molded and giving an extra touch to the decoration of the item.
  • This product can be found to buy in units or through sets, and a sheet costs on average R $ 1.50.

Best cellophane brands: Our favorites

Being available in different colors and sizes it is sometimes difficult to know which cellophane to buy and it is to help you with this that we have separated in this list some of the best options, check out:

Buying Guide

If by name you did not recognize this product know that you have certainly seen it as part of beautiful gift wrappings and packaging of various products. The transparent and shiny cellophane is widely used for these two purposes.

Easy to handle and very versatile, this stationery item has several advantages and forms of use and if you have questions about it know that we have prepared this purchase guide to answer all of them, come on?

What is cellophane and what is it produced from?

When we talk about paper, we soon think of the sheets of sulfite and notebooks, but cellophane is a little different from these references.

Having a plastic aspect, this type of product is widely used for packaging and decorations, being applied in flower arrangements, gift wrapping, baskets and the like.

What differs so much from most well-known papers is the fact that it is produced with a natural polymer derived from cellulose, which gives it a film-like appearance.

Cellophane is always transparent, even if it is available in different colors, and is very flexible and resistant, so it can be used for various purposes. In addition, even with these characteristics, it is easy to be cut and handled.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using cellophane?

Cellophane has numerous advantages, the first of which is its versatility and ease of use. In addition, no techniques are needed to handle it, so it can be used by everyone and in countless situations.

Another positive point is that it is 100% biodegradable and, therefore, ecologically correct, without harming the environment.

Thanks also to the natural material in which it is produced it can be used together with food that will not contaminate them, not to mention that it has the ability to keep them crunchy, can be taken to the oven and microwave and is waterproof oils, fats, flavors and gases.

We can not fail to highlight that this product has a brilliance superior to any plastic and with that it gives an extra touch to the packages and packages made with it.

The negative point is that cellophane paper has a relatively high price compared to other plastics and papers that can be used for the same purposes.

What are the options for using cellophane?

As we said above, cellophane is a product that can be used for many different purposes.

The main one is in the packaging of the most diverse products. It is very common to find cellophane by tying gift baskets, inside shopping bags, around flower vases and also in the wrapping of food products such as cookies, bread, fresh pasta, cakes and Easter eggs.

One of the most popular uses of cellophane is for roasting meats in ovens and barbecues. With it the food will be kept inside the closed paper and with that it will cook in its own fat and moisture, providing softness and a lot of flavor.

Young children can also benefit from cellophane and it is possible to create sensory and bonding activities.

Another option is the cellophane paper used in crafts, with which it is possible to make pictures, decorative balls and artificial bonfires for June parties, in addition to being able to use this product to decorate the nails.

What are the differences between cellophane and BOPP plastic?

BOPP plastic, also called BOPP cellophane, is a variation of cellophane with some different characteristics.

Both have in common the fact that they are paper thin, transparent and shiny, but in other respects they hardly match.

BOPP plastic is produced in polypropylene, which is a thermoplastic polymer. In the manufacturing process, this polymer is stretched in different positions to increase its resistance and clarity.

Due to the material in which it is produced, BOPP plastic is not biodegradable, but, on the other hand, it is highly resistant to tension and can create a barrier against odors and any moisture.

The downside is that it can be easily torn and does not allow twisting. It also does not retain its shape when handled, unlike cellophane.

Another difference between both products is that ordinary cellophane does not melt when exposed to fire and in this situation it smells like burnt paper and has black edges. BOPP, on the other hand, when placed at high temperatures warps like ordinary plastics and loses its conformation.

How much?

Cellophane is sold individually or in packages that can be presented in 5, 25, 50 or even more units. It is also possible to find this product in several measures and with that the price ends up varying a little.

In general, a sheet usually has a price of around R $ 1.50, while kits have a value that goes from R $ 7.50 to around R $ 500, depending on the number of sheets.



Did you know that because it is made of vegetable cellulose it is possible to use cellophane in composting? Composting is a process that transforms organic waste into fertile materials, from the degradation of these components by the action of fungi and bacteria. After going through this phase flowers and other products can be planted with them.


Where to buy cellophane?

The internet is an excellent place to buy cellophane since it is found on several websites in the most diverse color and size options. Some online stores that sell this product are:

    • Amazon
    • Kalunga
    • American
    • Free market
    • Magazine Luiza


For those who like to do their shopping stores, the stationers and locals that sell stationery items always have for sale and good options.

In addition, if you are interested in a product from our ranking, know that it is possible to buy it and to do so, just click on the one you liked best.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare cellophane options

Now that you understand a little more about cellophane we will present you some important points that, if taken into account, will help you choose the best for you, they are:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Product to be packed
  • Cellophane type

Below we will explain in detail each of these factors.


Cellophane papers come in different sizes. The smallest are indicated for sweets. These are always square and are usually 12 centimeters in length and height or 20 centimeters in length and height.

Which one to choose will depend on the size of the candy that will be packaged, as fine candies usually end up being smaller and with that the 12 cm option ends up being better.

In larger sizes, cellophane is presented in square and rectangular format. For them there are two measures that are standardized, with options with 80 cm long and high and others with 85 cm long and 100 cm high.

In order to make a decision and purchase cellophane paper that looks good in its packaging, it is important to know that in most cases there should be paper left at the edges, that is, it is important that it be slightly larger than the product.

If the measure is insufficient for this, many people join two sheets of cellophane with durex, thus increasing its size. And if the product is much smaller than the sheet, you can also cut it.


In terms of color, cellophane is very well attended and when making your choice, think about what will best match the item to be wrapped.
The colorless, or also called crystal by some manufacturers, is the most versatile and it serves to wrap the products without adding color, just giving an extra touch of shine.

The colored ones are usually chosen according to the tone that predominates in the item to be packaged, with this, red flowers usually receive a red cellophane paper and so on.

Product to be packed

Another point to be taken into account is the product that will be packed with cellophane.

In general, there are not many reservations about this, however, if we talk about roast meats with cellophane it is important to choose one that is especially suitable for this.

In supermarkets and hypermarkets they are sold with the necessary specifications so that the food is roasted correctly and the result is as expected.

The other issue is related to flowers and vegetables. In such cases it is important to place the cellophane paper as far away from wet parts as possible. This is done with the wrapping and it is usually left out, giving the finish.

Cellophane type

Officially there is only one type of cellophane that is produced from cellulose and has the characteristics that we show you during the text. However, BOPP plastic is often confused with it and when you buy it if you make a mistake you may not have your expectations met.

With that, analyze the product specifications and pay attention mainly to the raw material that is used in its production. In many aspects like colors, brightness and transparency they are the same so it is important to pay attention.

Another tip to know if the cellophane you are buying is the common one or the BOPP plastic is making a ball with it. If it remains in the format it is common, if it loosens and returns to its normal conformation it is the BOPP.


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