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Top & Best Nail pliers Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Nail pliers: What are the best models in 2022?

your internet review portal. If you are tired of fighting ingrown nails, nail pliers may be what you need, both for home care and pedicure use.

Developed to cut nails and remove cuticles, nail pliers are a small and practical tool that can be used in your personal care and are an essential item for those who want the help of a professional.

So, if you want to pay special attention to your nails and get rid of those little pieces of dead skin that bothers you so much, or even have your personal pliers, we have selected some models to make your life easier.

First, the most important

  • There are two basic types of pliers: one for cutting nails and one for removing cuticles. Although both can be used for these tasks, there are anatomical differences between them. Choose models made of stainless steel to prevent rust and wear.
  • Whether at home or at a beauty salon, always make sure to sanitize the product properly to prevent disease.
  • Remember to sharpen the blades regularly to ensure an efficient and safer cut.

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Buying Guide

Did you know that there are three types of nail pliers? Although they are very similar, each one has a specific design for its functionality, being more rounded, thin or robust.

In this shopping guide we will explain everything about this very important tool for hand and foot care.



What is a nail plier?

Nail pliers are tools developed especially for nail care, which take advantage of the force created through the lever effect to make a precise cut.

Usually made of stainless steel, they have a “nozzle” with sharp blades to make the cut and a spring to facilitate movement, requiring little effort.



What are the main types of nail pliers?

If the cutting of nails was previously done with scissors or cutters, today we have pliers developed for specific functions. It is possible to find three main types of nail pliers on the market.

    • For cutting nails : used to cut nails, this is the most common model and has replaced the traditional nail clipper. It is easily found in any pharmacy;
    • To remove cuticle : more delicate, this model is used to remove the cuticle. It is usually very sharp and should preferably be made of stainless steel, especially for professionals, since pliers with plastic handles cannot go to the oven for sterilization;
    • To clear nails : it is very similar to other pliers, but it was specially developed to facilitate the unlocking of nails.


Although their designs are very similar, they have specifications on the packaging.


Which pliers are right for you?

Although you can use a model for several functions, it is recommended that you use the pliers according to their main function, after all, the shape of the device and the blade changes according to your purpose.

In addition, using pliers for various functions can end up causing unnecessary injuries to your fingers, as the sharpening and the type of blade for cutting the nail are different than for unlocking.

So, before buying, it is worth taking a look at the main benefits of each model; and to help you, check the table below and find out which model is best for your needs before making your purchase.



What are the advantages and disadvantages of having nail pliers?

Unlike scissors, nail pliers are more resistant and their blades are more robust, allowing you to cut thicker nails, such as toe nails, for example.

Small and easy to use, they are ideal for home or professional use, such as manicures and pedicures. However, you need to be careful.

Check out a table of advantages and disadvantages before making a decision on which model is best for you.



  • Offer more precision in cutting than scissors
  • They are small and practical to use
  • If you take care of the maintenance of your nail pliers, it can be an extremely durable object


  • Need to be sharpened regularly by a professional you trust
  • It is recommended to sterilize in an autoclave or oven
  • Nail pliers are objects of personal use, so even if you go to a salon, it is recommended to have your own kit

How much?

Household nail pliers usually cost in the range of R $ 10.00 to R $ 20.00 per unit. Professional models can cost a little more, in the range between R $ 20.00 and R $ 50.00.

The models shown in this review range from R $ 13.00 to R $ 50.00. It is also possible to buy kits with more than one unit, so the price can reach up to R $ 150.00 depending on how many pliers comes in the kit.

Where to buy?

You can find nail pliers in stores specializing in beauty articles and in the main pharmacies in the country. On the internet, it is also possible to find them directly in the stores of manufacturers and in virtual drugstores.

The models shown in this review can all be found on Amazon. come-hither in units or in kits with more than one unit.

The facility of buying online is that you don’t have to go looking for the specific model you want. On the internet you can find more varieties and have great chances of finding exactly the pliers you want.


Criteria for purchase: Factors to compare models of nail pliers

If you like to take special care of your nails, nail pliers are right for you. Whether for home use or to take with you to the salon, nail pliers are for individual use, so having your own is essential.

Carefully analyze the points below to choose which nail pliers are best for you.

  • Material
  • Types of nail pliers
  • Sanitation
  • Maintenance

Below we will describe in detail each of these points so that you can analyze what is the best cost / benefit when buying nail pliers.



Nowadays, most pliers are made of stainless steel, a sterilizable and resistant material, making it more durable. Avoid pliers of other materials, as they can deteriorate more easily.

However, although it is recommended to buy pliers made entirely of stainless steel, there are models that have the base with a rubberized or plastic cover, which may or may not be removable for cleaning.

Therefore, before purchasing, make sure the pliers cover is removable, so that you can perform sterilization before use. If not, the choice of another device is recommended to ensure your safety during use. Remembering that it is always important to keep the equipment clean and sharp.



Types of nail pliers

There are three main types of nail pliers with different features and cutting patterns, which may – or may not – suit you. So, it’s good to analyze well what each one is for and if you really need all of them.

  • Pliers for cutting nails : they have more rounded blades and are more robust, for cutting thicker nails.
  • Release pliers : they have sharper and sharper blades to reach the corner of the fingers.
  • Cuticle pliers: these pliers are more precise and delicate, specialized for trimming cuticles without hurting your fingers.

Although you can use pliers for various purposes, it is best to choose the correct one so that you avoid injuries that can expose your body to bacteria and disease.


The ideal way to sanitize your nail pliers is to sterilize it in an autoclave or oven. However, as previously mentioned, there are models with plastic lining, which cannot be sterilized at high temperatures.

If you do not have a sterilizing machine, a homemade option is, in addition to washing with soap and water before and after use, wash it with 70% alcohol and then put it on a boil for a few minutes to make sure it is free of bacteria.

If you notice signs of rust on your nail pliers, then it’s time to change the product, as the rust can bring risks to your health if there is a small cut on your skin.


Every blade ends up wearing out as you use it. It is no different with nail pliers. If you notice that it is not cutting optimally, look for a professional you trust to sharpen the blade.

It is also common to have problems with the spring after a while. It is possible to find replacement items on the market, so if the spring breaks or is lost, it is possible to make the exchange. There is a silicone tube that replaces the device’s spring.

If you notice that your pliers are a little loose, check the screw and if it is possible to tighten it. You can also find these replacement screws. If you take good care of your nail pliers, it can last for a long time without harming your health



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