Top & Best Noise damper Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Noise damper: Which is the best in 2022?

In the next few lines, you will find out which are the best noise damper models available in stores. We will explain what are the differences between the main products and what you can not fail to pay attention to.

Hearing loss is an occupational disease that can affect many workers. It is caused when the person is exposed to excessive noise in the work environment. According to recent research, for every ten professionals working in industries, at least five suffer from this problem.

Yeah. And to prevent something like this from happening, a noise damper can be quite useful. And there are several other times when it can be used, even at home. But did you know that not all earmuffs are the same? Keep reading to know all the advantages of this product.

First, the most important

  • Noise dampers are protective equipment for workers who work in noisy environments.
  • Although the main function is to be a work object, noise dampeners can be used in domestic situations.
  • The noise attenuation value is one of the points that most deserve attention from the consumer.

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Best noise mufflers: Our recommendations

We will now present the best models of noise damper. All the main characteristics of the product were taken into account to reach this ranking.

Among the points that should be noted are the level of noise attenuation, the comfort at the time of use and the material from which it is produced.

Buying Guide

Did you know that excessive noise can be bad? People who are exposed to high noise levels may even lose their hearing. This is very common for those professionals who work in works, factories and other places with a lot of machinery.

In such cases, the noise damper is essential. But it is also possible to use it at other times. In this buying guide, we will talk about what you have to take into account when choosing which model to buy.

What is a noise damper and what are its advantages?

The noise damper is an ear protector made up of two plastic shells interconnected by an arch. Because of this, it is also known as a shell protector.

These cavities are lined with foam pads on the inside. Its function is to protect the hearing system by reducing exposure to dangerous levels of unwanted sounds.

In appearance, this product resembles a headset. Its function, however, is just the opposite of a headset. The objective, in this case, is to block the intensity of external sounds.

A noise damper is essential for anyone who is exposed to a lot of noise during work.


What jobs need the noise damper like PPE?

It is not difficult to find noisy places around. But some work environments go far beyond what is considered acceptable. Several activities are carried out in places where there is excessive noise.

It is the case, for example, of factories and industries of the civil construction, automobile and metallurgical. In all of these locations, decibel levels are well above what is healthy and recommended.

Therefore, the noise damper is considered an EPI, that is, Personal Protective Equipment. These products are intended to protect its users from existing health risks.

Some regulatory standards, which have the force of law, require companies to supply this type of equipment to their employees. These, in turn, are obliged to use them.

Long exposure to a large amount of noise can contribute to the worker losing concentration. This can cause a serious accident. Other than that, other health problems can occur such as headaches, nausea and memory loss.

In more severe cases, work that does not use a muffler can even irreversibly lose your hearing.

What is the use of a noise damper outside of work?

I bet you’ve been through the following situation: you took a whole day to study and ended up not being able to because some neighbor kept making noise.

It is a common problem that affects many people who are unable to concentrate.

To solve this, the noise damper has been much sought after by concurseiros and students in general. This is a simple way to get rid of the noises produced by pets, traffic, construction, family or neighbors.

Noise damper or ear protector: Which to choose?

At the time of purchase, many people may be in doubt between a noise damper and a plug type ear protector, which is more traditional.

Both products can be used both by those who work in noisy environments, as well as by those who want to isolate external sounds during the study, for example. But there are differences between these two types.

Comfort is one of the main advantages of noise dampeners. The model can be adjusted both on the top and on the sides, so that there is a better fit on the head.

The plug model is easier to handle and transport, due to its size. In general, it also has a lower cost compared to the shell model.

Thus, before defining your purchase, evaluate which model will meet your expectations. See the table for the comparison between these two types:

How much?

Noise dampers cost between R $ 15 and R $ 70. One of the points that will certainly influence the price is the level of noise attenuation. Another determining factor is the quality of the material from which it is produced.

Did you know that over the years, all human beings lose some of their hearing capacity?

The older a person is, the worse he will hear higher frequencies. Prolonged exposure to loud noise can accelerate this process. So that we can hear something, the sound waves pass through the ear canal and produce vibrations in the eardrum.

Nerve stimuli then send information to the brain. Excessive noise causes this process to be impaired.

Where to buy?

Noise mufflers can be purchased at stores specializing in work safety and construction material houses.

Through the internet, you can find this type of product in the main virtual stores, such as Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing noise damper models

When choosing a noise damper, take the following points into consideration before deciding on a model or other:

  • Attenuation level
  • Size
  • Material quality
  • Settings

We will talk in detail about each of these items in sequence, so you can make the best choice when buying your earmuffs.

Attenuation level

This is the most important feature to evaluate before purchase. The attenuation level is the equipment’s ability to eliminate noise.

That way, the higher this level, the greater the noise it can block. This value is indicated in decibels. For those who are going to buy to work with heavy machinery, the ideal is always to opt for the maximum possible attenuation.

In work environments, the maximum noise level permitted by law is as follows:

  • 80 decibels . The worker can be exposed for up to 8 hours;
  • 85 decibels . The worker can be exposed for up to 4 hours;
  • 90 decibels . The worker can be exposed for up to 2 hours.

Any value above these limits will require the use of features that attenuate the sound, and one of them is the noise damper.


The noise damper can be used by several people. Make sure, however, that the size is right for you.

As it is a product that you will use for many hours, it is ideal that it is comfortable. That way, see if the size is appropriate.

Material quality

As we have already said, the shell-type noise damper has its interior covered with foam pads. It is this material that will cause the sound to be blocked.

Before purchasing, check that the manufacturer is reliable and that the material quality is good. That way, your hearing will be well taken care of.


To ensure the greatest possible comfort at the time of use, the ideal is that the equipment can be adjusted. Some models of noise damper can be adjusted both in the upper arch and the shells themselves.