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Top & Best Pillow for pregnant women Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Pillow for pregnant women: What are the best models for greater comfort in 2022?

Pregnancy is a long-awaited and desired period for countless women. It turns out that even with all this desire to become a mother, no one escapes certain discomforts related to this period. Thinking about future moms, the pillow for pregnant women came up. If you are also on that sweet wait and want a better quality sleep, you have arrived at the right place.

As the belly grows it becomes increasingly difficult to sleep comfortably. Thanks to the pillow for pregnant women, pregnant women can count on this comfort from the beginning, when seasickness can already be quite a nuisance. Follow us to learn everything about this type of pillow.

First, the most important

  • The pregnant woman should sleep 8 hours a night and, if possible, rest at least 1 more hour during the day. Especially in early pregnancy, a period in which tiredness can be a villain for future mothers.
  • There are different models of pillow for pregnant women. It is important to check the format and measurements before choosing yours.
  • A pillow for pregnant women costs about R $ 100 and comes with the pillowcase, most of the time. It is a worthwhile investment to have 9 months of comfort. And you can still give it other uses after delivery.

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The best pillows for pregnant women: A model for each shape

Have you decided on the brand but still don’t know which model to choose? For this we created this very diverse selection. Whether built-in or bench, technological or simple, below you can find a model for your home:

  • The favorite of pregnant women
  • C pillow for pregnant women
  • An excellent U-shape

Buying Guide

In early pregnancy, sleeping may not be the greatest challenge. In the first quarter, nausea is the biggest annoyance. However, after this phase and with the growth of the belly, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the ideal position for a quality night’s sleep.

Therefore, investing in a pillow for pregnant women is something that can be considered from the beginning. Come with us to learn everything about this type of pillow and know how to choose the best model.

What are the advantages of using a pillow for pregnant women?

Although pregnancy is a magical moment and often super expected by women, it cannot be denied that along with all of this, challenges also arise. And sleeping well is perhaps the biggest one.


A bad night’s sleep results in tiredness, bad mood, lack of energy and even discouragement.

This is exactly what the pillow for pregnant women provides, greater comfort for a great night’s sleep. When the belly starts to grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the right position. A bad night’s sleep results in tiredness, bad mood, lack of energy and even discouragement. Now imagine imagining it all when you are pregnant, when the hormones are on the skin.

The pregnant pillow solves this problem, and this is also its great advantage. However, it doesn’t end there. Using the pillow can help relieve some of the pressure on the stomach area. To do this, just keep your arms and legs apart.

Using the pillow for pregnant women helps the pregnant woman to sleep on her side, the most suitable position for this period.

There are several models, so the pregnant woman will easily find one that pleases her and relieves her tensions. Most of them are still anatomical, anti-mold, anti-allergic and odorless.

In addition, this pillow does not become a nuisance after delivery. It remains useful – we’ll talk more about these features throughout this guide – so it’s a great investment.

What are the different types of pillows for pregnant women?

The main difference is due to its format. There are earthworm models, in C or U.

    • Earthworm. It is, as the name says, like an earthworm. It has a long rod shape that is completely malleable and can be folded the way the pregnant woman wishes.
    • C format. They allow the pregnant woman to fit into this format. With this model, the expectant mother can dispense with the traditional pillow and support both her head and support to keep her legs apart.
    • U- shape . It is usually the largest of all. The pregnant woman must support her head against the closed part of the U, so she still has support for her back and also her legs. It involves the entire body of the woman.


Check out the advantages and disadvantages of each model:

Is there a right position for the pregnant woman to sleep?

This is a frequent question of pregnant women. Not even doctors have a consensus on the risks of certain positions during pregnancy. In this section we will explain all the points for you to ponder the information and have a peaceful and safe night’s sleep.

The first issue is that it is very important that you feel comfortable. Usually the pregnant woman does not feel any discomfort to sleep until the fifth month, when the belly actually starts to appear. From the 20th week onwards the expectant mother can start rolling more in bed.

Until then, if you can, you can sleep even on your stomach. Your baby is well protected inside the womb and nothing bad will happen to you. You will probably not be able to choose this position when the pregnant belly starts to form. Thus, there are left side and belly up positions.

The position most indicated by doctors is the left side of the body. The explanation for this is that this way you have a better circulation of the blood stream and consequently the blood flows better through the umbilical cord.

The left side position leads to more oxygen for the baby. As well as nutrients that pass through the cord. But keep in mind that you don’t have to stay in that position all night, and if you wake up at dawn to find that you are on your back or on your right side, that’s fine. There is no evidence that these positions are life-threatening for the baby.

However, if you can stay in the left side position for a longer time, for the reasons already explained.

Over the weeks, it will be a challenge to sleep on your back, or even on your right side, as it is normal to experience more shortness of breath. Therefore, naturally the pregnant woman ends up preferring the left side position.

Did you know it is normal to feel cramps from the 20th week of pregnancy? This is because the weight of the uterus hinders circulation in the legs. Try to get more calcium and stretch before bed.


How can a pregnant pillow be used after pregnancy?

You may even think that this is not a good investment, since after nine months the pillow for pregnant women would become useless. This is not a mistake. First you can continue using as a body pillow and enjoy all the comfort even after giving birth.

But there are still other features that you can give a pillow for pregnant women. Check out:

    • Breastfeeding cushion: The pillow can become a breastfeeding cushion, so you don’t have to invest in both items. Especially the earthworm model or in C format;
    • Protection for the baby in bed: And when the baby is born, some models can serve as protection for the baby not to roll or fall out of the bed;
    • Support when the baby starts to sit: Still thinking about the new member of the family, it serves as an excellent restraint for when the baby starts to sit but still doesn’t have firmness;
    • Backrest for reading or watching TV: It can also become a tool for the comfort of any member of the family. Shaping the way you want, you can turn a pillow for your reading or even to be more comfortable when watching TV;
    • Notebook support: If you like to use the notebook on the bed or sofa, it can also be very useful as a support, preventing the computer from being on your lap.


How much does it cost and where to buy a pillow for pregnant women?

You will spend an average of R $ 100 to buy a pillow for pregnant women. But depending on the model, this value may vary less or more.

It is easier to find varieties of this pillow over the internet. For this, we recommend Amazon and Lojas Americanas. In physical stores it may be a little more difficult. But you may be able to find a baby layette in your town in a mattress store.

purchase Criteria: How to choose the ideal pillow for pregnant women

Looking forward to a great night’s sleep at this very delicate stage of pregnancy? Before you finalize your choice, we want to bring you some more tips that can be decisive for your purchase. check out

  • Model
  • Fill
  • Measures
  • Extra functionality

Now carefully read each of the topics covered in this section and know how to make the best choice. That way you will sleep much better until the end of pregnancy.


We have already commented on the main models. Now it’s up to you to choose the one that looks most comfortable for your needs. The worm model is the most flexible, the U-shape most comfortable because it involves the whole body of the pregnant woman and the C shape is compact and comfortable at the same time.

In addition to the model, make sure the pillow is anatomical, anti-mold, anti-allergic and odorless.


Most models are made of silicone polyester fiber. This material is anatomical. It is soft, yet resistant. Avoid other fills that may deform with use.

Also, check the other materials used in the bed. Prefer those with cover and pillowcase 100% cotton, the touch is softer and softer for a great night’s sleep.


Measurements can vary widely. Some models are 1.5 meters long and others are up to 3 meters long. This is a very personal issue, but notice the space you have in your bed.

Larger pillows can be more comfortable, as long as they don’t fall out of bed or push your partner.

Extra functionality

Do you want to add extra functionality to your pregnant pillow after nine months of use? The model C or earthworm is the most useful to be used with the baby later, either as a breastfeeding pillow or as a protection.The U-shape is best if you want to continue using it for your own comfort, whether sleeping, reading or watching TV.


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