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Top & Best Polka dots Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Polka dots: How to choose the best model in 2022

Welcome to mypricesaving.com, your internet review site. There is no way to avoid it, inevitably your clothes will wear out. To keep them fresh for longer, a polka dot is essential.

The balls end up appearing in the clothes with time, either due to the quality of the fabric or due to problems during washing in the washing machine. You can be more careful when washing, but still, they will appear.

With a stripper you solve this problem quickly and conveniently, so you don’t have to stop wearing your favorite clothes for that special event. Don’t you know what they are? So, check out our review.


First, the most important

  • Polka dots are very useful, but to avoid the formation of polka dots, use a good fabric softener and use the correct machine cycle for each type of fabric.
  • They are also very effective at removing animal hair and hair from fabrics.
  • Opt for models with protective screens so that the blades do not come in direct contact with clothing, as this can damage the product.

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Ranking: The 3 best polka dots on the market

Polka dots are a relatively recent invention, so it is natural to have doubts about which model is best. To help you choose the ideal product to care for your clothes, we have prepared a Ranking with the best available on the market.

Buying Guide

There is nothing worse than being ready for an important occasion, taking your clothes out of the closet and discovering that it is full of small balls that formed after the last wash. Polka dots are excellent on these occasions.

Practical and very easy to use, in no time you will have a brand new outfit. To understand a little more about all its benefits, be sure to check out our Buying Guide.

What is a polka dot?

Polka dots are household items that help remove excess fabrics, hair, dust, hair and other particles that accumulate on your clothes or other upholstery.

They can be manual or electrical. The manuals are in the form of a roll and have an adhesive strip that helps in removal. In electric models, on the other hand, a motor spins a fan with blades that help remove unwanted pellets.


Did you know that there are homemade techniques for removing balls, such as using razor blades or cleaning sponges? But run away from them, as they can be dangerous and damage tissues.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a porridge?

Polka dots are perfect for fabrics of different thickness, they can also be used to clean sofas, rugs or curtains and the blades can be sharpened or changed easily.

However, there are not only advantages. On roller models, you may need to change the adhesive strip. Used incorrectly, they can damage fabrics and most electrical models work with batteries that need to be replaced over time. See the table below.


How does a gruel work?

To answer this question we need to remember that there are two types of porridge, electric and manual.

The manual polka dot porridge, also known as hair strip, is very simple. It is a roll, which when passed through the clothes will remove the balls. This roller can be reusable, like the silicone models, which need to be washed; or disposable adhesive tape, which after use, just detach and a new tape will be available for the next time.

They are less powerful, but generally cheaper and more practical, since they don’t even need batteries.

In the case of the electric polka dot food, it usually has three blades that, while rotating, cut the balls from the fabric. To protect these blades, there is a perforated protection through which the balls that are taken to the dirt deposit.

Some models have selection of power and type of fabric in which it will be used. They are more powerful than the models of manual polka dots.

How much?

The price of porridge balls can vary greatly depending on the model. Roller models, for example, are cheaper and can be found in a range that ranges from R $ 10 to R $ 25.

Electric models cost a little more and can be found between R $ 15 and R $ 50.

Where to buy?

You can find a hair stripper at stores specializing in fabrics and clothing, electronics stores and even on the shelves of large supermarket chains.

But if you prefer to conduct online research in search of the best model and still enjoy a good promotion, you can find them in e-commerce stores Amazon, which delivers the product to your home much more quickly, safely, and practicality.

Buying criteria: What to consider before buying a polka dot

Now that you have checked some models and gone through our Buying Guide to understand what is and what are the benefits of a polka dot, you still need to pay attention to some criteria.

In order for you to be able to choose the best model for your needs, we have separated some topics that you must analyze carefully to understand the difference between the main types of porridge.

  • Material
  • Thickness adjustment
  • Power supply
  • Kind of fabric

Carefully evaluate each of the points below, so you will avoid headaches and ensure that your clothes are always ready for that special occasion.


There are two main types of porridge, roller models and electric models. The roller models have a plastic body and an adhesive tape with special properties that help remove hair, dust and the infamous balls without damaging the fabrics.

In electric models, the body is usually made of plastic. They have a small motor with a laminated metal fan that helps to remove the excess fabric that forms after washing. They can be battery operated or plugged into the mains.

Thickness adjustment

In electric models, many polka dots offer thickness adjustment. If possible, give preference to these models, as they offer more possibilities and are less likely to damage your clothes.


The adjustment basically changes the position of the blades to achieve more efficiency in thicker fabrics and more delicacy in thinner and more delicate clothes. More powerful, they can also be used to clean heavier materials, such as curtains and carpets.

Power supply

With the exception of the roll models, the polka dots are usually electric, running with a small motor and a fan. In these cases, they have two main types of power supply.

The most common is that they work with two or three AA batteries not included in the product. It is also quite common to find models that can be plugged into the outlet, in which case it is important to check the voltage to avoid damage to the product.

Currently it is possible to find models that already have internal batteries that can be recharged using a USB cable, making them even more practical.

Types of fabric

Finally, it is important to check the product specifications and the manufacturer’s recommendations on which fabrics are compatible with porridge.


If you try to use a more fragile model on a more robust fabric, for example, it can damage the blades and even force the engine, leading to malfunction. And the opposite is also true, a very powerful polka dot used on a more fragile fabric can ruin your clothes.

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