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Top & Best Rabbit cage Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Rabbit cage: What is the best version for your pet in 2022?

the best website with internet shopping tips! In today’s article we will talk about a product that is essential for those who create an eared pet: the rabbit cage. Sturdy and spacious, rabbit cages have reinforced grids to resist sharp teeth and accessories such as burrows and casters, to keep your little one entertained and comfortable.

Follow this article to the end and check out the best options of the product, in addition to the features you must pay attention to in order to make the best choice of rabbit cage for your pet.

First, the most important

  •  Before choosing the cage some care is necessary. To ensure that it is adequate, it is important to choose based on the breed and size of the pet.
  • Some of the variables that must be evaluated for the best choice at the time of purchase are: model, material, measurements, locks and safety, cleaning and maintenance methods, among other product characteristics.
  • The values ​​of rabbit cages vary according to the material, model, measures and accessories that come with the product. It is possible to find versions between R $ 100 and more than R $ 500.

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Best rabbit cages: Our recommendations

In the creation of rabbits, providing space, comfort and warmth to pets is essential. And nothing better than a good cage to guarantee the safety of your eared pet at all times. Check out our list with the selection of some of the coolest rabbit cage models on the market:

  • Basic and functional version
  • The best complete cage for those who want savings


Buying Guide

Rabbits are docile and loving animals, very good with children. But it is also important to ensure that pets have their own place to sleep and relax. For this, the rabbit cage is the ideal choice. But with such a variety of models and configurations available on the market, care is needed to choose the right version for your pet.

Follow our Buying Guide and discover everything you need to know to choose the ideal cage for your rabbit.

What are the advantages of the specific rabbit cage?

Like any other pet, rabbits require attention and care to grow healthy. The most basic of these precautions is to provide an adequate space for the pet, where he can feed, rest and spend the night and day safely and quietly.

The biggest advantage of rabbit-specific cages is that they are designed to meet the animal’s basic needs. In addition to space to move around, rabbits need accessories that simulate their life in nature, such as little houses to simulate their dens and hay holders to make needs.

Rabbit cages are available in different configurations, materials, sizes and price ranges. In addition to the versions that come with several accessories, there are more basic models, which allow you to customize according to your rabbit’s preferences.

Check out the advantages and disadvantages of the product:



  • There are versions in various models and configurations
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Facilitates animal cleaning and asepsis routine
  • Available in all price ranges


  • Metal or wooden models can be difficult to maintain
  • More complete versions or for large animals can be expensive

How to choose the ideal rabbit cage?

The ideal for raising a rabbit is that it can spend as much time as possible free to exercise. However, as this is not always possible, a spacious and comfortable cage can leave your rabbit at ease.


To choose the ideal model, start considering the breed of the rabbit, and the maximum size that the pet will reach as an adult.

To choose the ideal model, start considering the breed of the rabbit, and the maximum size that the pet will reach as an adult. Giant rabbits can weigh between 5 and 10 kg, and reach up to 1 meter in length. So they need a lot of space. Their cages must also have a high height so that the pet can move smoothly.

Domestic rabbits or dwarf rabbits are smaller in size, weighing an average of 1.5 kg and reaching the 30 cm mark as adults. Therefore, the cage for this breed can be a little smaller, although it must also be spacious.

In addition, at the time of choice it is important to remember that rabbits live in burrows in the wild. So it is essential that the cage has two environments, one being dark, that provides privacy, so that the pet feels safe and can rest.

What is the best way to use the rabbit cage?

Preparing the cage for your rabbit may seem simple. But some precautions are necessary to ensure the comfort of the animal and facilitate the subsequent cleaning of the cage. Check out some tips:

    • Use plastic feeders and drinkers, which are durable and washable. Don’t forget to always keep them well stocked;
    • Clean and organize the cage daily. Remove excess hair with a vacuum cleaner or dry cloth.
    • Arrange the bath so that the animal’s paws do not have direct contact with the waste. If the rabbit gets wet it can get sick;
    • Do a heavier cleaning once a week. Throw away old toys, change blankets and wipe the corners with a damp cloth so as not to accumulate dust;
    • Use only mild soap and water, without cleaning products, alcohol or other strong smelling components, which can harm the animal;
    • The newspaper is not suitable for your rabbit’s cage. Prefer wood chips or pressed sawdust, ideal for absorbing urine and keeping the cage clean for more days.



Did you know? The ink used in printing the newspaper is toxic to rabbits, so using it in places where the animal can gnaw is a risk. Leave to use newspaper only at the bottom of the cage, where the rabbit will not have direct contact.


Where is the best place to leave my rabbit cage?

Choosing the place where your rabbit’s cage will be kept is also essential for the comfort of the pet. Regardless of whether it is indoors, in the yard or in an outdoor space, the important thing is that the cage is in a cool and ventilated place, without many drafts.


Ideally, the cage should be positioned on the floor and never on tables, furniture and benches.

It is also important that the chosen place offers protection from the sun, rain and serene, which are not good for the animal. In addition, to ensure the safety of the animal, the ideal is that the cage is positioned on the floor and never on tables, furniture and benches.

After all, the rabbit is a very active pet, and sudden movements can topple over or overturn the cage, causing injuries to the animal if the fall occurs from great heights.

How much does it cost and where to buy the rabbit cage?

The values ​​of rabbit cages vary according to the material, model, measures and accessories that come with the product. Simple cages can be found for less than R $ 100, while the more sophisticated versions, with various accessories and options can cost more than R $ 500.

Rabbit cages can be found for sale in the most varied models and sizes in physical stores specializing in pet products. The cages can also be purchased at e-commerce stores such as Amazon where you can find a greater variety of offers and models.



Purchasing criteria: How to compare product types

At this point, you can already know a little more about rabbit cages, right? So to finish, we will list some of the features that you can compare to recognize the best rabbit cage option to satisfy the pet and its owner. Are they:

  • Material
  • Measures
  • Accessories
  • Cleaning and maintenance

For the avoidance of doubt, we will detail each of the characteristics below:


Rabbit cages can be made of different materials, the most popular being metal, wood and plastic. However, for domestic rabbits, the most suitable version is the plastic cage with metal bars. Metal ensures safety, while plastic is easier to clean.

In addition to the material, it is good to pay attention to the constitution of the cage, if it is dismountable, and if the fittings are firm, but that allow the assembly in a quick and easy way.


One of the most important characteristics for choosing the ideal cage is the size. This criterion will directly influence your bunny’s comfort and well-being. It is recommended that the length of the cage allows the rabbit to make three short jumps.

Another good measurement basis is to calculate four times the size of the animal’s body with its hind legs stretched out. As for the width, the measurement can be around two short jumps, the equivalent of three times the space that the rabbit occupies at bedtime.

Do not forget to include in the calculations the space that will be occupied by toys and accessories.

Do not forget to include in the calculations the space that will be occupied by toys and accessories. In addition to the area of ​​the house, toys and feeders, the rabbit will need at least half a meter free to move around with ease.

The height of the cage also deserves attention. The ideal height is that which allows the rabbit to stand on its hind legs, with a clearance of at least 3 to 5 cm. That is, an average of 35 cm in total. Remember that rabbits are able to jump more than 1m in height. So, be careful with open top cages so that it doesn’t escape over the top.


Feeders, bathtub, burrows and playground are the most common accessories in rabbit cages. Although they are essential to provide comfort and entertain the pet, models with accessories can be much more expensive than simple ones. Assess whether the extra investment is worth it.

A good economy tip is to buy the spare accessories and customize your rabbit’s cages according to your preferences.

Cleaning and maintenance

The routine of cleaning and maintaining rabbit cages, as we mentioned in previous sections, is very important for the health of the animal and to prevent bad smell. So preferably for models of cages with materials easy to clean.

Versions with collecting trays and demountable constitution are also the most suitable, as they make the cleaning routine even easier. Give preference to bathtubs with a grid, which allow the rabbit to do the needs while sitting, without getting dirty.



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